Report: Largest simultaneous launch of new Macs in Apple’s history coming June 11th during WWDC keynote

“While Apple has major software announcements planned for the upcoming World Wide Developers Conference – including iOS 6, an updated version of iCloud, and OS X Mountain Lion – Apple is also planning some incredible hardware announcements,” Mark Gurman reports for 9to5Mac. “Not iOS hardware, but Mac hardware.”

“In fact, WWDC 2012 might be the biggest simultaneous launch of new Macs in Apple’s history,” Gurman reports. “According to sources, Apple is planning to update at least four out of their five Mac lines at the June 11 WWDC kickoff keynote.”

Gurman reports, “Apple’s current Mac lines are the MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, Mac mini, and Mac Pro… [9to5Mac expects new MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and iMac models.] We are currently unsure whether or not the Mac Pro or Mac mini will be the fourth Mac updated at the conference, but both Macs are due for a refresh, especially the Mac Pro.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “John” for the heads up.]


  1. Hmmm, was thinking of getting into liquidmetal (LQMT) for a quick bump, but there’d be rumors and pics by now if these macs were being designed with an entirely new process… For the speculators only 2500 shares were traded today and the stock easily tips up to 15% or more a day. In march it shot from .15 cents to .70 on just a few rumors.

      1. What i believe BMW is talking about is how Apple used to book a venue for a specific date for an announcement of something hot. Refreshing at least three and possibly four out of five Mac lines, plus an OS X release and possibly an iOS release would qualify for that sort of event.

        But I’m sure we’ll all be wildly ecstatic and cheerful at whatever is announced at WWDC. I just hope the tech press doesn’t whip itself into a frenzy with wild rumors that don’t pan out and thus giving the tech press a reason to write lots of negative reports of WWDC.

  2. If MBPro gets rid of its hard drive and optical drive and looses a few milli then you can say bye bye to MB Air and then maybe it’s a total line up grade? Mini is fairly up to date. Pro really needs some attention.

  3. It *might* make sense if Apple were to introduce them as a cross line standard system, i.e., all the MacBook Pros, MacBook Airs, iMacs and Mac Minis were to go to Ivy Bridge, SSDs, high rez displays (for those that have integrated displays) and ThunderBolt. Sadly this concept leaves out the Mac Pro as there is no Xeon variant of Ivy Bridge and none is likely to exist until after 1 January 2013.

  4. Rumours – schmumours… Were is the basis of fact for these pseudo-reports.

    No Macs are constrained. All are in stock. So, if they are introduced at WWDC (which I can only hope – need – yes, need – new MacBook Pros for my wife and me), they will be released a bit later. (Need to get rid of that 5 day supply – at bargain pricing {like that’s going to happen} so we can make room for these new babies).

    My two farthings… (we no longer have pennies in Oz)

    1. A farthing was a quarter of a penny. I don’t think we have been using Farthings either – since 1966! You will need many more than 2 for a couple of MBPs.

  5. I think there will be a double-resolution “retina” display option for the high-end configs of MacBook models, including new MacBook Pro with no optical drive. They will use “HiDPI mode” to display graphical elements and text at double the current highest pixel density, while running the overall OS at the current “normal” resolution. It’s the same way iPhone and iPad take advantage of their Retina Displays without the need to completely overhaul iOS.

    I don’t think iMac (and Cinema Display) gets this option this year, because 21.5 and 27 -inch displays at double resolution would be impractical (due to cost), at least for now. But iMac still gets a specs upgrade.

    I don’t think Mac mini gets a refresh this time. The other major upgrade is Mac Pro. In addition to a major specs enhancement (16-core max), I think it gets a new look (after using the current design mostly unchanged for NINE years); it gets significantly smaller and lighter.

  6. I would be super pleased if the new iMac turns out to be a large 22 to 27 inch iPad that runs combined OSX-iOS with optional stand and keyboard for those who can’t let go! Time to get post PC rocking!
    It could also serve as the new iTV!

    1. Please call Steve Ballmer and ask him, where to buy your pipe dream of an 80 inch touch device, which is wall mounted in his office. And let me assure you, your confused technical fantasies will be much better pleased with Windows 8 products.

  7. what about if they fusion the Mac mini and Mac Pro together????

    it could be a small and middle size towers configurable in several ways?

    or something like a vertical extruded mac mini configurable in several ways ?

    … or more complicated: a Mac mini on steroids featuring unless 2 thunderbolt ports and an optional external PCI-express expansion chasis for the out-if-this-world professionals!

    1. Only craptop and iMac fanbois say shit like that.

      The iPad is more of a threat to the craptop than the desktop. Take away the stuff Apple is rumored to be dropping and you are left with an oversized tablet with a keyboard or a shitty PC.


      If Mac Pros are dead, then all Macs are also dead before too long.

      In the meantime, before it is consigned to the Trash, Mac OSX will be considered a toy OS because no professionals will be doing any work on it.

  8. Risky! No one is immune to overkill and this might be as no matter how shiny and new gadgets are, people need to have both an appetite and resources to dump the not so old for the new.

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