Apple cuts memory chip order to Samsung for new iPhone, says source

“Apple Inc has reduced its orders for memory chips for its new iPhone from key supplier and competitor Samsung Electronics Co, a source with direct knowledge of the matter said on Friday,” Reuters reports.

“Apple has been cutting its orders from Samsung as it tries to diversify its lines of supply for memory chips, although the South Korean firm remains on the list of initial suppliers for the new iPhone, the source told Reuters,” Reuters reports. “The Korea Economic Daily, citing an unnamed industry source, reported on Friday that Apple had dropped Samsung from the list of memory chip suppliers for the first batch of the new iPhone, whose release is widely expected to be announced on Sept. 12.”

Reuters reports, “The report said Apple instead picked Japan’s Toshiba Corp , Elpida Memory and Korea’s SK Hynix to supply DRAM and NAND chips. The source denied market speculation that the reduced orders from Apple were mainly due to a souring relationship between the two companies, which are locked in global patent disputes, and said Apple had already been looking to widen its supply chain.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The more pain Samsung feels, the better.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


    1. Time will tell. The quality control and capacity and ability to deliver will be the true test for the companies earmarked to replace Samsung. This said, Samsung Group which Samsung Electronics is only a small part of will be just fine sans Apple and if Apple does not run into quality and production issues then Apple will be just fine sans Samsung as well.

  1. good luck with it. you can’t find the biggest supply ever. I think that apple is just nothing but assembling company. they can’t make their own processor which is mostly borrowed from other. they can’t make their parts. they buy all of them. even they don’t own manufacture factory. it’s all contract. this kind of company will be torn a part very quickly. I bet 100%. do you think that design is priority rather than technology? Samsung own tons of technology patents apple can’t even argue. in the end, apple will lose all in the market without tech. touching sense in the back for future ipad, huh? pity. it is already made by Sony Vita, dumbfuck. if you will try to buy patent, Sony can’t sell it. NO. then apple will show the limitation to develop new one. this kind of company is so selfish. monopoly is not good, and illegal. I knew that Apple will be the second MS.

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  3. Irrespective of the nature of issues with Samsung, Apple had to anyway diversify their supply chain with more vendors, Next they have to make sure they diversify their production lines to different vendors. Will not be a good idea to keep all your eggs in the same basket.
    Will be interesting to watch on how Apple manages the same going forward.

  4. There goes another quality conponent. Looks like the iPhone 5 will be a piece of crap from crapped out hardware suppliers!

    Even more defects to come now lol

    Please continue using crap parts so people get fed up with iPhone and keep buying Android! BEST MOVE EVER! Start your Engines!

    When you can’t beat them…. you cry and run.

    1. Ah yes, because Hynix, Toshiba, and Elpida (soon to be Micron-Elpida) make horrible memory. The only way you possibly believe that is if you work for Samsung.

    1. Yes, because Samsung also makes the CPU for all iOS devices. This is why the trial between the two was such a big deal. In fact, it was revealed in the trial that Apple was willing to LICENSE iOS to SAMSUNG(!!) because they were/are a “strategic partner.” Instead, Samsung stabbed Apple in the back. Hence the ongoing war. And believe me, this is a war that is only getting started. It make take a decade for Apple to ween off its dependence on Google/Samsung, but they will do it.

        1. Exactly and Samsung should of just played along and moved on with building legitimate devices to compete against Apple and let the best devices win as determined by the consumer.

          This said, let’s see if the recent verdict in California is even upheld as maybe Samsung prefers to play the game of just do it and worry about apologizing later?

  5. This is big news here in Seoul, reported as a major item in the high-profile 9 p.m. network news. Samsung has never been much loved in Korea, and now its enemies have become emboldened, with many attacks appearing in the press and blogosphere.

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