After using Apple’s new iPad with Retina display, old iPad screens become absolutely unacceptable

“Somehow, in spite of selling three million units in a weekend, we’re meant to believe the newest iPad is a disappointment,” Chris Rawson reports for TUAW. “It’s supposedly a merely iterative upgrade to the iPad 2; the bigger battery, more powerful GPU, and doubled system RAM all simply offset the increased power and processing demands of that new Retina Display. A display which, if various pundits and casual (possibly half-blind) passersby are to be believed, isn’t that much better anyway.”

“Frankly, those people are on crack. The new iPad’s Retina Display is the best display I’ve seen on any device, ever. And for a device that’s essentially all display, the effect that has on the experience can’t be overstated,” Rawson reports. Macworld‘s Dan Frakes agrees and says the new iPad’s screen isn’t getting its just due. ‘The new display is simply phenomenal. I expected it to be good, but it’s really good. Really, really good. Text on a screen has never seemed clearer or more…right.'”

Rawson reports, “He’s right. I used my old iPad 2 briefly, and it was like the screen had been smeared in a thick coat of Vaseline. The iPad 2’s screen quality was always something of a letdown after months using an iPhone 4 and then an iPhone 4S, but it wasn’t until I used the newest iPad that the 1024 x 768 screen on the old one became absolutely unacceptable to my eyes. There literally is no going back.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]

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  1. Isn’t there some sort of a “-gate” scandal we could drum up here?

    How about,

    “Apple knowingly sold millions of iPad 2’s with inferior, unacceptable screens — class-action lawsuit imminent, pundits claim Apple may be forced to recall all iPad 2’s”

    Which will then lead to this tweet from Paul Thorott:

    “Doctors warn: unacceptable iPad 2 screens could cause blindness.”

  2. And the iPad wannabees are going to …

    Come up with low power integrated video circuitry, programming tools, hi-res LCD supplier/s, memory suppliers and all the rest and will surpass the iPad by 2014-15 or maybe it was 2025…whatever IDG said.

    Instead of these wannabees announcing what they will do, how about they just shut up and announce what they are shipping as of today and tomorrow, like Apple.

  3. I agree completely. I read the entire book, The Hunger Games, on the new iPad and I’m never going back to my grayscale Kindle. The new screen has the high resolution text of the Kindle but a white background instead of black on gray. I also like the larger page size on the iPad over the smaller Kindle (fewer page turns). Even my MacBook screen now looks fuzzy and my old iPad looks like it is covered with Saran wrap.

    1. Yes this is the problem. Now ALL LCD & LED computer monitors and Mac Book screens look pale in comparison. RD or higher DPI monitors can’t come quick enough. Expect a rush of old screens landfill to happen when these become available.

      And yes it’s an insult to crack heads everywhere to be lumped in with clueless media types.

  4. … avoid spending much time with the new iPad. I’m satisfied with my iPad 2 – even knowing about the better screen now available. And, it will do near anything – just not as prettily – as the newer version. Of course, I could just give my current one to my out-of-state grandson and get a new one. Hmmm Yes, that might work!

  5. Got mine last week. That screen sneaks up on you. Just used it with Keynote (and Keynote Remote on my iPhone) and it worked flawlessly. I was stunned at the difference between the slides on the iPad and what was projected on the screen with a high end data projector. The colours are A M A Z I N G. The clarity is simply beyond compare.

    I had several people come up afterwards asking what program I was using. They knew it wasn’t Power Point. And they were blown away when they saw how Keynote was set up on the iPad and iPhone.

    After 25 years of corporate training live gone from a slide projector to desktop to laptop to an iPad/iPhone combination that weighs than 2 lbs. And NO power cord or power bar needed.

    What an evolution in technology.

    And for the kicker: I used TurboScan on my iPhone to scan the evaluations and instantly email them. Holy cow Batman!! Pinch me!!

  6. I’ve used my iPad (1) a few times since getting the new iPad, and I agree with the many commenters here – the original looks pretty lame compared to the (3). The colors on the new iPad are much deeper and richer – I notice that even more than the pixelation.

    Apple has outdone themselves with the new iPad. I am 100% happy and satisfied with mine.

  7. The problem right now is the app developers need to get their arses in gear and update their apps for the new display!!!! Some of the non-updated apps look pixelated and crappy!!

  8. Second iPad I owned, first one I ended up selling 2010. Just didn’t see no use for it at that time, and as the device matured I can’t imagine not having an iPad. Great device and some good games!

  9. “The problem right now is the app developers need to get their arses in gear and update their apps for the new display!!!”
    The tone of this post suggests that Raskolnikov has very little idea about what it takes to write a well-functioning app. Those of us who do these things may not find it all that difficult, because we are a special breed. But we also know that the last thing you do is rush. So, wait until it gets done well.

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