Magic wax coating promises to keep iPad and iPhone touchscreens smear-free

“My iPad screen is a filthy, greasy mess. No matter how often I clean it with a microfiber cloth, within a few touches I have soiled it again,” Charlie Sorrel reports for Wired.

“It’s not that I have particularly oily fingers. It’s just that the iPad’s screen seems to be oleophilic, slurping the grease from my digital pores and slathering them over the screen like a redhead slaps on the sun lotion,” Sorrel reports. “I have gotten used to it, and barely see the dirty streaks when the screen is lit. But it causes me great embarrassment when somebody else flips open the cover and is confronted with something that would make an English pub toilet look clean. Clearly I need to do something.”

Full article, in which Sorrel inexplicably denigrates a product he hasn’t even tried, here.

MacDailyNews Take: If anyone has actually tried Nu-Screen HD, please let us know how/if it worked for you below.

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    1. I agree. The Smart Cover does the trick. I’ve had my iPad 2 for two weeks and have never cleaned in with a cloth, but it has remained free of grease and fingerprints. Had it for a few days without the cover and noticed it got dirty, but the Smart Cover did it’s magic. And there’s more! It also cuts through leather shoes…

      1. I have a ipad 2 and smart cover, mine seems to make it worse if anything, it also leaves streaks where it bends, the cover is cool and i like it but it doesnt clean my ipad at all

  1. Something else that can solve this problem is one of those cans of Who Cares!

    It’s my grease, my soil, and my fingerprints and I don’t have an aversion to dirt. My glasses are filthier than my iPad’s screen and I look upon the world through a slight blur. Like beer goggles, or a gaussian blur, or squinting one’s eyes for affect, it serves a purpose.

    Smears and fingerprints is just another manifestation of the whole glare/glossy screen issue!

    Some people are just so anal. The same who make a million adjustments before they can immerse themselves into the experience and even then, they suffer from deficiency creep, that gnaws at them until they are compelled to perform their adjustment ritual all over again.

    But hey, that’s just me.

  2. My iPad2 gets as dirty as did my original iPad. Charlie is correct about the screen being dirty. It’s going to happen. Only dopes act as though it doesn’t. Geez fanboys calm down. I doubt any of you even own one.

  3. Yes what you are saying is true except over time the time of the stylus will start picking the oil from your finger ( do not use the stylus all the time) and other crap. After about a couple months of use it start leaving smudges that lock exactly like the tip of the Stylus. They were extremely annoying to look at. I contact Griffin the maker of the stylus, they suggested wash the tip with dish soap. It still did not solve the problem. My own though on the solution is replace tips for the stylus at reasonable price.

  4. Ah, the English pub toilet! Generally ughworthy I agree, but there are some fine exceptions.

    Try The Feathers or The Bear in Woodstock, near Oxford, and you’ll be OK. Clean, dry, hand towels (fluffy) and/or Dyson Airblade-type dryers. Even hand creams for afters!

    And (ahem) I don’t own shares in either establishment, just use ’em from time to time. Where client meets are concerned, I’m a stickler for niceness in the washroom dept.

  5. Actually the iPad2’s screen is a completely different to that of the original iPad. Not only does it not grease up like the first one, but it wipes very quickly and is far more responsive to light and general touch too.

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