The 5 Apple technological innovations for which I’m most thankful and why

“Apple has done a lot in terms of pushing sometimes marginal technology to the fore, something it may be able to do with NFC soon, too,” Darrell Etherington writes for GigaOM. “But narrowing down that list to a few choice selections that stand out above the rest is surprisingly easy.”

Here are the Apple technological innovations I’m most thankful for:
1. The iPhone
2. Screen sharing built into every Mac
3. iTunes Home Sharing
4. Combo audio in/out ports with remote control
5. The App Store

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Uncle Ralphy” for the heads up.]


  1. are you joking? itunes home sharing is a joke. with the old library sharing and the old apple tv in the living room i could get content from any computer in the house. now with home sharing its all gone because the computrrs all have to be signed in to the same account. too lame for words

    leave it to apple to change something i loved to something not so good. must have been some music lable influance.

    1. I have always shared everything from a central location… so your problem falls on deaf ears here.

      if you have multiple iTunes accounts in the house, can’t you just turn home sharing on all of them? doesn’t the Apple TV show a list of the shared accounts for you to choose?

    1. Stupid iPhone keyboard that’s suppose to say sharing! Time for apple to innovate a bigger screen so my normal human finger don’t make me feel like Sasquatch trying to type on a phone!

  2. Whatever; there are plenty of things to be truly grateful to Apple for, but here’s five Apple innovations (technical, products or otherwise) that I’m thankful for:

    1. Consumerisation of Personal Computing (imagine a world with blinking prompts, hardly any software and then selling you the philosophy that this thing is Universe denting important, somehow useful and will catch-on; and then to ship it successfully against all the conventional wisdom of the time).

    2. Mac. The entire bundle of love.

    3. Hypercard.

    4. The Apple philosophy and shipping it “successfully” to the mainstream.

    5. Post-PC era.


  3. If I’m not mistaken, Apple was the first (leader) in implementing standardized keyboard short cuts across different applications, something totally taken for granted today.

    Before Apple set down it’s programming guidelines, applications usually followed their own set of rules.

    Cmd (Ctrl)-C wasn’t Copy across all apps. Cmd (Ctrl)-P wasn’t necessarily print. Etc.

    Anyone remember the keyboard templates made popular during the 70s-90s? Each company pretty well went thing their own way re keyboard commands.

    Apple (demanded) made it simple and the same for everyone no matter the program.

  4. Dont forget adobe’s postscript, and quick draw developed with apple and SJ. Proportional fonts and vector gfx came from that and it transformed the entire screen environment giving us WYSIWYG and real printing on plain paper etc etc. I started in ’76 on a teletype terminal that you typed commands on and waited for the typed (80 baud) response. The (first) Mac was a gift from heaven, even after the apple lle if you wanted to make a decent document without getting it typeset and offset printed. PR#6 to those that remember. The Dr

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