Protestors target Apple Retail Stores in push to fix conditions in Chinese factories

“If you see somebody dressed as an iPod Thursday during your morning commute to Grand Central, you’ve stumbled upon a protest,” Emily Laermer reports for Crain’s New York.

“Protestors are planning to deliver 250,000 signed letters to Apple stores in six cities around the world to petition the company to fix poor working conditions in Chinese factories,” Laermer reports. “The protest has been organized by and, two websites that have collected signatures online. New York protestors will visit the new Apple store in Grand Central Terminal. Other cities include Washington, San Francisco, London, Sydney and Bangalore.”

“‘We are asking Apple to clean up its supply chains and practices in time for the iPhone 5 to be the first ethically produced product,’ said Taren Stinebrickner Kauffman, the executive director of,” Laermer reports. “Around a dozen organizers from are leading the protest in New York and will be joined by local protestors.”

Laermer reports, “‘Every year we inspect more factories, raising the bar for our partners and going deeper into the supply chain,’ CEO Tim Cook wrote in an internal note to Apple employees, published by on Jan. 26… ‘We’ve made a great deal of progress and improved conditions for hundreds of thousands of workers.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Gee, here’s a great idea: Let’s protest the very company that has done the most to improve worker conditions at their supplier companies’ factories in China while ignoring and buying products from other companies’ that do absolutely nothing at all. Ah, the “logic” of vapid pawns.

Hey, as long as you don’t impede our visits to buy many Apple products in counter-protest, feel free to waste your time however you like.

We assume, of course, that these will be a totally nude “protests” since your clothes and shoes were made by workers enduring far worse conditions than any of those assembling iPhones, iPods, Macs, or iPads.

(BTW: Shhh, don’t tell ’em, but Apple doesn’t even have a retail store in Bangalore, or anywhere in India for that matter. No matter, that particular “protest” will be at least as effective as all of the others combined.)

What we wrote last week:

Overheard at FUD, Inc.:

Well, boys, those were some $%&@!# earnings. WTF are we going to do now? Apple’s isn’t just taking a bigger slice, they’re taking the whole $%&@!# pie!

There’s no new iPhone yet, so we can’t take something like attenuation and blow it all the $%&@!# out of proportion. There’s no new iPad, yet, so we can’t say that it’s so thin it cut off a little old lady’s arm in Sheboygan. We need something to give the public a least a little pause or we’re $%&@!# dead.

Hey, what about the old “Chinese slave labor” angle? Make those $%&@!# Jobsian perfectionists look like greedy $%&@!# evil overlords. Use their money and success against them. Ooh, I like it. I really like it.

Yeah, yeah, dummy, I know we all use the same Chinese company for assembly. And, yes, my little $%&@!#, I know they’re the best paid factory workers in China, because of Apple, no less. Don’t ever say that aloud again, you $%&@!#. Nobody cares about the facts. This is $%&@!# FUD, Inc.! All of our $%&@!# phones attenuate, too, you $%&@!# moron!

Perception is everything. Repeat it enough times and the $%&@!# suckers of the world lap it up like candy and start repeating it like parrots.

Quick, call up our friends at the paper!

Yup, the $%&@!# suckers of the world have lapped it up like candy and will be repeating it like parrots at a handful of big city Apple Retail Stores – and some poor reseller’s store in Bangalore – this Thursday.

Much more information about Apple Supplier Responsibility here

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Citymark” for the heads up.]

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    1. they need to be hit with this, from a Chinese labour activist:

      “Although I know that the iPhone 4 is made at sweat shop factories in China, I still think that this is the only choice, because Apple is actually one of the best. Actually before I made a decision, I compared Apple with other cell phone companies, such as Nokia,” he said through a translator. “And the conditions in those factories are worse than the ones of Apple.”

      1. Exactly my…”opinion”. I haven’t worked in a Chinese sweat shop but I can’t imagine any of them being a “great” job…but they’re better than most alternatives. I just don’t, honestly, get why Americans would give a flying f*ck about “sweatshop” conditions in China?!? There’s PLENTY to worry about here @ home. Sure, it’s the PC thing to do…but you REALLY don’t know what’s going on…only what the latest attention seeking whistle blowing whore is spewing.

    2. Except this is worse</i than Greenpeace’s approach – it’s exactly counter to what the protesters actually want to accomplish.

      Forbes, of all places, actually has a good take on this, with a killer conclusion:

      Boycotting Apple for better Foxconn wages and conditions is like having sex for virginity. Entirely counter-productive and exactly the wrong thing to be doing.

  1. With all the press Apple is getting on this, they are going to have to respond somehow. Perhaps they will create some more American jobs or clean up Foxconn (no more all-night shifts etc.) Not a waste of time at all.

      1. Curious choice of moniker, yes. Another reason people shouldn’t get tattoos…

        I’m sick of these self-righteous idiots who know nothing. I’ve waited for a long time for Apple to be healthy enough to be a big target, but still don’t consider it “Evil.” Not so sure about Google, Samsung, and Microsoft, however. And watching some moron brainwash Bill Maher last week made me want to grab Elvis’s gun and shoot my TV.

    1. it’s interesting that Apple is singled out here… How many items do we have in our homes cheaply produced in Asia by workers paid a fraction of what western cultures consider “minimum” wages? I get the concern, but there is so much worse going on in China than what Foxconn is doing- where is the outrage over that? How about some outrage over China’s lack of protections for its own people? Even my ideas are too simplistic for this issue. Scapegoating Apple will not help this situation

    2. > no more all-night shifts etc.

      LOL… Any factory operator in a competitive industry would feel fortunate to have the volume of business that requires operating three shifts 24/7. More shifts = more employment opportunity

  2. I wonder if the organizer has received any large suitcases of cash from Samsung, Google, Microsoft, or another Apple rival that can’t compete with the amazing growth of Apple.

    1. idea: counter protest at the Microsoft store for working conditions at the X-box factories.

      I would’ve suggested protesting outside a Dell or HP store, but there’s no such animal (none big enough to matter anyway)

    2. Would the objective posters on this board be as defensive if it were GOOG or MSFT being accused of such things? Nope. It’s all about honesty folks. Either it’s right or it’s wrong. It’s not about immature fanboys. Geez!

  3. I bet that if you dig deep enough into those protesters, you will find the following for sure:
    A.- The hear of this protester group are being paid by another big company currently losing market to Apple.
    B.- Most of those people don’t worry about other companies they buy products from, like Walmart, Tyson or even electronics gadgets.
    C.- Most of them doesn’t currently have a job and they are part of this movement because they agree to some payment.
    D.- Almost if not all of them owns already an apple product or a copy of a apple product.
    F.- NONE OF THOSE PROTESTERS have actually asked a Foxcom employee about how they fell in their current work and how was their previus work.

    How are they not protesting vs HP, Dell, Samsung, others?

    1. The truth will only be known by allowing the protestors to first work a year as a Chinese peasant farmer, then move up to a year of work at Foxcon. See how loudly they protest then.

  4. are a bunch of asshats. If you run into any of these so called protesters please kick them into their hypocrite ass for me so their Chinese slave labor pants will spit out their Chinese save labor cell phone.


    1. what????? This is not Obama’s fault ….your slipping dude… I was sure you would figure out a way to blame Obama for this attack on Apple… Maybe I just didn’t edit long enough!

  5. Apple should just pull their business from Foxcon and then these idiots can go see how all of those workers like being unemployed. I’m so tired of these busybodies insisting they know what is best for everyone, while having absolutely no clue how we got where we are in this country today. Why are so many people so proud of their ignorance these days?

  6. Most of these protesters must be scamming the working class by getting benefits while protesting a company which is employing thousands of Americans and others around the world. Get a job. Ask Obama he’ll see to it right away. After his next golf outing on your dime.

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