Rush Limbaugh: Why does a lover of freedom like me love a ‘restrictive’ company like Apple?

Mac, iPhone, and iPad user Rush Limbaugh today discussed Apple Inc. on his radio program that, since its inception on August 1, 1988, is the highest-rated talk radio show in the United States.

The 3-hour Rush Limbaugh Show airs daily on a network of approximately 590 AM and FM affiliate stations. The program is also broadcast worldwide on the U.S. Armed Forces Radio Network. A November 2008 poll by Zogby International found that Rush Limbaugh was the most trusted news personality in the nation.

From the live transcript, in part:

CALLER: My question originally was, “What made you fall in love with Apple products?” Because everything I’ve seen, it’s such a restrictive corporation. The apps need to be approved. You can’t even write an app without a Mac. I can’t stream an AVI to my Apple TV. It’s just so restrictive. And as the freedom-loving man that I know you are, why?

RUSH: Yeah, that’s a good question. This is actually a really, really good question. And what he’s talking about being “restrictive,” is software developers with the new operating system for computers, for the Macs, Mountain Lion. You don’t get your app in the App Store unless it’s “sandboxed,” which means… “Restrictive” is the word. The best way to explain it is that it can’t access the data in any other app and very little of the operating system itself. Apple is doing this for security reasons.

They’re trying to make sure that they’re the toughest nut to crack for malware, the Trojan software that’s out there. Apple’s made a decision, just to answer your question about that. They’re deemphasizing their push into what’s called the enterprise business — large business, corporate — and they’re focusing on, as far as the business side, small business only. But they’re really going lowest-common-denominator consumer. They want to make their machines as simple, as intuitive, as easy to operate for the most people possible. They’re just mass marketing here.

RUSH: They’re not running the company for the geeks and the nerds anymore. They’re not running the company for the power users and the power writers.

CALLER: Unfortunately.

RUSH: So on the “restrictive” side you’re talking about, that’s my theory about what they’re doing. The reason I like it is I learned on Mac.

CALLER: It works.

RUSH: It does… Apple wouldn’t let me in the door if I went out there. We tried for years to get them as advertisers; they wouldn’t talk to us.

Politically they have nothing in common with me, and your question is very valid. “Why in the world would you want to tout people that have no desire to do anything with you?” It’s just the stuff works. I think it’s state-of-the-art. I think it’s the best out there for what I need to do. Their stuff has facilitated my productivity like nothing else has. I was sitting on my sofa last night, and I was doing show prep. I had my new laptop.

I had the iPhone and the iPad, and I was using all three for different things. For three hours. I did not have to sit at a desk, did not have to be in any one particular place. I could have the TV on if I wanted to. In addition to that, it’s fun! It’s my hobby. It’s my avocation. If I weren’t doing what I’m doing, I’d try to figure out a way to get involved in this stuff. I’d love to be an adviser and, tell them how they need to innovate, for me. Selfishly. I understand a lot of people, “Rush, these people politically, they probably despise you.”

CALLER: Oh, yeah.

RUSH: For this, it doesn’t matter, I set it aside. I just have found that it’s fun. I’m one of these people, I’m on the edge of my chair when we get close to the release of a new product, a phone or an iPad. Apple stuff is my Christmas morning. That’s the best way to put it to you. As a kid, what Christmas was when you’re a kid, that’s what Apple stuff is for me. At age 62. That’s cool. I like being able to have that feeling at age 62… RUSH: They make the greatest toys for adults of anybody out there. Plus, I have to tell you something. You know, I’m a student of marketing, and they own it. They have it down pat. I’m fascinated by how they run their business… Plus, I marvel at what they do. I marvel at the technology. I am in stunned amazement. I can’t believe that I’m able to sit here and dictate whole paragraphs. I don’t have to ever type anymore. I actively enjoy that. I don’t take it for granted. Every time I dictate a response to Kathryn on the iPhone or an e-mail to somebody, I sit there after I’ve done and say, “I can’t believe this just happened.” To me, it’s probably how Edison felt after inventing the light bulb. I’m not inventing anything; I’m just using it. And wait ’til you see Siri in the new OS. Everybody’s talking about Siri’s this, it’s been a failure. It’s in beta. Wait ’til you see Siri this fall when they come out with what’s called iOS 6. It is what everybody hoped and thought it was gonna be when they first announced it.

The full transcript with Limbaugh discussing Apple TV, AirPlay Mirroring, OS X Mountain Lion, iCloud, Steve Jobs, who built what and more is here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews readers too numerous to mention individually for the heads up.]

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    1. I am not a Rush fanatic, but every once in a while he really surprises me. Both Republicans and Democrats could learn from this particular example. Don’t reject a good product or a good idea, even if it comes from an unpleasant source. There is no way that the people in this country are so diametrically opposed as the political parties and media and pundits make them out to be. Nearly everyone wants a free and prosperous nation that promotes opportunity, peace, and stability through rule of law.

      1. Rush has articulated a profound truth—that excellence trumps ideology. He fully admits it, embraces it, and articulates it for millions of listeners. Rush is more complex, and human, than detractors would allow.

        Do I contradict myself? Very well, then I contradict myself, I am large, I contain multitudes. —Walt Whitman

    2. But I certainly done agree with your Rush worship. That quote is getting old, by the way. And it is bogus, as well. There is no mortal being that is beyond doubt. Rush is far from perfect, and I will doubt as I please.

  1. I heard this live today on the radio. Love him or hate him, he does love Apple. I am similar to Rush in the way he gets excited for new Apple keynotes the same way most people get excited for xmas.

  2. Gotta love the way Rush makes libs go apeshit.

    Remember when they pit Air America against Rush and pumped millions of dollars into it, and it still flopped.

    Then they tried to pass legislation to force radio stations to give libs equal air time to compete against Rush.

    They have no shame.

    1. it was called the “Fairness Doctrine” and it worked pretty good. It was eliminated during the Reagan term and the country has slowly divided in half ever since.

      1. I suggest doing more thorough research. The “Fairness Doctrine” was about giving equal air time for political candidates and issues. Nothing to do with talk shows with particular points of view.

    2. That’s quite a bit of revisionist history concerning Air America.

      1- There was a widely circulated advertising blacklist to keep advertisers off of Air America. is an example.

      2- Clear Channel at the time of the Air America launch operated in excess of 2,000 radio station in the US and roadblocked any newcomer with multiple outlets airing Conservative Radio all the time. The ownership of Clear Channel was well known to be NeoCon- the current owners are Bain Capital (yes- THAT Bain Capital). Air America was pushed to low power and fringe signals in many markets.

      3- Air America was poorly financed and run from the start, making survival almost impossible.

      4- At launch, there were no national liberal talk hosts. Air America had to take a wide variety of local hosts or people with limited radio background at launch time.

      5- The bulk of those who stayed with Air America have moved on to success either on TV or radio. A couple are on MSNBC with daily TV shows, one is a US Senator, another has the largest daily progressive talk show on the Radio, etc.

      6- In the few markets where Air America had a competitive signal and decent promotion, some hosts did very well against Rush & the cabal.

      Enough for now.

      1. you DO know that is standard right?….
        hell even recently it was done to Rush.

        We used to buy advertising on a few local shows here. we did NOT want it played on their sister station.. we had to put that in the contract, and we only wanted it aired during certain shows..
        If a company asks to be played only on one station, and not an affiliate.. they CAN… HP and those listed did.

        Fairness doctrine did not allow it. you buy airtime, the spot ran everywhere. removal of the doctrine allowed listeners to CHOOSE, and liberals lost.
        you do know that the guy that gave Rush his shot at national… is a Liberal?..

        your “success” of those commentators… laughable. what 100k listeners/watchers a week?…

        1. Nice Try
          Winter cumes from Talkers
          Thom Hartmann 3.25 Million +
          Stephanie Miller 3.25 Million +
          Ed Schultz 3.25 Million +

          This despite airing many times on less powerful station with only fringe coverage in many major cities. Bain- owner of Clear Channel and Citadel are both heavily right wing biased companies and do not dispute it.

          When given equal signal coverage and time slots, Stephanie Miller, Ed Schultz and Thom Hartmann stack up quite well against the knuckle draggers of the right.

          Another factor is that many progressives/liberals just do not have much interest in listening to talk radio and listen to Music or NPR, which despite Conservative rantings, is center to mildly center right.

          1. thom hartman
            Oh wait, he was on radio BEFORE air america… he just REPLACED al franken.
            oh whats this quote from the link?
            “from 2005 until early 2007 on KPOJ, initially an affiliate of Air America Radio owned by Clear Channel Communications.”
            wait…. WTF? CCC owned stations that aired Air America?…..

            all 3 of them had shows prior to Airhead america.

            Ed Schultz… where to begin. the Slut comment? the Perry edited clip? the tv ratings manipulation lies? or the Union money that “went to charity”, wait “it was for advertising on the website” (yet there were no ads from said unions…) or the attacks on Rubio?

            “Another factor is that many progressives/liberals just do not have much interest in listening to talk radio and listen to Music”
            Truth. why discuss reality when you can escape to fantasy?

            And NPR is not center/right. thats just hilarious if you believe that.

            1. In San Francisco KQED radio outrates ALL talk stations of whatever political persuasion. The simple fact is in a nation of 330 million+/-, 20 million isn’t that big a deal (6% of population).

              Liberal/Progressives just do not tend to organize or think the way conservatives do. Conservatives tend to look for a leader to follow and liberals seek a consensus among people.
              Don’t compare seed counts with a seedless grape.

        1. ConservaTroll (Jean Poole):
          1- Register as a real user.
          2- If you criticize, bring something to the table to counter.
          3- If you differ, state your case.

          Lacking that, STFU.
          ‘Hahahahahahahahahahahaha you are SOOOOO wrong.’
          Other than just being an *sshole, what purpose is served?

    3. Really? No mush gumball does not make “libs”, whatever those are go apeshit. No one tried to force radio stations to give “libs”, whatever those are, equal air time.

      The most telling fact is that he was the number #1 new source in 2008. Seriously. By his own admission he is only a clown (my characterization) or entertainer (his characterization).

      If that is where you put your faith, in a clown, then more power to you.

      By the way, I listened to him from his humble beginnings until sometime in the mid 90’s when I suddenly recognized a pile of crap disguised as truth.

    4. Why should any failing business be propped up just to match the successful one? If no one wants to listen to what they have to say, then that’s their problem. Say something people want to hear, agree with, and then they can be as successful as Rush. I don’t agree with EVERY point of view Rush has, some I strongly oppose, but he hits the accuracy nail on quite a few issues. I try to listen on my lunch every day, have to listen in my car at this ultra Liberal University. there is a common sense middle ground between the Religious Right and the extreme Liberals that is called the Common Sense Zone where MOST of America lives. This is what political parties don’t get. Both cater to their extremes.

  3. I don’t agree with Rush politically, but I think I would have a much better time at a bar BSing with him than Ed Begly Jr who I am probably closer to politically.
    Politics is just one part of life not all of it.

    1. ‘He’s repulsive and irrelevant.’

      Not to his 20 million listeners.

      I would bet that you have never listened to him for one week straight.

      I have done just that to liberal talk shows before I discount them. I need to know what the enemies of the country are saying.

  4. There are things that are beyond categories and what Steve Jobs gave us are among them.

    It was more than gadgets. It was total conviction in one’s belief.
    Pure and honest.

    Anyone can see that, even though they may be wretchedly in denial.

  5. Great comments from Rush. It’s funny, considering Apple is a left-leaning company it surprises me how much the left hates Apple.

    Big business, picked apart by Greenpeace and the NYT, always trounced on for evil labor practices and off-shore “non-union” labor, etc. Jobs pleaded with Obama to let them repatriate their foreign cash with no luck and only got disdain. Makes you wonder why Apple even bothers with the left?

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