Dropbox Experimental Edition 1.5.27 brings new Mac features

“Dropbox has announced a major update to its pre-release Experimental Edition backup and sync software,” Nick Peers reports for BetaNews. “Dropbox Experimental Edition 1.5.27 has been rebuilt using Python 2.7 (the current stable build, Dropbox 1.4.17, is based on Python 2.5).”

“Version 1.5.27 includes a number of major new features, largely aimed at OS X users,” Peers reports. “1.5.27 comes with new icons that promise Retina support. It’s also bundled with a new, simpler installer — just double-click to install. There’s support for Mountain Lion’s new Notification Center, and a fix for the delay when bringing up the context menu.”

Peers reports, “As this is the first release of a major new build, Dropbox is keen to stress that issues will arise, and recommends all users intending to install Dropbox Experimental Edition should back up the contents of their Dropbox folders before installing it.”

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  1. I am disappointed that Steve Jobs didn’t manage to snag Dropbox. That would have made a wonderful addition to the Apple family in place of the rather pathetic iCloud for document management. iCloud only allows a single layer file structure whereas Dropbox allows the creation of folders within Finder to store documents for retrieval later. This would have allowed a single point file management structure where it didn’t matter if you were working on the document in your Mac or iPad, you could access it within a universal folder assigned for that document rather than being scattered about all over the place as it is right now.

    1. They dumped idisk because they were worried about being sued – fined – etc. by the new commie laws trying to be passed about on line storage sites. Google it and you’ll see why Apple dropped this feature.

        1. You know, the demo-TARDS trying to string up companies by the balls for their customers possibly storing a file, computer program, song, movie, etc. that may not have been purchased properly.

          Instead of going after the individual who stole the data, the commies want to fry the hosting site.

            1. Google what? “New commie laws?” I am sure that will turn up some links to completely unbiased reporting. No thanks.

              I don’t bother researching the information in any MDN post that contains “demo-TARDS” or “republithugs” or any similar kind of label-bait.

          1. HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa!

            That was a good one. And the Republicans – which started the whole “Invasion of privacy” rigmarole on behalf of the RIAA – are there to protect the companies?

            I’m still laughing tears – talk about successful brain-washing ….

            Whatever you are smoking – if I wouldn’t be against drugs I’d want some too 😉

      1. Only really ignorant people used meaningless, inflammatory labels like “commie” in this day and age. Please keep your psychotic fantasies to yourself!

      2. Dropbox was sued last year for a huge breech of its membership’s security.

        Dropbox has prided itself over the security measures it had in place and yet it was discovered that Dropbox members who were logged in, suddenly found themselves able to access other people’s accounts and data.

        When a member told Dropbox about it, all they did was mention it in a blog post.

        She sued their asses for their stupidity.

        As for your comment about commie laws, who knows what the hell you’re talking about?

    2. I agree on iCloud. I don’t like the way it works at all. I understand that it’s trying to make the cloud “invisible” to users, but it removes too much control and utility. Dropbox and Google Drive are highly useful alternatives.

  2. Ooh, so “experimental” and cutting edge! Imagine, support for Retina and Notification Center, a double-click installer, and a fix for delay when bringing up the context menu! We should be on the edge of our seats waiting for the experiment to go live.

    1. Experimental is just their word for an “alpha” (early beta) build meaning it’s new and hasn’t yet been tested extensively. To their credit, any application that *manages* your file for you, including deleting, needs to be kept to a high level of standard, hence their careful labelling of these builds. Most users would understand “experimental” better than “alpha”.

  3. I wish iCloud would have Dropbox features plus the iCloud features plus Dropbox space. As it is today it will likely be the new Ping and new iWork.com. And yes, I have 50 GB in my iCloud account, but in Dropbox I have the big team account with 1 TB at very fair and low costs. No idea why such a small company like Dropbox can beat our most beloved company so hard. Tim, do something visionary.

    1. one reason is that dropbox uses amazon’s cloud for storage. they pay for use so if you’re like me who has an 8GB account and only using 1GB or so dropbox pays only for the used storage.

      and with amazon’s new slower time to recover data storage announced last week i bet dropbox will become even better

        1. yep
          the costs are crazy low and i have almost 100GB of photos in iphoto. i would be all over a glacier service as a backup solution at a penny a GB per month

          as a 4S owner i’m not impressed with Siri or iCloud. even icloud seems like a beta product. i tried to like it but its too limited and annoying to use

  4. Version 1.5.27 includes a number of major new features

    WHERE is the client side encryption?!

    WHY do I have to provide my own encryption in order to ACTUALLY keep my data SAFE?!

    ->I use encrypted sparsedisk images for ALL my critical data. The DropBox site has been hacked several times at this point.

    1. I assume you’re using an encrypted sparse _bundle_ disk image, not just sparse image, if you are backing this up with a incremental backup service. Doing that reduces the amount of data transferred dramatically, saving you bandwidth, backup time, and potentially money.
      If you don’t know about them, look up “sparse bundle disk image” to read more – almost always better to use than basic sparse images.

  5. Over the past year, all of Apple has seemed like one huge beta product as it releases its parade of half-baked ideas to the public. Most of the software and services I have depended upon to make my life easier has been removed to make room for advertising-laden social-crapps like Facebook and Twitter.

    By the way, there has NEVER been any social function that has endured more than a few years (AOL, Earthlink, Prodigy, Geocities, Friends United, MySpace, Bebo, et al.)

    To make my life much more difficult just so they can shoehorn “new” crapps into their OS in a feeble attempt to jump on a train that has long passed is the sign of insanity running the boardroom; brain-dead execs scrambling to make a new buck on an old idea because not one person has had a new idea worthy of lasting long into the future since the passing of Steve.

    Sacrificing the tried and true interfaces and functions for dated fads is NOT innovative. It’s NOT the Apple Steve created.

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