Live video: Google’s Motorola Mobility unveils new products at NYC event

This is Motorola’s first major product announcement since it was purchased by Google for $12.4 billion in May 2012.

The live event is taking place in Gotham Hall in New York City as Google’s Motorola Mobility rushes to get their news out before the iPhone 5 total eclipse hits next week.

Wouldn’t it be nice if Apple would stream their special media events live, too?

See what Google’s Motorola Mobility plans to put up against Apple’s iPhone 5, expected to be unveiled on September 12th, right here, live:


    1. I didn’t watch either.

      Is that phone in the center of the preview their new one? it’s doomed.

      As for Apple streaming their releases live, I don’t know if there is enough bandwidth in California to support it.

  1. Twenty minutes of music? I didn’t listen, just fast forwarded. And what’s that coming out of her sleeves? Better get back to the tailor. Spent 1 minute fast forwarding through it with audio off. Could have made better use of that time.

    1. It is obvious she never looked at herself carefully in the mirror this morning. She would have been perfect on that old show “What Not to Wear” – she could certainly use a make-over.

  2. Did they really rate the battery life of a phone solely on how many hours of music it can play? Consumers are really quite dumb, apparently, to not want talk time and standby time ratings.

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