Apple wins patent for all-new hybrid DisplayPort/USB 3.0 connector

“Apple has just won a patent for an all-new Hybrid DisplayPort/USB 3.0 high speed connector,” Jack Purcher reports for Patently Apple.

“This new and extremely slim connector will work on all iOS devices like the iPod and eventually work its way through Apple’s entire hardware lineup,” Purcher reports. “Apple has just introduced another high-speed connector called Thunderbolt and we know that they’re also working on a new fiber optic based connector for the future. Yet this latest hybrid connector looks like a winner and one that we might see come to market later this year in handhelds or in 2012 when Intel Macs debut with USB 3.0.”

Purcher writes, “But let’s be honest here: Wouldn’t we all like to see this debut on the iPhone 5? Hmm, I think that I’m hearing a thunderous yes on that question.”

Much more, including Apple’s patent application illustrations, in the full article here.


  1. I know this will mean faster downloads, but will it also mean faster charging? Because that would be cool. This connector on an iPad would be great to connect to a Mac with Displayport . What’s taking USB 3 so long to get here anyways? The standard has been out for years. Hopefully Apple will get the ball rolling this fall.

  2. USB3 will never be directly built in a Mac. Intel chipsets don’t support it. Apple feels it’s an extension of a legacy port. Thunderbolt negates the need for it. If you want USB3 for some reason – buy a Thunderbolt/USB3 adapter. Firewire will be dropping off the next generation of MacBooks. If you want Firewire – get a Thunderbolt / Firewire adapter. That’s the way it’s heading. IMHO. Thunderbolt is the path to the future – remember the fiber version roadmap goes to 100 Gbps.

    1. You’re correct that Thunderbolt will negate the need for different ports.
      Note that the DisplayPort adaptor will fit into the Thunderbolt port. Therefore this is designed in reality for the TB and eliminates the need to add functionality on the motherboard.
      The question is that when TB turns optical how will power be transmitted to connected devices. Maybe Apple will add a couple of wired connectors to the final optical TB design.

  3. @ dvh. USB 3.0 is coming to Intel Motherboards in 2012, so you’re position on “never” just blew up in your face. Secondly, the connector that Apple is proposing has a completely different shaped plug than Thunderbolt on MacBooks because they’re gearing it for the iPod etc that can’t take TB in it’s current form. It’s simple and relevant.

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