Time Warner Cable subscribers can now watch directly on their Mac or Windows PC

“Time Warner Cable, which last month [sic. “last year”] launched an app to let its subscribers watch streamed content on iOS devices, has released a beta version for computers,” Electronista reports.

“The company’s TWC TV app now lets its users stream live TV to their Windows PC or Mac as long as they’re on the local network,” Electronista reports. “It also lets them manage their DVR or set-top box.”

Electronista reports, “In addition to viewing live TV directly without going through an intermediary set-top box, the app gives the subscriber a guide with seven days of listings. It can schedule a DVR and turn on a set-top with a specific channel tuned in.”

More information in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Note: Users will need to download or upgrade Silverlight to version 4 to use the app. Yuck.

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  1. I agree, they can see the text on the wall. It is too late now. Sitting on ones arse too long will allow competion to drink your milkshake. Too bad, cable and the music industry are just way to slow to serve their customers needs. Die quickly!

  2. I have Time Warner and they can’t be drop kicked out of the cable TV business fast enough. It gauls me they sit on their ass when their cable boxes suck, functionality is crap and hasn’t changed much in the last 10-15 years. Cable TV is so RIPE for disruptive technology by our favorite fruit company. Apple will show people what they’ve been missing, competitors will slap themselves in the forehead when they see it, sweat profusely and then try to copy it.

    1. I used to think people like you were insane. I have Time Warner and the service and quality are incredibly good.

      But then I visited folks just one community over who also had TWC, but not on my system. Their experience was sh*t.

      How the hell is this possible?


      1. One reason TWC can be sh*t is that they are famous for installing whatever cable they happen to have on hand, including the worst POS cable imaginable.

        My cable has been fine, albeit with a couple crap channels that TWC don’t bother to clean up on their end. Meanwhile, my friend across the street had absolute rubbish for TWC quality. She ranted at them for literally months and they blamed her. I stepped in and gave them a pro-quality rant 😉 and got them to move their asses over to her house to investigate. TADA! Their sh*tty cable was specifically to blame. They ripped it all out and installed actual factual cat 5 cable, and oh so magically everything worked.

        As per usual, the moral of the story is: NEVER let any company abuse you. Climb up the chain of command and kick whose ever ass is necessary and get them to do their jobs, which is to PLEASE THE CUSTOMER.

        As we hopefully all know by now, the Spirit Of The Age is to subvert good capitalist practices and rape the customer of dignity and money. Never accept this bullsh*t. Never support excremental biznizziz that pull this sh*t. So there! :mrgreen:

  3. Just signed up for it quick and easy. So far it seems to work fairly well. I was able to control my TV from my MacBook Pro, schedule my DVR, and watch shows on the laptop. This could be handy if I didn’t want to turn on my 47″ LCD, or if the wife and I wanted to watch different programs. She already has the TW app on her iPad. I like these options as long as they don’t cost extra; and they shouldn’t considering that I’m already paying out the wazoo.

  4. I have AT&Ts Uverse service and it’s great, except that they have not provided a way to see any standard programming content (shows you see through normal programming on your plan, or content you’ve recorded) on your iPad or your computer. Comcast customers have been able to do this for over two years. Has anybody heard that AT&T is going to add this capability any time soon?

  5. Silverlight? Seriously? The iOS app is a piece of crap. It barely lets you watch a minimum of the most obscure channels offered on the network. TiVO which I used to admire is no better. You can’t stream a damn thing from a TiVO box, they will let you only transfer absolute crap like infomercials to your computer for later or remote viewing.

    Apple has a huge opportunity here. If I can watch anything on my Apple Television or Apple TV anywhere I go, I don’t care how much it costs. I will toss everything else out the Craig’s List trash chute and spend the money.

    1. Your experience is 180 degrees different from mine. I have the iOS app, and as far as I can tell, I receive every single channel except the broadcast networks. This includes my pay channels.

      As for the the web app, it’s a carbon copy of the iOS app. Seems to work okay.


    2. I rarely have had troubles with Silverlight, and I absolutely despise Microsoft. Of course it took Microsoft 5 (FIVE) tries to finally come up with a usable media player. (OMFG the shite MS dumped on the market with versions 1-4. Anyone remember Netshow? Still have nightmares about it?!).

  6. So, does what you get on the TV match all the upgrade tiers you’ve paid for, or is it Basic service channels only, or do you get even more options than Basic or additions you’ve paid for?

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