New iMac model shows up in online benchmark testing

“Following on from our report yesterday regarding possible new iMac models in the coming weeks, a new, and unreleased iMac has appeared in Geekbench benchmarks,” AppleBitch reports.

“The new iMac, with the model designated as iMac13,2 appeared yesterday showing a Geekbench score of 12,405,” AppleBitch reports. “The new model appeared to be equipped with a quad core Intel i7-3770K clocked at 3.5 GHz, which is one of the latest Intel Ivy Bridge processors.”

AppleBitch reports, “A similar model of iMac with more memory also showed up in late July with a score of 13,405, but this model was equipped with 16GB RAM, whereas the model that was tested yesterday had 8GB RAM.”

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  1. The numbers seem to be no better (or only slightly) than mid 2011 iMacs and/or the new Macbook Pro Retinas. If these turn out to be true, Apple is really going to hear the wrath from those waiting for a new iMac…. myself included.

    I’m somehow doubting the supposition that they are new iMacs, unless their a lower pricepoint model with faster/more expensive models also being released.

    1. At this point in time with resources being marshalled in the direction of a new iPhone launch representing 60% of Apple’s revenues and 70% of its profits, I very much doubt whether the new iMacs will be much more than a refresh from the 2011 models.

      1. Yeah look at the anemic Mac Pro so-called upgrades and feel much better. We have to wait until 2013, 3 years since the last real upgrade, to get a decent upgrade with now the USB3 & Thunderbolt pro essentials. Apple can not neglect any of it’s product lines – too many people depend on them for timely upgrades.

    2. Doubtful…

      You may want to do a little bit of research on the differences between the Ivy Bridge and Sandy Bridge processors, before you start condemning Apple.
      Your ignorance isn’t justification.

  2. The “upgrade curve” for desktops seems to be flattening out a bit. I have a 27″ iMac upgraded to 16 Gig of Ram that I bought in Nov 10 with a 2.9Ghz quad core and it still feels “snappy”. I suspect the next iMac will just be a “tune up” with usb 3.0 and a video card bump. In two years when 1TB Solid State Drives and 27″ “retina displays” are in the price range for working folks thats when I’ll get excited about an iMac upgrade.

  3. I have a 2.8 GHz Core i5 from a couple years ago, but unfortunately Mountain Lion’s Airplay only works on the latest round of iMacs… so that’s a good reason for me to update — along with the HD camera. I don’t care much about processing speed any more — RAM and SSDs seem to be much more impactful when it comes to speed.

  4. I am waiting for the new iMac too, as I will get the current iMac with the i5 processor at a great price. Got ipad3, iPhone 4s, apple tv, only thing missing is the apple computer. Can’t wait to get rid of the pos windows vista laptop, it’s a horrible computer, really hate it

    1. This is a good plan and you’re not committed to it if the new model has some unexpected features. I’d love to see a new display but the likely upgrades are:

      Ivy Bridge Processors (not a big deal given iMacs have dedicated graphics chipsets), better graphics chipsets, USB 3.0, 1600MHz RAM.

      None of this is a big deal for most people especially given that the current models have Thunderbolt.

  5. When Apple Computer changed its name to Apple it seemed a good move since Apple was, in spirit, as much a software company and service company as it was a computer company. I think Apple should consider a name that more appropriately reflects the thinking of the corporate culture. I would suggest Apple Notebook, Phone, and Tablet. Both Apple TV and desktop computing have been relegated to “hobbies”.

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