iPhone user sues Apple over Siri voice assistant

“A New York man represented by Robbins Geller is suing Apple for false advertising, alleging that the company’s commercials convey a ‘misleading and deceptive message’ about Siri’s capabilities,” Joe Palazzolo reports for The Wall Street Journal.

“Frank M. Fazio, who bought his 4S in Brooklyn in November, is part of purported class of people who feel suckered,” Palazzolo reports. “Fazio claims Siri is far less responsive in real life. When he asked for directions to a certain place, or to locate a store, ‘Siri either did not understand what Plaintiff was asking, or, after a very long wait time, responded with the wrong answer.’ (Disclosure: We own an iPhone 4S, and Siri has been generally responsive to our requests for directions. Even in Midtown traffic.)”

Palazzolo reports, “The lawsuit, which asks for unspecified damages, says Siri is ‘at best, a work-in-progress.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: It’s a beta, you moron. Siri beta. Your ambulance chasers should know better. Plus, Siri doesn’t speak Babbling Idiotish. Apple should send a message by countersuing for whatever legal expenses this episode of morbid stupidity causes them to incur plus damages.

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  1. “It’s a beta, you moron. Siri beta. Your ambulance chasers should know better”

    Not that I agree with the lawsuit, because I don’t. But the commercial does not indicate that Siri is a beta product.

    1. http://www.apple.com/iphone/features/siri.html

      Oh I do t know… Maybe the “beta” tag right next to the Siri icon means something.

      And EVERY commercial about any tech, Siri etc, always have a “sequences shortened” tag line.
      I’m pretty sure when you turn Siri on the first time it mentioned beta…

      The guy can’t speak clearly I bet. Siri has gotten some things wrong for me, but it’s almost always me not Siri. (or background chatter Siri picks up)

      1. I’m not talking about the website, I said the “COMMERCIAL” doesn’t indicate that Siri is beta, and it doesn’t. “Sequence shortened” doesn’t tell a consumer that the product is Beta, it tells the consumer that the sequence has been shortened.

        But like I said, i don’t agree with the lawsuit.

        1. You’re right Mike, the average person is going to watch these commercials and think that Siri is a fully functioning item. I think Apple has set themselves up for these kind of lawsuits. But, I hope this guy and his lawyers get the shaft.

      2. @ FTB, who wrote: The guy can’t speak clearly I bet…

        The fact of the matter is, Siri can’t watch for gesticulations, can only listen to you. Those who talk by waving their arms about are certainly not going to be understood by Siri.

  2. The fact remains still, Apple shouldn’t have used a beta product in their commercials. That’s being deceptive, disingenuous (hiding behind the beta tag when it suits them); very un-Apple like.

    1. Hell Google hasn been doing it for years, and by chance read the disclaimer in small print on the commercials, ” Not Real Time”.

      And to boot thoes of us that have a iPhone with Siri are aware it tells you that Siri is a Beta Application.

      Thoes that think this guy is correct need to fully read Apples Agreement on the use of the Siri Beta.

      Beta,Beta,Beta…… We are done now.

  3. Haha…. He should have sued Google. He would have years and years and years of opportunities to sue Google. Since all they do is release beta that last years and years and years….

  4. “Plus, Siri doesn’t speak Babbling Idiotish.”

    No “dees, dem, n’ doze” I suppose?..

    O poor Frank M. Fazio.. Repeat after me:

    “The rain in Spain..”

  5. To be honest, Siri is fairly poor in the German version. Not a beta but pre-alpha. No useful answers so I switched off. Know a lot of people owning a 4GS, but nobody uses Siri. Still love my 4GS, no reason to sue.

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