Samsung’s market-flooding strategy may not work much longer

“Barely has a week passed since the historic ruling that went against Samsung in the Apple patent-infringement trial, and its business as usual for the Korean electronics giant,” Trefis Team reports.

“Continuing with its strategy of flooding the market with new gadgets, Samsung recently unveiled a plethora of mobile devices and PCs ranging from smartphones, tablets, & phablets to smart cameras & ultrabooks,” Trefis reports. “The multiple announcements included updates to some of Samsung’s best-selling existing models such as the Galaxy Note as well as new product launches such as Series 5 and Series 7 Windows 8 tablets and a ATIV S Windows Phone 8 smartphone.”

Trefis reports, “With Samsung finally starting to make waves in the high-end smartphone market, a market that is highly profitable, the ruling couldn’t have come at a worse time for Samsung. While, in the near-term, this has little impact on Samsung’s strategy of flooding the market with new similar-looking products, eventually it will have to start focusing on designing its products to look different from Apple’s. That might cause delays in getting new products out in the market but it is difficult to say how much that will impact Samsung in the long-run considering the R&D resources it has at its disposal.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Samsung’s R&D: Reproduce & Duplicate.

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  1. First of all, Samsung isn’t making CE devices that are as egregiously infringing as the devices Apple sued over. Even the Galaxy Note 10.1, which is based upon the Tab, is almost laughably different from its predecessor, which is to say it’s a piece of shit.
    Secondly, the clown car that shuttles around the intellectual property justice system takes years to deliver a verdict – and then it does another 6 month lap after a jury hands the judge a decision of willful infringement. Meanwhile, companies like Samsung are cashing in, pointing and laughing the whole time.
    So let me know when Samsung’s strategy of flagrantly grafting another company’s innovations into its offerings wholesale starts hurting them. I’m not holding my breath.

        1. LG was formerly known as Goldstar, Korean maker of cheap VCRs and other cheap alternatives to mainstream Japanese electronics brands in the 1980s, is now actually Lucky Goldstar. LG is a much more marketable brand name in the west, but in the end they’re no Sony, Panasonic or Sharp or some of the well known stereo component brands like Pioneer, Marantz, Kenwood, Yamaha, among others. Goldstar would not say engineering or quality, certainly not status, so a face-lift to their identity was needed to escape their real talent…being another Korean industrial manufacturer who simply took other companies inventions and standards, and manufactured it and sold it cheaper… In the end they’re just Samsung Lite…

  2. Now that Google own Motorola, they do not have any incentive to have done to them, what Samsung has done to Apple. And likewise, it would be foolish for them to continue to feed it, like Apple has done with component supply.

    Samsung is going to end up isolated because it is now known to be unscrupulous with it’s partners. Not Apple, not Google, not Microsoft, not anyone will have any desire or is it to their benefit to help Samsung take market-share. Samsung is going to have to have to maneuver diplomatically to mend bridges and not regain trust. It cannot survive an island to itself. I do not think they have what it takes. They will end up like HTC or Sharp if they are not careful.

  3. Samsung’s R&D = Rif off & Duplicate

    Seriously, Samsung is at a crossroads right now when considering the long-term future. Their strategy of flooding the market of countless models covering every price point every several months has served them well over the past several years, but they will soon face a rising Chinese army of phone vendors: ZTE, Huawei, Lenovo and many others.

    Samsung will not be able to stem this tide. When it comes to massive volume and economies of scale, the Koreans will not be able to beat the Chinese. Samsung has, perhaps, 2~3 years to continue this strategy of throwing whatever they can at the wall and see which ones stick. The Chinese government is already doing what it can to make things favorable for Chinese brand companies against a foreign company like Samsung.

    Samsung will now be forced to develop some stuff that they can call their own with a unique brand identity of their own. As of now, they certainly don’t have it. I remember laughing when I first heard the name “Galaxy” for their copycat phones and tablets. “Seriously, Samsung, your products are good for 6 months compared to the many billions of years that *real* galaxies would last. There’s absolutely nothing galaxy-like about *anything* you do. You guys are so laughably silly.” Galaxy… Gimme a friggin’ break.

    Apple isn’t Sony or Panasonic – companies that Samsung rolled over with surprising ease. For one, Samsung has no software of its own and the top brass there are deluded if they think they can take on Apple, Google and Microsoft in this arena. Second, there is just no brand identity to what Samsung is and stands for. Is it about shipbuilding, selling life insurance, constructing buildings or crappy phones and tablets?

    The up-and-coming Chinese electronics giants aren’t gunning for Apple. They will all be gunning for Samsung. The Japanese giants are licking their wounds right now but they won’t roll over anymore and are surely plotting revenge. Samsung’s only chance at long-term relevance will be to become like… Apple. That means for them to come up with their own thing for the first time in their sorry history. Good luck with that…

    1. “Apple isn’t Sony or Panasonic – companies that Samsung rolled over with surprising ease. For one, Samsung has no software of its own and the top brass there are deluded if they think they can take on Apple, Google and Microsoft in this arena. Second, there is just no brand identity to what Samsung is and stands for. Is it about shipbuilding, selling life insurance, constructing buildings or crappy phones and tablets?”

      Don’t forget their weapons division, Samsung Techwin. They make machine-gun toting sentry robots and automated artillery vehicles.

      They seem not to publicize that part very much. Probably because any questions about the business ethics of Apple patent lawsuits is far outweighed by a company making products designed to injure and kill people.

  4. pathetic, all apple fanboys. do you think that apple will be last forever? as a matter of fact, apple use more than 40% of parts for iphone from Samsung. now, they cut the contract, and work with Japanese manufacture because of lawsuit. unfortunately, japanese companies admitted that they couldn’t follow huge demand. it will be continued to delay for supplying, delivering products. it will make apple really hard to sell crap phone. in the end, who will win? Samsung. the company supplied all ipad, iphone on time in the past. the most important thing is that apple use samsung AP. it will be fun when apple will be given up their stupid patent lawsuit. otherwise, they will be isolated, and fell a part.

    1. Holy shit that was hilarious! edward, nice post, but it didn’t come off nearly as strong as one of your previous comments: “hey, you american mother fuckers.”


      I love it! Please, please keep posting here.

      Apple’s “crap” phone!? lol

      This has to be a joke, it’s good to be genuine.

    2. Oh come on now Edward. I have to wonder, are you normally so technology naive or did you have some form of stoke. I love all the folks saying Apple sucks because they won a court case that was in reality over before it started. Just because you are not adept at technology, technological strategy, don’t smack us folks that live in the technology world for more years than you have probably existed on this planet

    3. Anonymous


      It will be fun when Samsung’s stupid, sham defense of plagiarism is ripped to shreds, companies pull their orders and Samsung is left isolated and falling apart, incapable of invention or originality. This is the inevitable scenario, silly little troll. 😆

  5. the prediction is how far will Samsung’s relevance would be post Apple’s triumph over them. Apple maybe using products from different manufacturer’s but they never back stabbed them the way Google and Samsung did. Apple will be around for a long time to think of it most manufacturer’s are always keeping their eye on whats the next product Apple would come out with so that they could emulate it or better COPY it. pre ULTRABOOKS there was the MACBOOK AIR and MACBOOK PRO pre tablets there was the MICROSOFT then the IPAD. it’s relevance will out live most of us going forth to the future.

  6. I love the iPad but the note 10 is interesting. The things it can do. I love the ability to split screen. I many many times wish I could split screen my iPad like that. Using a. Pen for drawing over a finger at times could be nice.

    Thier phones suck period. So does the note because it droid but if apple could do that with iPad that would be great

  7. A split screen, or the ability to have two windows open side by side would be useful, making c’n’p easier without having to close then reopen windows or tabs or pages or whatever. Also, a fine tipped stylus would be very handy for writing or drawing using apps like Paper, for example, and for fine editing work on photos.
    I know people will raise all the points SJ made about styluses on touchscreens, and he was mostly correct, but there are plenty of times I really wish I had a pen that would work on my iPhone or iPad for jotting down quick notes and sketches, or photoediting, but not one of those squidgy rubber-tipped jobbies that everyone seems to make.

  8. What I see damaging Samsung long-term is a reputation as a copycat company that copies and clones everything they get their hands into. Many people still have morals and won’t support the cheap copycat products Samsung produces.

  9. The Natural Systems Perspective:

    In nature, when a species discovers a niche to exploit, it reproduces en masse to fill the niche then CRASHES when the chief resource of that niche has been depleted. This is a common cycle among RATS.

    In the case of Samsung, they have rushed into and exploited the resource of SUCKERS. Once the suckers are depleted, or the suckers are joyfully transformed into cognoscenti, the ” rel=”nofollow”>RAT PHONE corpse counts in the new year.

    Have fun with that Samsung. 😛

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