Apple lowers iPad 2 shipping estimates to 2-3 weeks worldwide

Many, if not all, of Apple’s online stores worldwide have dropped iPad 2 estimated shipping times to 2-3 weeks from highs that were once as much as 5-6 weeks for some stores and models.

Apple Store iPad 2 Shipping Estimates
Apple Store iPad 2 Shipping Estimates

According to most MacDailyNews reader reports, iPad 2 orders, at least in the U.S., never took the anywhere near even the minimum time stated by Apple for shipping as the company seems to have adopted the under-promise/over-deliver concept – for online sales of iPad 2, at least.

As of this morning, we still have scattered reports of iPad 2 lineups outside Apple Retail Stores. Such lines have been a daily occurrence since iPad 2 launched in the U.S. on March 11th.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews readers too numerous to mention individually for the heads up.]


    1. Got one today ordered on the the 16th of April and getting the 3g tomorrow …..

      Both iPad cases were delivered last week ….

      And my buddies are coming this week as well, both 3g ….

      All are a few days earlier than Apple had promised …..

      Had the new and original (don’t want to say old as it still is a great little tablet) ….. anyway had new and old and there is not much weight difference if you measure but the feel is much nicer and the thinner size is notable, especially when you compare wit the two different original Apple iPad cases …

      Speaking of cases the new cases is the cat’s meow …. very classy and nice with the auto-on / off feature, very nice …..

  1. Apple UK store was originally 2-3 weeks on day 1, then went up to 3-4 weeks & now dropped back down to 2-3 weeks.
    Ordered mine day 1 & still waiting on delivery date. If Apple stick to their original estimate of 2-3 weeks, hopefully I might receive it this Friday.

    This will be my 1st iPad & desperate to get my hands on it, been a killer not going into the store to play with one. Want to keep the 1st hands on moment special 🙂

  2. I got mine at Best Buy… at 10% off! Someone actually returned their 64 GB White Wi-Fi + 3G. I’ve never been all that keen on the iPads (still too heavy and screen too pixelated for me, but whatever), so I sold it on eBay for $999 today…

  3. “Apple is Doomed”

    I will pre-empt the ihaters, they will say that it shows iPad demand “falls off cliff” (paul Thurrott, dvorak, H. Blodget, Scott Moritz, Ed Bott etc. I can write their blogs for tomorrow)

    on the other hand if iPad shipping times INCREASES then they will say “SEE see, Japanese earthquake has disrupted iPad supplies, leaves opening for rivals. Apple is DOOMED… “.


    1. exactly. No doubt the media whores will be running this the next two weeks. Also, they will make a big deal about the Feds grand jury investigation on apps. I guess the donations for reelection is not enough. The shakedown begins while the cesspools ICE, CME. And Singapore continue gouging everyone.

    2. I agree with you. They will claim that most of the iPad 2 orders were canceled due to consumers buying Xooms. Long iPad 2 waiting times indicate poor inventory strategy for Apple but short waiting times indicate poor sales for Apple.

  4. Ordered mine from apple UK march 25th and estimated shipping April 22nd and delivery May 3rd. Not changed yet, fingers crossed. My bro ordered his from PCWorld same time and got it last week. I am gutted as he had iPad 1 and I waited for 2 as I couldn’t afford iPad 1 at the time!!

  5. Ordered mine on launch day in the UK and the shipping date is still 15th April with delivery 25th.

    God damn ridiculous, and no MDN, they haven’t reduced the dates to 3 weeks in the UK.

      1. Hmmm, yes your right. However, what would be rediculous is if they supply new orders before the release day existing orders.

        My concern is the UK shipping company Apple uses is harsh and miles from where I live. So, I hope that they update the delivery in advance so I can be off work to receive it.

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