Separate leaks claim to show new iPhone’s metal back, smaller dock connector

“Two separate websites say they have obtained photos of the body of the next-generation iPhone,” Electronista reports.

“Images supplied to Boy Genius Report come from a repair company, uBreakiFix, and show a back combining metal and glass with decorative trim. The cutout for the camera module is thought to be larger, but the most significant changes may be at the bottom of the new case, which features a new, smaller dock connector, a relocated headphone jack, and redesigned speaker and microphone ports,” Electronista reports. “Photos provided to 9to5Mac from supply chain sources show similar parts, but both black and white trim options, including front panels as well.

Electronista reports, “The site adds that the new phone’s antenna band appears to have been molded into the metal backplates, creating even more interior space.”

Read more in the full article here.


  1. Not sure I’m so happy about the headphone jack at the bottom. This made (some) sense with the iPod Touch when it hung around your neck on a lanyard. Maybe it doesn’t really matter, but it’s a more significant change (for me) than the screen size (at least functionally)…

    And while I’m complaining, do you have any idea how many attachments I have for my iPhone with the standard jack? I have a stereo mic, an infrared dongle for controlling my sound system, all my charging cords (car, office, home, etc.), a stand which connects my iPhone to my stereo, 2 iPod players which currently fit the iPhone too. I sure hope there’s an affordable adapter from the old to the new dock connector (but even with that, it will make my iPhone uglier, longer and more unwieldy (and probably won’t fit in my iPod player either any more)…

  2. I honestly hope these are not the finished versions. For one they look awful, I like to have a solid colour for the back of my iPhone not strips along the top of the old glass they used to use. Two, there is no major redesign. Just larger with a new dock connector. Really disappointing.

    1. I like that there’s no major redesign. Branding is everything these days and you can always spot an iPhone in the crowd by its distinctive look.

      Also there were rumors that the sides would be curved. I have an app that turns my iPhone into a level which I can set on a shelf to see if it’s tilted one way or the other. If the sides were curved I couldn’t do that any more (yes, it’s not a great loss, but it just makes my phone that much more useful)…

    2. Designers don’t redesign just for the sake of change and having something new. Apple creates completely new designs when they feel they can vastly improve upon what they already have. Otherwise, it’s steady, gradual improvements over time. The challenge is creating something BETTER, not newer.

  3. Considering that the article talks about “adding second mic” in the new model — which was already done in iPhone — those reports are not quite reliable. As well about molding antenna to metal plate sounds blatantly nonsensical.

    1. Yes BGR (or whoever made up the “molding antenna to metal plate” nonsense) should google “faraday cage”

      Unless Apple has achieved something totally revolutionary you simply can’t enclose an antenna in metal. I don’t think they will use the face to radiate (as a matter of fact most designs make an effort to minimize the RF field intensity in the direction of the users head.)

  4. Looks like a composite to me. (the chroma subsampling in the background is very different from that of the aledged iPhone back)

    Dosen’t necessarily make it false but if it is real why composite the photo?

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