Apple iPad embodies corporate philosophy; technology alone is not enough

“It wouldn’t matter if there was an Android tablet that was half the price of the iPad 2 but 10 times the speed, the iPad 2 would still be a better computer for most people,” iPad Creative writes. “It’s not about specifications anymore, it’s not about how quickly your new machine can crunch through 20 Photoshop filters, it’s about humanness, it’s about making the technology feel more natural. That is what will sell computers, not bullet points.”

“Some will point to the smartphone market as an example of how things will play out in the tablet market over the next 4 years. They suggest that Android devices will rapidly surpass the iPad in both technical specifications and market share,” iPad Creative writes. “I suggest that it is far more likely to play out like the MP3 player market.”

iPad Creative writes, “The iPad is first device from Apple that will allow the company to show all its key strengths simultaneously. Very few companies have ever reached a point where every last facet of its operation is precisely alined and perfectly prepared, but towards the end of 2011 Apple will arrive at that point.”

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  1. “They suggest that Android devices will rapidly surpass the iPad in both technical specifications and market share,” iPad Creative writes.”

    Market share? Maybe. But technical specifications? Only if Apple wills it, either because they’re skimping to maintain profit margins or because they decide something nominally “better” doesn’t meet its standards. Apple has the chip technology and access to supplies that its competitors can only envy.

  2. I agree with iPad Creative’s assessment.

    Recently, I had a new friend over, to check out my new iPad 2, as he was thinking about buying a tablet device, specifically the Motorola Xoom. He already has a Android HTC phone.

    While I was showing him the iPad 2 capabilities, I forgot to install the Remote app (I configured it as new, rather than install from a back-up of my first-gen iPad – now in the hands of my grateful girlfriend), so I showed how easy it was to download from the App Store, install (automatically), link it to iTunes on my MacBook Pro and then stream music and videos to the Apple TV.

    Needless to say he was astonished at how easy it was to set everything up and promptly went out and bought a Apple TV. Now he is strongly considering going all Apple (after showing him OSX and Windows 7 running happily in Fusion’s virtual-machine app).

    I do wish I had the foresight to take a photo, of his face, while he was playing with the iPad 2, choosing music from iTunes library and playing it through my HDTV’s sound system. That and remotely controlling the Apple TV GUI, navigating and playing on-demand content via Apple TV’s Netflix app.

    He definitely looked like a kid with a brand new toy. Except he’s a grown-up (mostly), with a sizable disposable income… The perfect Apple demographic, consumer, possible fanboy and likely investor.

    True story. 🙂

  3. The ONLY reason that Android even got a foothold into the cell phone market was because Apple was locked in with AT&T for 4 years. That’s obviously not the case with the iPad.

    The cell phone market has been lost to Android, but the tablet market will NOT be lost to Android.

    1. Apple makes over 60% of ALL smartphone revenues, off of 1 device (well, 2 if you count the iPhone 3GS as a separate device) no less. Apple hasn’t lost anything!

  4. All this Android is winning is bull crap.
    2-Less Applications
    3-Verizon most sold handset in February was the iPhone
    4-iOS still commends a lot more mobile user numbers than any other mobile platform.

  5. I ordered several new product to evaluate for my online store. the products arrived yesterday. One of those items were an Android Tablet 2.2 and 3.0. I thought, “huh comes with a built in micro sim slot, a USB adapter, runs flash can’t be all bad.

    So I charged it up and 4 hours later turned it on. It loaded a little slow I figured it must be because it was the first time it had been turned on. I looked at the screen, it had a few apps so I touched the screen, Nothing happened until I touched it a few times. Then I vomited.

    I could not figure out for the life of me why someone would buy this Android tablet. It was a piece of crap. But I said no no. You are being to harsh. Let you 5 daughters each try it out. So I called them into my home office and asked them to go play with this new tablet I purchased.

    Each took the tablet with youthful exuberance only to return in less then 10 minutes totally frustrated and disappointed. Each pleading that I not add either product to our store for the following reasons:

    Battery died in about 2 hour (Flash running).
    GUI inconsistent
    Touch screen accuracy was off .125″ to .25”
    Felt more like Windows 95 than a tablet UI except with starter icon
    Marketplace has nothing on iTunes App Store

    PC ERA Companies are in big trouble. This is worse than a Bloodbath. If they don’t figure this out they will be extinct

    Youthful testers ages range from 10 to 20 years old.

  6. Judging by the quality of Android hardware, OS, dodgy application security, lack of application store unity and platform fragmentation, this ain’t gonna be no year for Android.

    As ever with Apple products: You get them because you like them because they’re the best quality on the market. What more is there to say?

    You want 2nd rate? There are plenty of other companies to choose from. Have fun. 😆

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