Alcatel-Lucent subsidiary sues Apple over QuickTime and iOS devices

“Alcatel-Lucent subsidiary Multimedia Patent Trust has sued many consumer electronics companies and broadcasters over the years including Microsoft, Dell, LG, TiVo, Canon and, yes, Apple,” Jack Purcher reports for Patently Apple.

“In this latest patent infringement filing, Multimedia Patent Trust (MPT) focuses their entire case against Apple on three counts stemming from a single patent regarding video compression used in Apple’s QuickTime,” Purcher reports. “The law suit has been filed by Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan, a law firm which has represented Motorola against Apple in the past and who is known to be close to Google. ”

Purcher reports, “Multimedia Patent Trust (MPT) has filed three counts of patent infringement against Apple covering mobile devices, computer software and hardware. In count one of this case, MPT states that “Apple continues to make, have made, use, sell, and offer for sale in the United States, and import into the United States, mobile devices which are capable of encoding and decoding digital video.”

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  1. ALu is a loser company, run by a bunch of surrender-monkeys. They are failing miserably in the US and starting to slip worldwide. If patent lawsuits are all they have left, they might as well close up shop and return what little value they have to their sorry shareholders.

  2. It makes me wonder why they waited so long because QuickTime has been around for quite a while. Is this company just getting around to notice the patent breach?

  3. Tim Cook needed to assess this risk before he engaged in the Samsung pursuit. Careful what you wish for, as word is that Research in Motion are also about to skew the touch to zoom patent issued to Apple and yes drag Apple into Court the they own a far more defined Patent on the same set of gestures dating back to 2005.

    All to this to say, that when anyone starts to preach self righteousness, you become a target as you will be challenged.

  4. Alacatel Lucent… Such an old fashion company for which innovation is an unknown word!!

    Well they have patents, and after?? What did they do wirh them?? Nothing, keeping them in a desk!

    And now they want money, because orhers innovate faster than them!

    Next suit will be from prehistoric human descendants against Apple for the use of the wheell long time ago on iPod! And the wheell and its use has to be make under patents!

    So sade, to see this french corp. alcatel making no more devices or softwares for the publics as they are lagging long way after innovation!!

    This Alcatel corp. So long time a french state company, claiming against innovation as their last innovation is just layoffs and closing factories, and making theit shares value next to 0!!

    They want $ on video Codec used by all! Just let them die! Codec is just one so small part of the videos business!!

    I just remember orhers … Adobe with flv, realnetworks with real medias or orhers.. U don t want your technologie to be used?? Allright, no problem, we will shift to somerhing else and watch you die., as we did for orhers!

  5. Alcatel-Lucent subsidiary Multimedia Patent Trust has sued many…

    Yeah, we know. Old news.
    Attack of the submarine patents.
    Patent trolling goes on and on and on…

    And this patent troll will lose money on their BS lawsuit just as hundreds of others have done before. Have fun with that. You gotta be desperate.

    1. MPT states that “Apple continues to make, have made, use, sell, and offer for sale in the United States, and import into the United States, mobile devices which are capable of encoding and decoding digital video.

      Oh really. Ya think? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


  6. What is sad is that Acatel-Lucent is all that’s left of Bell Labs. Bell Labs was at one time the one of the biggest innovators, and produced some of the largest number of patents, probably as much as Xerox Palo Alto. Things really went south when Lucent was bought by the French. So goes all the Anerican ingenuity.

    We’ll see where this patent suit takes them. I’m not making any judgement right now. It sure would look better if they were turning out patents like they used to be. Well, as the French say, Ce La Vie.

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