Analysts see 3 million iPhone 4S units sold in first weekend; 25 million in holiday quarter

“Apple’s record setting pace of a million iPhone 4S preorders in 24 hours puts the company in a position to sell nearly 3 million devices on launch weekend, and 25 million in the current quarter,” AppleInsider reports.

“Mike Abramsky with RBC Capital Markets believes that preorder numbers for the iPhone 4S put Apple on pace to sell around 3 million in its first weekend,” AppleInsider reports. “That [number] would handily beat Apple’s previous best of 1.7 million units sold in the first three days of availability for the iPhone 4 in 2010.”

AppleInsider reports, “Beyond the launch window, analyst Gene Munster with Piper Jaffray believes that the early sales figures suggest Apple can potentially surpass his previously made prediction of 25 million units sold during the holiday quarter that ends with December.”

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      1. XGATE….

        SIRI won’t work with people who don’t speak “English” resulting in “class” prejudice. Foreigners are the most infringed, then people from Quebec, the Southern States, Boston, New York burghs, New Jersey, etc. It will be a scandal of epic proportions.

        However if went to Stanford, grew up in California, Oregon, Washington, or Utah, then no problem.

  1. That is if they can deliver. My verizon order originally said
    Thank you for pre-ordering our latest device! We have received your order, and we will let you know as soon as it ships. The expected ship date for your order is 10/14/2011.

    But now it says “oh sorry due to high demand it wont be shipped until 10/21

    Verizon S*@ks

  2. Let’s get that government expert IT on how the new iPhone 4S with DUAL CORE processor cannot possibly last that long on batteries. I want to hear his analysis. 😉

  3. Indeed, what a disappointing failure! Now, if I only had a virtual seppuku app which I will give away free to those all-knowing analysts & tech experts.

  4. At 3M phones and the oft-quoted ASP of $650/phone (incl carrier subsidy you pay for), that would mean that in its 1st weekend, AAPL just moved $2B of merchandise that no one outside AAPL has ever held in their hand.

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