Apple debuts new iPod touch TV commercial for Christmas shopping season (with video)

Apple has debuted a new television commercial on U.S. broadcast and cable networks highlighting the company’s iPod touch with iOS 5.

The commercial, titled “Share The Fun,” highlights iMessage, Game Center, FaceTime and music — some of the ways users can “share the fun” on iPod touch.

The song featured in the commercial is “Tongue Tied” by Grouplove.


  1. At first I thought “So what?”.

    Then I realized we’re all so caught up in iPhone 4S land, that we forget the iPod Touch is doing as much as it is these days — for so little.

    $199 for HD video recording, FaceTime, Messaging, Email, Calendar, Web browsing, Twitter, Games, Maps, and any other app you care to download?

    That’s unbelievable for a young person.

    1. Those skinny pants are called “ex-girlfriend pants” and they’re all the rage amongst the hipster crowd. Which is to say that they’re dorky.

      I think this works. The dorky guy IS the target market. The rest of the group comprises attractive models, and let’s face it: models are not a market segment; they’re an aspirational target. The dorky guy in his ex-girlfriend’s pants is jumping right into their cool world because he has an iPod touch. This is what kids want. They’re all dorks and the iPod touch is going to save them.

      This works.

      1. On that “aspirational” note — very good point.

        The kids depicted are already in the iPhone age bracket (esp. with 3GS & 4 now so cheap). This ad is actually targeting an even younger audience than what’s shown.

    2. How can you write such a thing? This advertisement is fun and represents classic Apple advertising style. Has anyone forgotten the iPod Nano “Nano shoots video” commercial? Attention to detail will continue to remain strong at Apple. If however you wish to doubt that, well that is your choice.

  2. I love the dude with the freak eyes and novelty glasses, this is totally for dorks who think they may one day get the model. These girls wouldn’t stop to look at these guys if they were bleeding on the street!!

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