New photos claim to show metal-backed next-gen iPhone

“Earlier today, we posted the first image of the back plate for the next-generation iPhone, and now we have received several more images that are very high-resolution,” Mark Gurman reports for 9to5Mac. “These new shots showcase a comparison between the black and white versions of the next-generation iPhone back. The black and white coloring is, of course, a trim, and a large portion of the back – as you can see – is made out of metal. We are unsure at this point what purpose this metal serves (or if it is just a stylistic addition), but the metal is definitely present in all of our photos of the device’s back.”

“From a production standpoint, it appears that the metal antenna band is molded into the metal backplates. We assume this is Apple’s way of creating a unibody enclosure for mobile devices. Apple introduced unibody notebooks in late 2008, and the purpose of the unibody is to allow Apple to produce thinner and lighter, yet stronger, devices,” Gurman reports. “Now that most of the phone’s external elements are one piece, Apple is likely able to squeeze more into the iPhone internally. Apple needs all the space they can get with their plans of producing LTE smartphones with proper battery life.”

iPhone (2012) metal back photo

More info and photos in the full article here.


  1. As I wrote in another article, I don’t like the headphone jack at the bottom next to the dock connector. I have a number of things I plug in to my iPhone (stereo mic, infrared dongle) which, even with an adapter from the new to the old dock connector, may not allow the connector with headphones. Maybe this is moot, but find it strange and potentially causing conflicts…

    1. i like it…i always hated that i had a cord coming out of the bottom and a cord out of the top. this way, it looks better on a dock and it works in a car better because you can stuff it down in a drink holder.

    2. Totally agree. Moving the headphone jack is good when you’re holding the iPhone in your hand while talking or listening to music, but not good if you want to plug in your headphones when the iPhone is sitting in a docking base.

    1. Perhaps you would be happy if they made it a cylindrical shape with an antenna sticking out from the middle of one end like the tin can and string phone from your childhood.

      If you can put down the shape of the phone, perhaps you can describe your ideal phone that doesn’t have the shape of the iPhone and let us all critique your prototype.

      1. I would be happy if it wasn’t frozen in time and made significant advances towards a bigger screen. In as much as the iPhone is a phone that’s wrapped around a mini computer, if SJ hadn’t radicalized the form factor in 2007, all phones would look like Nokias.

        1. Instead all smartphones look like iPhones. There’s an old maxim you ought to be aware of; ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’
          You’re suggesting the iPhone is flawed in its form, according to some spurious, nebulous idea of yours. If that form is so flawed BLJ, then why the fuck is every other phone manufacturer trying to copy the fucking thing!
          C’mon, BLJ, answer the question, enquiring minds want to know.
          Jeez, you keep bleating about a bigger screen, Apple give it a bigger screen, a true 16:9, and it’s still not enough for you.
          You won’t be happy until the iPhone has a 6″ screen and users look like complete tits using it, just so it satisfies you.
          Please, for all our sakes, piss off over to the Android forums where you can bore everyone rigid about how the Galaxy Note needs a bigger screen.

          1. Have you been locked up in prison for the past 5 years & anally raped such that your thinking faculty has flown out of the window?

            The latest Samsung Galaxy S3 & HTC One X do not in any way, shape or form look like an iPhone. Far from it. They’ve evolved their form from the original release which bore some resemblance to the iPhone in that it was a square slab of glass which was touch sensitive and displayed information.

            But the latest generation of Samsung & HTC phones look as far removed from the iPhone as the distance between your ass & your brain is directly proportional to your lack of intelligence, which must be close set together seeing that you think out of your ass most of the time.

    2. You are right, there are only so many design changes you can make but if it works then who cares? The wheel hasn’t changed much in the past few thousand years but thats because, ‘it just works’. Don’t get caught up in the looks; its whats inside that counts.

    3. i agree with you BLN.
      Apple won a design award for the iPhone4;
      guess it will not win again for the new iPhone design.
      Jony is too busy making a TV from a iMac.
      Hmmm wonder how that project will look?

  2. And we’ll still be able to keep it in our shirt pocket, or any normal pocket without ripping it, still be able to wrap our hands around it and grip it firmly without stretching a limb and still be able to hold it’s solid compact form without appearing to hold a lunchbox when taking photos.

    In other words – Apple still keeps the perfect form factor intact, despite adding screen space.

  3. Why the black edge/frame on the black one?
    That would probably wear off pretty quickly.

    This one seems to sum up all the rumors out there.
    Wait, is that photoshop I smell?

  4. Baloney. Moving the headphone jack to the bottom makes no sense whatsoever when the iPhone is plugged into so many docks. There are plenty of auto iPhone Aux connections to stereo systems that could not work with this setup.

    I really hate the idea of a smaller dock connector. That makes all of my current adapters, including my car, obsolete and useless. Not a good move just to save a little space.

  5. it appears to be taller
    it appear to have an edge to edge screen no frame
    mini dock and microphone at the bottom
    and according to other photos – slimmer
    is this a clever mock up or prototype?

    1. Though it looks nice…
      I really hope this is not the new iPhone.

      Again, I can imagine Apple coming out with TWO phones this year… a low end and a high end… if this is real – please let it be the low end.

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