“Apple introduced a new app for its iOS 6 mobile operating system yesterday called Passbook,” Steve Kovach reports for The Business Insider.

“Passbook acts as a digital wallet for your gift cards, event tickets, airplane boarding passes, etc. For example, you can load a Target gift card to your Passbook,” Kovach reports. “When it’s time to pay, you show your iPhone to the cashier and he or she scans the barcode on your screen to complete the transaction. (If you’ve ever used the Starbucks app for iPhone, you’re probably familiar with how this works.)”

Kovach reports, “Passbook may be starting with gift cards and boarding passes, but the next logical step is to open it up so you can add your credit or debit card too… The iPhone doesn’t have NFC (yet), so Passbook is limited to gift cards that can be scanned by the merchant. If and when Apple does add NFC to the iPhone, then we’ll start seeing credit card payments come to the iPhone.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz” and “Dan K.”for the heads up.]