Steve Jobs’ rare disease ran predictable course

“Cancer experts said Wednesday that there was little remarkable about the progress of the rare, relatively slow-moving form of pancreatic cancer that afflicted Apple Inc.’s co-founder Steve Jobs for at least the past seven years, except that he had a liver transplant as part of his treatment,” Ron Winslow reports for The Wall Street Journal.

“‘Living six or eight years following a diagnosis is not unusual,’ said Margaret Tempero, a pancreatic-cancer expert at the University of California, San Francisco, who wasn’t involved in treating Mr. Jobs,” Winslow reports. “About 40,000 Americans are diagnosed with pancreatic cancer each year and for the vast majority it is quick death sentence: about 80% die within the first year after diagnosis, according to the National Cancer Institute.”

Winslow reports, “But Mr. Jobs had what is called a neuroendocrine pancreatic tumor, a type that accounts for fewer than 5% of pancreatic cancers and, experts say, differs substantially from the more common kind.

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  1. Before anyone start it, I have to remind that Fortune article from 2008 that contains gossip that Steven’s cancer was diagnosed in 2003, not in 2004, was never confirmed and contradicts basic fact that Jobs told to Stanford students in 2005: that the cancer was diagnosed “last year”, id est in 2004. Pay attention that this Stanford speech was long before any enquiries about Jobs’ health, so there was no point to lie then, the more so on such public, strategic speech.

    1. There is video of Jobs from late summer and there he walks shaking of weakness.

      Not sure if the direct cause of death was cancer or simply total dystrophy. The medicine can not even supply nutrients to the body if the usual ways (eating) barely work. I am surprised that medicine can not deal even with this (I am not even talking about treating cancer itself), but it is true, it can not.

  2. I thought I had heard too that Jobs put off initial recommended treatment and surgery using instead holistic or some such natural methods before finally having to go with the conventional surgical and chemotherapy approach. It would be sad to think a delay in treatment only made his longevity chances worse. Still getting an extra 7 years when the Docs originally told him he had 6 months is pretty good. I’m just greedy and wanted another 30 years for Steve.

  3. Christ. I’m sitting here reading all these articles about Steve and Springstein’s Streets of Philadelphia’s just come on the radio. It’s all I can do to hold back the tears.

    1. it is weird… i have used Macs for >25 years… and those new to the platform have expressed what you have posted…

      its always sad when those who hated on Steve for so long only now have something nice to say about him…

  4. !Cancer Industry at its best!
    as usual, these butchers know very well three “alternatives” to “treat” cancer, and all three are not only poisonous, but accelerate the path to death.
    1. chemo
    2. radiation
    3. surgery

    This is all done in order to continue their cancer-business that produces billions of dollars.
    BigPharma’s interest to block hundreds of alternatives and successful cures is Supreme. These mafias will do everything from not letting people know about these cures.
    They are criminals of the first kind, that this world had ever known.
    Thousands of people who trusted the butchers and paid with their lives, could have been alive today, if only dared to try non-chemical natural therapies that exist since the beginning of the 20th century.
    BigPharma controls the governments with money, and they control you.

    1. You remind me of Grannie Clampert. Are you seriously alleging that the world-wide medical profession is ignoring ways to cure cancer? Good luck finding a cure for your own strange disease!

    2. I am with you. Cancer moves billions of dollars all around the world. It is a big industry of death. I know some doctors that receive 2 to 4 thousand dollars a month to recommend that treatments (chemo and radiation). More than 10 years ago I heard about an antibody treatment that removes cancer cells with a modification in an antibody. They use to investigate in rats and the surprise was that big tumors disappears in less than 24 hours. What happened to that research? Also, there are other natural alternatives, but doctors never want them, because it is against their pockets. I know there are very good doctors, but there are others that looks for money, almost as a god…

      1. So refreshing… informed people…

        Please see “….the knife” and “althegeo” for why CA patients are only ‘partially’ informed… negative attitudes to possible treatments for different people…

        no treatment is 100%… but if we were faced with CA… Would we not want to know ALL our choices?

        To say no… well… again… Ask “MacDaKnife”… ‘stamp [WHO?] as ignorant?’

        And hey… sometime surgery works too… all treatments should complement each other as tailored to the patient….

  5. The sad part is…. Cancer that affects so many is something that has resulted from many things “modified” in our food… pollutants from certain industries… AND even an unwillingness to pursue treatments that are available, but often rejected by though evidence based medicine shows the contrary. This is no time to go through such info.

    in any case… its all very sad… because more people will die of Cancer… it gets the worlds attention because of the life it claimed yesterday…

    I just hope people respect the Jobs’ privacy at this time…

      1. Sarcasm? Dude… or dudette…

        btw, i have worked with patients that are families of those who lived on those atolls… i have watched people die of cancer… some of which are self-inflicted… some of which are not… if your A/H-bombs is what you are referring to…

        I have met enough people using alternative treatments that have no voodoo in them… just good old evidence based treatments…

        Dream on? Ok… I will… Am I a fool? If you say so…

        A person who acts unwisely or imprudently; a silly person: “what a fool I was to do this”.
        Trick or deceive (someone); dupe.
        Foolish or silly.

        … your entitled to your opinion… i just happen to think the same about you…

      2. Oral sex and Aids has proven to be a significant cause for the sharp increase in some of today’s cancers

        Do say anything else stamps you as ignorant to the first degree.

        1. Sure Knife…

          … happy now?…

          What did your comment accomplish?

          Anything positive? Hopeful?

          Do you work with CA patients? If so, say what you want…

          At a time like this you want to debate a point? CA patients suffer and many die… we all want an end to it…

          So keep your ignorance to yourself and move on…

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