Best Buy: Apple iPad 2 units being held from sale for ‘upcoming promotion’

“iPad 2s are indeed being withheld by Best Buy, the retailer tells MacNN. ‘Best Buy continues to receive iPad 2 inventory from Apple on a regular basis,’ a statement issued by a PR manager explains. ‘As we’ve said previously, we are fulfilling customer reservations first. Our stores have been asked to temporarily hold non-reserved iPad 2 inventory for an upcoming promotion. This is a customary practice for us when there are supply constraints. Best Buy enjoys a great partnership with Apple, and we’re delighted by customer response to iPad 2,'” Electronista reports.

“Since Thursday accounts have filtered in claiming that US Best Buy outlets are pulling iPad 2s from sale,” Electronista reports. “Apple COO Tim Cook has reportedly denied any knowledge of iPad 2s being held back. ‘My understanding is most of their [Best Buy] stores sold all of their initial supply on the first night of the launch and the balance were out by the following day,’ an e-mail response says. ‘I am not aware of any units being held.'”

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    1. The Best Buy Promotion: Buy a Xoom, Galaxy or Acer at full price, and you get a reservation to buy an iPad 2 for free (the reservation – the iPad you’ll buy at full price).

  1. In Canada Best Buy is not that bad compare to their sister store Future Shop. I rate have no service than the shitty service they give. Having said that I use both store because of their liberal return policy and Price matching in Canada In those two aspect they fairly reasonable. When I go into the store I know what I want get it and get the heck out. I rarely if ever talk to an employee unless I have too, plus you know the Future Shop is on commission when they ask who help you at check out and I say nobody. When it time buy an iPad I chose the Apple Store, they been give me great service, plus I starting to get sick of Best Buy/ Future Shop BS.

  2. It seems, from a business standpoint, that sales is the fundamental ‘promotion’ that drives quarterly financial performance. Best Buy should realize that Apple will not tolerate artificially created supply-side shortages that ransom quarterly guidance.

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