Bloomberg Businessweek to publish 64-page ad-free Steve Jobs tribute issue (with cover photo)

Bloomberg Businessweek will publish a 64-page, ad-free Steve Jobs tribute issue of BusinessWeek.

The issue will be sent to magazine and iPad subscribers and hit newsstands on Friday, October 7th.

Pieces will be written by Steve Jurvetson, John Sculley, Sean Wilsey and William Gibson.

Articles will also be written by Bloomberg News and Bloomberg Businessweek reporters and editors Jim Aley, Brad Stone and Peter Burrows.

Bloomberg Businessweek’s cover image for its Steve Jobs tribute issue that arrives on newsstands on Friday, October 7, 2011:

Bloomberg Businessweek, Steve Jobs tribute issue

More Bloomberg Businessweek Steve Jobs coverage here.

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    1. Sculley was a necessary evil so that Jobs could walk into he tech desert “for 40 years” and come back as Apple’s savior. (Sculley is assuredly humbled now by the greatness of Steve Jobs and his own inadequacies as a tech CEO so maybe that’s punishment enough.)

      On the other hand maybe Jobs would have pushed Apple to even greater heights if he’d stayed but the technology for Steve to have done that only started to evolve about the time he came back as iCEO. He HAD to go away and create OS X, ahem, I mean NeXT. Like a fine wine, technologies took time to evolve along with Steve’s vision. In some respects he was only getting started so it’s all the more sad for humanity. For me personally those yearly keynotes were a thrill and an adrenaline filled highlight that will never be matched again.

  1. Businessweek was the first place I ever saw the name “Steve Jobs”. I think it was around 1978, when I bought my Rev. 0 Apple II. I hope Businessweek includes that old article in their special edition.

  2. Nice. Is this atonement for the series of cruel, mean-spirited articles published by Bloomberg’s Connie Giugliamo attempting shamelessly to pry open Steve Jobs’s fight with cancer?

    I’m sure they made a ton of money with those articles.

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