Beleaguered RIM to eliminate 6,500 employees by early next year, sources say

“Additional job cuts at Research In Motion Ltd would be prudent as the BlackBerry maker tries to improve its free cashflow ahead of the planned launch of its next-generation phones later this year, Macquarie Equities Research said,” Aftab Ahmed reports for Reuters.

“RIM, which employs about 16,500 people, plans to bring its workforce closer to 10,000 by early next year, two sources told Reuters,” Ahmed reports. “‘We support further cost realignment in the face of falling revenue and margins,’ Macquarie analyst Kevin Smithen said in a note to clients.”

Ahmed reports, “Macquarie cut its price target on RIM’s U.S.-listed shares to $14.50 from $17.50. They had closed at $11.00 on Friday on the Nasdaq.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Au revoir, RIM assiégée.

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  1. I was quite dismissive of RIM at first, seeing that their phones ran an outdated OS that made the web difficult to navigate and what I consider to be an insane way of mashing messages into the inbox to include emails, BlackBerry Messenger, SMS, Facebook updates and God knows what else. But some people seem to like it as it gives them a unified inbox view. Personally, it would drive me crazy as I like my messages and emails nicely compartmentalized, the way Apple does it with the iPhone.

    Some BlackBerry users I know swear by the physical keyboard, so they do have a loyal fan base. The phone isn’t too bad but I find the integration of Apple hardware and software on the iPhone serves me best and I would imagine a lot of other people too.

    But it has to be said the iPhone is just as much a fashion item as anything else, which explains its popularity in the consumer market. All in all the BlackBerry is a phone targeted at the business and professional market but it’s being squeezed on the cheap end by Android phones and on the high end by the iPhone.

    I’ve never used a BB phone for any length of time apart from playing with one for an hour of so but navigating the menu items seems a little convoluted to me. I hope to God though that RIM survives and becomes the third force in mobile telephony. Because I’d hate for Microsoft to have any share in the market. I’ve had extensive experience with Windows Mobile 6.5 and believe you me, after that kick in the head, you really, really don’t want anything to do with Microsoft within your lifetime. To say Windows Mobile sucked would be the understatement of the century. If my dog crapped on my bed, the mess wouldn’t be as bad as WM 6.5.

  2. Tabernac!

    You Francophones really piss me off.

    English is the primary language at RIM.

    The only other language that is used in the Kitchener-Waterloo area is German and German is only used during Octoberfest.

  3. And all the talented employees will be jumping off this sinking ship as fast as they can print copies of their resume. What’s left of the workforce at RIM will be bitter and less competent.


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