“Time Warner Cable Inc. is launching an iPad application that plays live TV, becoming the first cable company to do so,” Peter Svensson reports for The Associated Press.

“The app will be free to download on Tuesday morning, but it will only work for people who subscribe to both video and Internet service from the New York-based cable company,” Svensson reports. “Even then, it only works in the home, when the iPad is connected to the company’s cable modem via a Wi-Fi router.”

“Rob Marcus, the company’s chief operating officer and president, said the app will play 30 basic cable channels in high definition to start, but that number should expand soon,” Svensson reports.
“‘For all intents and purposes … this enables you to convert any room in a house into a TV room,’ Marcus said.”

Svensson reports, “Time Warner Cable’s app doesn’t work as a remote control, nor does it give access to video on demand or shows stored on a digital video recorder in the home. Marcus said these features will be added later.”

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UPDATE: March 15, 8:40am ET: The TWCable TV app is now available via Apple’s iTunes App Store: here.

UPDATE: March 15, 5:45pm ET: We’ve been attempting to test and troubleshoot the app with TimeWarner and have come to the conclusion that the app only works with cable modem’s WiFi. In other words, if you’re using your Airport Extreme in between your TimeWarner WiFi cable modem and your iPad, the app will not work for you. Hopefully they’ll update the app soon to make it work with what’s likely to be quite a common setup.

MacDailyNews Note: The TWCable TV app’s current channel lineup:

TWCable TV app channel lineup

Time Warner’s app required your Time Warner login username and password. The app does not require your Time Warner “MyServices” password if it is different from your TimeWarner login password (used to access https://login.timewarner.com).

Via YouTube, watch a discussion between Time Warner Cable CEO Glenn Britt, CTO Mike LaJoie, VP of Web Services Jason Gaedtke and Director of Digital Communications Jeff Simmermon:

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Joe Architect” for the heads up.]