Google expands Google Wallet functionality with features found in Apple’s Passbook (with video)

“Google has revealed plans to enhance its Wallet service with location-aware store cards, boarding passes and event tickets, much like the Passbook feature found in Apple’s forthcoming iOS 6 iPhone update,” Sam Oliver reports for AppleInsider.

“New features planned for the Google Wallet software found in the Android mobile operating system were revealed in a developer video posted to YouTube,” Oliver reports. ” As noted by the Silicon Valley Business Journal, Google plans to expand its Wallet functionality beyond just payment cards.”

Apple “has described the new native iOS software as ‘your boarding passes, movie tickets, retail coupons, loyalty cards, and more now all in one place,'” Oliver reports. “While Google Wallet relies on NFC for mobile payments, Apple’s Passbook is driven by location awareness, and will quickly provide users with store cards and other applicable items for nearby businesses. Google’s developer video reveals the company now plans to add similar location-aware features to its Wallet service, allowing it to compete more directly with Passbook.”

Read more in the full article here.

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  1. Ok, I don’t get it…
    Who in the world would be as stupid to leave his money in the hands of a company very well know for stealing other’s IP and private information from users in order to make profit?

    1. I wonder who will take financial responsibility when Google’s horrid security gets breached causing million dollar losses?
      I will never trust Google when it comes to handling my money.

  2. Another copy, although Apple is not completely innocent either. They ripped off notification center in iOS5 and are ripping off how to handle calls received during a meeting in iOS6. I don’t blame them though – if Google shamelessly copies everything and Apple does nothing then iOS would fall behind.

    1. Google has a patent pending on their notification centre, it’s not been granted yet. If it comes to be I’m sure Apple will have to change theirs to avoid it or license it from Google. (I hope the former, I still feel the current notification centre doesn’t fit in well with the rest of iOS)

      Google and the rest of the Android group on the other hand have been copying stuff from granted patents.

    2. No Apple didn’t rip off Notification Center from Android you ignorant moron. They hired the programmer who published the exact thing for jailbreak iPhones long before Android.

  3. Thanks Google, now Apple is going to get even more secretive! You copied an unreleased feature from the WWDC video (just kidding… I know you’re developers so you got to play with it)… Hey! Reminds me of Pirates of Silicon Valley…!!

    “You copied our Mac Prototypes!!”

    PS. Google are such fucking hacks.

  4. Look at this, Apple expands features and innovates while Google just sits back until a feature is announced, then just out of the blue Google adds it while jumping up and down “Me to!! …. Me to!!”…

    Google, go screw your corporate bleeding heart do no evil self, your a bunch of cheats and phony crybabies, here is to your loss of 12.5 billion for a dead company all the while crashing and burning is showing ever so prominently from that bad worthless purchase.

    And a pleasant and heartwarming “UP YOURS”!!

    P.S. have a nice day and remember “Do no Evil” pft….!!!

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