Beleaguered RIM slips amidst talk of unsold inventory write-down

Beleaguered “Research In Motion Ltd.’s stockpiles of BlackBerry smartphones and PlayBook tablets have swollen by two-thirds in the past year because of slumping sales, raising the chances of the company’s third writedown since December,” Hugo Miller reports for Businessweek.

“The value of RIM’s in-house supplies grew 18 percent last quarter alone, a faster rate than at any other company in the industry, according to data compiled by Bloomberg,” Miller reports. “And that doesn’t include the BlackBerrys gathering dust at RIM’s carriers and retail partners. Apple Inc., meanwhile, saw its inventory decline 11 percent in the period from the previous three months.”

Miller reports, “RIM faces an exodus of customers switching to Apple’s iPhone… RIM took a $485 million pretax charge to write down the value of its PlayBook inventory in December, after shipping just 150,000 of the tablet computers in the quarter. Then in March, the company recorded a $267 million expense for BlackBerry inventory. RIM said at the time that it would stop giving sales and profit guidance because of ‘ongoing weakness’ in the U.S.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Buh-bye, beleaguered RIM.

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  1. No guidance. RIMM investors are flying blind now. It is like crashing in a plane in the dark after the instrument panel failed. You know the ground is coming. You just don’t know when.

    Amazon doesn’t give “guidance” on those e-readers people keep calling tablets either. I guess, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, just don’t say anything.” Are they still loosing about $80 each e-reader prior to them being returned? What do you think is going to happen when Apple starts shipping those large iPod touch devices? iPad/iPod RoadKill for sure!

  2. The beleaguered RIM ship is taking on water and sinking mighty fast. Looking forward to the day I can also say “Buh bye beleaguered Microsoft! Don’t let the door hit yah on the way out where all your products flew out.”

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