Analyst: Apple likely to announce ‘iTV’ 2-6 months before release

“Apple is likely to provide developers with a head-start to create software for its new television before it becomes available for consumers to purchase, according to a new analysis,” Neil Hughes reports for AppleInsider.

“Brian White with Topeka Capital Markets noted on Tuesday that the first iPhone was announced in January of 2007 but didn’t launch until June of that year,” Hughes reports. “Similarly, the first iPad was unveiled in January of 2010, but didn’t hit the market until April.”

Hughes reports, “In his note to investors, White said he expects the Apple television announcement to precede the launch of the final product by as few as two months, and as much as six months. He told investors to “keep in mind” that Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference is only two weeks away, but did not provide any indication that he thinks an Apple television will be announced at WWDC 2012… Topeka Capital Markets has a 12- month price target of $1,111.00 for AAPL stock. The firm has maintained its ‘buy’ rating for investors.”

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  1. This is utter nonsense. The iPhone was announced 6 months in advance because it had to go through FCC testing and Apple wanted to announce the phone, not the FCC.

    The iPad was announced 2 months in advance to utterly destroy the competition from selling anything.

    There’s not FCC clearance for a new TV and no one has anything like this (a TV with Siri built-in).

    As for App developers, they’ll catch up fast enough- no need to per-announce so much in advance. I don’t see them announcing anything very early at all. This guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about…

    1. “a TV with Siri built-in” ???

      Just because Apple bought and Beta Tested it on the iPhone does not meant that that is the limit of their inventiveness. The TV product will be about easy simple access to TV PROGRAMS and VIDEOS without having to fight the numerous boxes and sources to get it onto a screen. Siri has little chance in making it easier when it has to compete with noisy living rooms, multiple people talking at the same time and a mic that is located on the TV 2 to 3 metres away. The only way feasible to have a mic would be to have it in the remote control which may be like a mini iPad or a large iPod Touch.

  2. Well, if it’s Apple’s first product in a NEW product line, it makes perfect sense to announce it (and show it off) a few months in advance. Apple has no existing product, so the early announcement is not killing any Apple sales, while it is likely to freeze sales of the competitions’ products. And during the time between announcement and release, demand builds and media coverage intensifies. It’s a marketing move…

    It has much less to do with developers. Plus, I don’t think this “iTV” itself will have its own apps.

    Here’s how I hope it will work. Apple takes AirPlay to the next level. Developers have a new display mode that they can add to their apps, AirPlay mode. When this mode is called, a small “module” of the app is sent to the iTV, where it runs on the iTV and does the processing to display on the TV screen. The iOS device (iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch) changes its screen into a “remote control” and becomes the data source.

    This eliminates the inefficiency of the iOS device rendering the screen and sending it (frame by frame) over the network to the TV’s screen. The iTV (which does not run on battery power) does most of the hard work, while the iOS device simply controls the iTV and supplies the app’s data, as needed. In this way, even the still in-production iPhone 3GS (with its pre-A4 processor and 802.11g networking) is fully supported.

    So, it’s an iOS (iPad/iPhone) app that has the option to send its display output to an iTV. It also works the same way with the existing Apple TV. The app works in “regular” mode, if there is no Apple TV present, so the potential audience for developers is the current iOS ecosystem, not just the relatively small number of existing Apple TV and new iTV owners. The iTV will be functional and useful without an iOS device, just as the current Apple TV is functional and useful. And it makes iTV (and the existing Apple TV) into the MUST HAVE “accessory” for the iPhone and iPad owners, and that’s a very large audience of customers with a reason to buy one.

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