Who’s next in Apple’s patent lawsuit crosshairs?

“One down, dozens to go,” Tim Sprinkle reports for Yahoo Finance. “That’s the feeling that much of Silicon Valley woke up to on Monday morning following Apple’s (AAPL) blockbuster victory in its patent trial against Samsung on Friday, a case that resulted in more than $1 billion in penalties for the South Korean company after a jury found that it violated six patents related to Apple’s mobile phone technologies.”

“So, now that Apple has a solid win under its belt, which companies are among its next likely targets?” Sprinkle writes. “Two hints for the first one: its name starts with ‘G’ and it rhymes with ‘doodle.’ ‘I think the real battle is not between Apple and Samsung but between Apple and Google and it involves the Android operating system principally,’ Dixon Doll, co-founder of venture capital firm DCM, told Bloomberg TV on Monday night. ‘I would expect that Google is gong to get very actively involved in defending their ecosystem partners like Samsung. I think Google’s going to be very sensitive to reworking and tweaking their upcoming releases to make sure they are compliant, and I would expect Google to eventually go on offense here.'”

Sprinkle writes, “Apple and Amazon have been drifting toward legal action ever since the iPhone maker launched its iTunes music store in 2003, but Amazon’s recent push into the smartphone and tablet market (starting with the Kindle Fire) is what really has Apple fuming… Colin Gillis with BCG Financial expects it to come sooner rather than later. ‘When Amazon does its big event in September, is it going to be a phone?’ he said of the scheduled product launch on Sept. 6 in an interview with UPI. ‘Because if it’s a phone, they’re going to be sued, probably on Sept. 7. No joke.'”

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  1. Apple will take action if its IP is violated, that is a given. Speculating who is next is a “hit” generator issue.

    The important issue is whether the competition can innovate such that they become genuine competitors. The current lineup of iOS competitors do not have that kind of innovation in their DNA, they’ve been feeding at the licensed OS trough for far too long to significantly alter that aspect of their business model.

    For me, the key take away fro all this legal maneuvering is that Apple licensed some of its iOS IP to MSFT, with a proviso that MSFT and/or its partners cannot clone Apple products.

    Manufacturers licensing Win8/RT will not face Apple’s wrath. This will be significant motivation to switch to Win8/RT from Android. You get some iOS IP without the legal consequences.

    In three years (development cycle) Android will become an after thought in mobile. Throw in mobile advertising that is dominated by iOS, and the demise of Google begins.

    1. Not so fast… the world of Android is very solid and HTC today welcomed an Apple Law Suit as do all other Android factions.

      Apple is far from being out of the woods with the Samsung ruling probably positioned to be overturned by week’s end. As well, Apple shareholders will start to second guess all the lawsuits as the latter is not good for the instant gratification mentality often times associated with investors. Apple’s market cap is a fabrication headed up by shareholders and it can easily head south if they start to bolt.

      My take is that Apple will be best served by working out fair and equitable deals that speak to Apple IP that is legitimatize in more than one jurisdiction i.e. the USA.

      Tim Cook has a lot on his plate and Kool-Aid aside, Samsung is his biggest challenge as no doubt he will want to move away from Samsung’s huge contributions to Apple products but he needs to do it sensibly and in hopes that the alternatives are as good if not better than what Samsung offered.

        1. The Asylum just called and asked that you please come back and play with your marbles as you have yet to figure out how many marbles you would have if you added 2 to the 2 you already have.


      1. HTC today welcomed am Apple Lawsuit…….. Bwah Ha Ha Ha
        What were they supposed to say? “OMG. we’re DOOMED! PLease, please, please Apple, don’t come after us, we’ve seen the error of our ways and will gladly pay whatever you ask”

        Its all show and bluster, they are scared. Besides, they probably have a plan, act tough in public, go to court, then cave in settlement talks, with a condition being Apple cannot brag to the world that HTC screamed like a little girl and begged Apple to please let them continue a highly profitable existence as a manufacturer of iPhone and iPad accessories.

      2. Overturned by the end of the week? Gotta hand it to you, at least you dream big.

        Stealing is wrong, and the powers that be cannot be afraid, or silenced by the damned PC movement (Which basically says you can’t call wrong wrong) into being all whiny and apologetic, and scared that they might offend another country if they accidentally call a criminal and criminal, and follow the law.

      3. When you say, “Apple’s market cap is a fabrication…”

        that’s all I need to hear to convict you of unreasonable bias. Apple’s market cap is a mathematical fact, obtained by multiplying the number of shares in circulation by the share price, the same way all other companies on this planet do it.

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