AT&T: iPhone 4S the most successful iPhone launch in history; 200,000+ preorders in first 12 hours alone

AT&T has announced that the company experienced extraordinary demand for iPhone 4S with more than 200,000 preorders in the first 12 hours alone.

According to AT&T, iPhone 4S is the most successful iPhone launch AT&T has ever had.

AT&T said in a statement, “It’s obvious customers like AT&T’s 4G network, which is the only one that lets their iPhone download twice as fast and talk and surf simultaneously.”

Source: AT&T Inc.

MacDailyNews Take: So, is this due to a Steve Jobs’ halo effect or did the general public actually grasp what makes iPhone 4S so special — even if it does look just like iPhone 4, isn’t named “5,” and lacks a silver model 😉 — or some mixture of both?

Regardless of the reason(s), congrats to Apple for yet another blockbuster success!

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  1. Told ya on Tuesday it would sell like wildfire even when MDN was dissing the presentation on that particular day. 😉 Go on ahead and delete my comment again like you did that last time too while you’re at it….

    1. What’s painfully obvious to most, except it seems to Rob, is that the equation changed drastically on Wednesday, so we’ll never know if MDN was right or not. History, however, is firmly of MDN’s side. They are correct about Apple most of the time. Plus, in numerous analysts’ notes, I’ve read reports of people saying they were going to buy an iPhone 4S as a tribute to Jobs. 4S = For Steve.

        1. And, yet, your post remains here in all of its baseless idiocy. You offer no proof of your accusations, yet the very existence of your post refutes your claim.

            1. @st jezebel…. I didn’t know Sarah has been around since 1891..

              “It also offers an outline of refudiate’s use, noting that it was first used in print in the Fort Worth Gazette in 1891: “It is the first declaration of how the party stands, and in great measure a refudiation of the charges of dickering.” Sarah Palin is only the latest, if most vocal, person to use it.”
              If you want to READ the paper…

              oh noes…. you’ve been Refudiated!

              but you don’t care..

          1. It pains me to have to point out to a lawyer that one example is insufficient evidence to discredit an assertion of censorship. This is especially true since we do not know the content of the post that was allegedly censored.

            I can state with certainty that I have had several posts deleted over the past several years. I strongly suspect censorship on the part of MDN. But that is their right as the site owner and moderator. Sometimes I wish that MDN would exercise that right more frequently.

        2. and FYI, thats why I take screenshots of many of my posts that prove people or MDN wrong… (Like St Jezebel below… Idiot proved wrong, SS taken 😛 ) I have a TON of screenshots of posts that MDN removes… God forbid we ever DARE ask why MDN refuses to update their own App… even after publicly stating they are working on a fix to release “soon”…. 7 months later…. STILL nothing.

      1. It is rather simple and straightforward to be correct on Apple most of the time – you bet on the home team. MDN was not right regarding their negative comments on the 4S, and I seriously doubt that a significant number of people are going to buy a 4S just as a tribute to Steve. The 4S is selling because it is the best iPhone available, and that makes it the best smartphone available.

      2. “What’s painfully obvious to most, except it seems to Rob, is that the equation changed drastically on Wednesday, so we’ll never know if MDN was right or not. ”

        Buying a fuckin phone out of pity/sympathy for Jobs? Really? Come on. Wednesday changed alot, but boost their sales? Come on.

    2. MDN pretends they are libertarian.. but love to quell speech he doesn’t like.

      While yea- it’s his site and he can do as he likes.. he’s still a hypocrite. Must burn his cheeks when he’s honest with himself.. if he ever is.

    3. Totally, I couldn’t believe it when everyone was whining and complaining about the presentation and how they didn’t get an iPhone 5, even MDN!!!
      Everyone threatening to get something else, but now they are praising Siri, even, MDN!!!
      Siri will be awesome in time, it will change how we interact with our phones and eventually our Macs. This is what Steve saw that people could really use.

      1. Actually, MDN did not complain about not getting an iPhone 5.

        Before pecking out your next waste of space here, I suggest you first learn how to read.

          1. actually they directed their response to Tim Cook.. saying he needed to take charge of the media etc.

            they did NOT bash Apple for no iPhone 5.
            “Debacle. You either leak “no iPhone 5″ to a credible outlet in order to tamp down anticipation beforehand or you name the damn thing “iPhone 5,” “

            1. How long have you people been following Apple, really have you not observed anything from the last ten years?
              Steve was extremely secretive about what would come out during the presentations. I for one liked that, and still hope that remains. Its nice getting a surprise in these days of “I want instant gratification and I want it now”
              Its the media that needs a whipping, Apple didn’t let them run wild, their imaginations did. If they would just chill out and wait to see what Apple is going to unveil everything would be fine, but no they have to speculate and dig and get everyones imagination whipped up into a frenzy. Also a massive amount of the public has no idea about these sites, and when the new iPhone 4S was unveiled they thought it was great like everyone should have.
              Apple didn’t have to manage the media, the media must manage its damn self.

    4. When the mass media splash the news of Steve Jobs’ death, highlighting his contributions to mankind, and for once recognizing his genius, millions of people who do not follow any tech news would take notice of the uniqueness of Apple’s standing in the products that they use, whether or not they are manufactured by Apple or others: they would be shocked to know that Windows and Androids themselves are the illegitimate cousins of Apple. This halo effect would definitely make the iPhone 4S a must-have and a eye-opener to many who had not considered Apple’s products in their lifetime before.

  2. Just ordered mine, delivery still promised 10/14 at ATT site wouldn’t commit to delivery date. And yes. a halo effect indeed. Any bad PR for the 4S has been obliterated by the sad news about Steve and all the coverage. Even on exit, one last marketing coup.

    1. Just pre-ordered mine too (to replace my 3GS)
      For once, I’m glade I have AT&T for the faster speed. Coverage Isn’t bad where I live.

      Hopefully, when I’m at the local Apple Store in Crystal Court on the 14th covering (shooting) the lines of people waiting for their 4GS for the local newspaper, I’ll already have mine in my pocket. 🙂

  3. Suggest everybody reads the John Gruber/Daring Fireball assessment of the iPhone 4S event (written before Wednesday) which provides a balanced and sensible assessment. Self evidently no one is going to upstage an SJ style presentation so we had better get used to it. Did the Apple team do a competent job. Definitely. In the circumstances of what they knew, they were outstanding. Are Apple in safe hands, you bet they are. Will there be a holo effect, without doubt, and I will probably join it as part of my tribute

    1. The number of people who viewed the presentation and consider it somehow inadequate is utterly insignificant compared to the millions who will buy the 4S. Uncounted legions of owners have no idea who Steve Jobs was. They just know that the iPhone is the best device of its kind. He himself would have no quarrel with that. I ordered two and will get a third in December.

      1. Now with the mass media’s coverage of Steve Jobs’ contributions to mankind and his genius in guiding Apple into a powerhouse, now millions of people, who were ignorant before, are getting the right picture. Definitely the halo effect will be powerful.

      1. THIS is exactly what I thought after I heard of SJ’s passing.

        I watched the event later (on the 4th) even posted a few comments about the event that night, I gave Tim a pass due to being his first event and all… HE was dry, the rest were ok.
        I noticed the Reserved chair… but only put it together the next day after Steve Passed. I’m pretty sure Steve’s health was right at the top of Tim’s mind the entire day… and being on stage and seeing that empty chair, only made it worse for him.
        I’d bet Tim knew, and maybe some of the other people on stage knew. But I doubt they would tell everyone, someone would accidentally say something they shouldn’t.

        2-3 events from now if Tim is the same on stage, ok… now we have a problem.

    2. Tech-heads do not represent the average paying consumer. Apple knows this better than any company around. You can have the most advanced product in the world, but if it’s too difficult for the average consumer to use efficiently, then it probably won’t sell in large numbers. Most consumers do not know whether they’re buying cutting-edge products or not. I believe that any average consumer moving from a standard cellphone to a smartphone could be easily overwhelmed and not know how to use half the features it has.

      Anyone saying that the iPhone 4S is a disappointment would have to be a diehard tech-head that follows the latest advances in the smartphone industry. That’s a compliment and totally unrealistic in the normal consumer world. I’m sure that if the 4S works as promised reviewers will praise it as being a top-class smartphone. I can’t wait to see an actual test comparison between the Galaxy S II and the iPhone 4S and see if the 4S is that big of a disappointment to users.

  4. Congratulation to Apple Team! Oh and you tech bloggers who dissed the iP4S because you were stupid enough to believe your own made up rumor…quit your day job.

  5. How’s that possible?!!! It doesn’t have a 4-inch screen!! There must be a mistake!!

    Seriously, though, I think the big demand is due to a mix of Jobs’s passing and the fact that, even if it wasn’t named “5”, this is clearly another great product. I do think more people ordered the phone on its own merits – I don’t want to sound cynical, but I think if you ask people to put their (big) money where their mourning is, the number of takers would drop dramatically.

    On the same note, I hope the company will eventually come up with a product that is named after the great man, preferably a future and special edition of the Mac.

    And a little aside here, if you’ll pardon me – I just Boot Camped my new Mac mini, and ran Microsoft Security Essentials anti-virus on the Windows 7 side, thinking that it would not affect the Mac side. Well, I was wrong. It went into the Mac partition and messed up a number of my Mac apps. Lucky for me I noticed that it seemed to be scanning my Mac drive and stopped it immediately, so the “damage” was limited.

    So for those of you who think that Boot Camping creates an iron curtain between the two OSs, it does not, at least as far as running anti-virus scans seem to go.

    I know, I know – serves me right for still using Windows. But what to do? There’s still some need for that in my professional work …..

    1. Boot camp has HFS+ drivers that allow a Windows boot camp machine to read the Mac volume but not write to it. Unless you have some additional software on the boot camp side to enable writing to HFS, It can’t touch your mac partition. Apple specifically did this so that the mac partitions would not be accessible to the windows viruses.

      1. Thanks for that info, doc. It’s pretty interesting, and I hope useful for those who have Boot Camped their machines. Let me provide some additional info. I wouldn’t know which kind of software would enable writing to HFS, but what I have on the Windows side is the Adobe C5 suite, Skype and a few other bits and pieces.

        What happened after the anti-virus scan was that my Mac went back to a previous version – at least the desktop did – and my iDVD app, which I had been using just previous to the scan, literally froze. I had to get rid of some recently-saved data for my iDVD to work again.

        Is it not possible for the anti-virus scan to not recognise Mac components as legitimate and “neutralize” them? Incidentally, I also have two external HDs attached to the mini, one for use with the Mac and the other for use with the Windows. I notice that both HDs show up on both desktops.

  6. The best iphone on the market got 2x as fast, much better camera, SIRI and 2x the RAM…. sure , would have liked a cool new design and bigger screen but this is not a slight upgrade…I’m gettin mine day 1!

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