Yahoo Finance kills app for beleaguered RIM’s BlackBerry

“On Friday afternoon, Internet giant Yahoo announced that it was decommissioning 10 of its mobile apps, saying on a company blog that ‘”Our plan is to keep moving, to keep innovating, and to continuously measure and scrutinize what’s working and what isn’t – so we can make room for great new products,'” Michael Comeau writes for Minyanville. “Now I can understand Yahoo pulling back to reassess its app strategy on the ultra-competitive Apple iOS and Google Android platforms. However, I was truly surprised to see the company pull the Yahoo Finance app for Research In Motion’s Blackberry.”

“I remember a day when Blackberry was standard-issue equipment for all the soldiers in corporate America, a crowd that, as you can imagine, would be very likely to demand financial news and data on the go. Yahoo Finance is one of just a handful of Web properties that have stood the test of time. Think about it. Very few of the content sites that dominated in the late 1990s still have kingpin status today, and Yahoo Finance is one of them,” Comeau writes. “Its position at the absolute top of the finance vertical hasn’t ever been even remotely threatened by competitors, including Google.”

“The fact that the dominant Web finance property is pulling away from the business-centric Blackberry platform is truly a sign of the times. Given that, maybe I shouldn’t have been surprised by Yahoo’s move,” Comeau writes. “from an anecdotal perspective, I’ve been awfully surprised at the increasing number of ‘suits’ I see around New York City sporting iPhones and iPads. And when I say suits, I don’t mean young, dashing folks in fashion or media — I’m talking about Fortune 500 types in their 40s, 50s, and 60s. Again, a crowd that would seem to want financial news and data on the go. And Yahoo [Finance] just decided that crowd isn’t big enough to support [on BlackBerry].”

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MacDailyNews Take: In the early days of iPhone, we used to say to those still toting BlackBerry phones, “Nice stylus.” Lately, we can’t find anybody with a BlackBerry to whom to be snide.


  1. it is true that BB is in a tailspin . I hope the new CEO can revive its fortunes to the extent that it can survive and even give some level of competition to Apple and Google (although Apple doesn’t need competition to make insanely great products). They are a big employer and I would hate to see so many people lose their jobs in the current recession.

    1. “I hope the new CEO can revive its fortunes to the extent that it can survive…”

      He won’t.

      Heins is a ‘RIM insider’ that will keep sailing the ship in its current direction: into the rocks.

      If you’re waiting for ‘Hope & Change’ with RIM, it ain’t gonna happen. Heins is a clueless buffoon with zero experience with turning a company around. He’s nothing more than a ‘sock-puppet’ for Basillie & Lazaridis.

      If you have any RIM stock left, I would start unloading it if I were you.

      1. You are probably right. However, his idea is to not do a knee jerk reaction and change for the sake of changing. He is trying to buy time until the fall when the new QNX phones can come out. He has to convince developers to stay with RIM. ALthough they are having trouble in N. America, they are doing pretty good outside of it.
        Maybe they do have a shot at it.

  2. Comeau, that’s why people switched to the iPhone in the first place. Much more content available instantly, particularly with mobile Safari and other apps which came out quickly and were done very well thanks to Apple’s standards and review process.

    The only reason you should be surprised is that you haven’t kept your eyes open, or your vision has been damaged by looking for that tiny rollerball to move your tiny cursor on your tiny Blackberry screen.

  3. I noticed I posted about this being not just a RIM thing but Yahoo also killed off Android and iOS apps as well.

    What’s up MDN, truth not good enough? You make this sound like a bad thing for RIM but its all platforms. This is a Yahoo issue not a RIM thing.

    Going to erase this one as well?

    1. Never mind that MDN’s take mentions styluses with respect to RIM.

      Blackberries have never had styluses, only the old WinMo and Palm devices, so unless there’s some joke I’m missing, the snideness was misplaced.

  4. “Think about it. ”

    If i come across in this line in an article, I stop reading. Any writer stupid enough to use that line probably does not have anything worth reading.

  5. The apps that are retiring are:

    Yahoo! Meme (iPad and iPhone)
    Yahoo! Mim (iPad)
    Yahoo! Answers (Android)
    Yahoo! AppSpot (Android and iPhone)
    Yahoo! Deals (iPhone)
    Yahoo! Finance (BlackBerry)
    Yahoo! Movies (Android)
    Yahoo! News (Android)
    Yahoo! Shopping (iPhone)
    Yahoo! Sketch-a-Search (iPad and iPhone)

    That’s a lot of iOS apps gone as well. Yahoo says they are doing this as HTML5 is the future. We shall see. I know most iOS users prefer apps to web apps so I’m not sure this is a good idea at all.

    Yea, a BlackBerry with a stylus? I don’t think they existed. Might have to ask Balmer on that one.

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