1 killed in shot to head, 2 arrested in shootout at Apple Store Otay Ranch

“One man was killed and two others were arrested early Monday after a shootout with a security guard at a Chula Vista Apple Store,” Debbi Baker reports for The San Diego Union Tribune.

“Police said the trio broke into the store at the Otay Ranch Town Center on Birch Road just before 7 a.m., said police Capt. Gary Ficacci,” Baker reports. “The security guard told officers he was in his vehicle outside the business when he saw two men and a woman smash the store’s front windows, Ficacci said.”

Baker reports, “The guard confronted them and at least one of the men took out a handgun and threatened him, and a gun battle ensued, Ficacci said. The trio then got into a small car and started to drive away but the male driver was mortally wounded and the car crashed into a light pole. The other man and the woman got out of the car and ran. They were found about 8 a.m. hiding on a patio in a residential neighborhood across the street, Ficacci said.”

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KGTV reports, “Chula Vista Police estimated that 40 rounds were spent in the shootout between the security guard and the burglars. The male suspects and their alleged female accomplice then got into a silver Acura that crashed while still inside the shopping center’s parking lot, Facicci said, noting that one of the men was driving and he died in the crash. He appears to have been killed by a bullet that went through the passenger window, Chula Vista Police said.”

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East County Magazine reports, “Chula Police Chief David Bejarano has provided an interview with East County Magazine moments after returning from the scene of a fatal shooting at Otay Ranch Town Center shopping mall. He disclosed chilling details of a brazen robbery attempt that ended with one suspect dead following a hail of bullets and a massive response by law enforcement to seal off and search the neighborhood. ‘The suspects actually backed up their car right in front of the main entrance to the Apple Store on Main Street,’ he said, adding that there were two men in the front seat and a woman in the backseat. Around 6:45 a.m., the two men entered the Apple Store. ‘They started to grab iPads and computer equipment,’ he said.”

East County Magazine reports, “An armed guard hired by Apple was stationed outside and witnessed the robbery in progress as suspects were walking out the door. ‘The guard is a retired San Diego Sheriff’s deputy,’ said Bejarano, who added, ‘One suspect pulled out a handgun and pointed it at the guard. The guard pulled his weapon and fired at both suspects.’ The driver was shot in the side of his head. Bejarano believes its
likely the injury occurred once the suspects were in the vehicle. ‘He attempted to drive away, maybe 20-25 yards. The driver hit a light post and some planters, then came to a stop. He died pretty quickly and was found in the car expired.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Such is the risk taken when committing armed robbery.

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      1. With any luck the whole thing was captured on videotape so you can really relish it Bill.

        You think there were no innocent people who are going to be affected by this? No children of the deceased or a mom or dad? Or a guard who has to relive a kill shot the rest of his life?

        I was pretty clear the guy deserved it, but I’m not going to jump up and down and cheer that a dude got his brain shot through.

        1. No, it’ll be Apple’s fault when the inevitable lawsuit comes in from the criminals’ families, because Apple hired an armed security guard instead of a regular mall cop


      2. Don’t kid yourself. That guard is going to have a very rough time over the next couple of months. Killing anyone is traumatic, no matter how justified it is.


      3. I’m with you. He’s a criminal, he pulls a gun, he threatens someone with it, he deserves to be shot. For all you whining ‘ its sad a criminal got shot’ out there, if more did, crime would go down, or at the least there would be fewer.

      1. It’s ninnies like you that keep MS alive… Apple should enact testing of its customers (jk), just to ensure someone like you could never buy anything Apple makes. Color matters? Edwardo, you must be translucent. Plus, your premise(s) that support your inferred conclusion about global citizens belonging to the “tea party” having anything to do with criminal activity, are weak given your inane conclusion. How about you try getting your “information” from more than one source and actually “think” first before spouting off?

        Or just keep reproducing… MS is losing market share.

        1. Why should Edwardo’s comments be censored ? What are you afraid of. I think he is commenting on the PC idiocy of the media. Witness the wild comments by left wing bloggers after Giffords shooting. Explicit blaming of Tea Party etc…very quickly went quiet once it became apparent that the shooter was a left wing anarchist.

          It’s time we were allowed to live like the rest of the world and speak our minds. It might be that we could then have some meaningful discussions about race, tribe and religion rather than the meaningless, channeled, fearful non-speak that passes for “debate” in our “free” and “open” society today

    1. No, that was not a mall cop. That was “an armed guard hired by Apple” who was “a retired San Diego Sheriff’s deputy”. Apple is not playing around. They need to protect their employees, stores and products.

      However, I am not sure that they even have to lock the doors at the Microsoft stores. No one there during the day or at night. Maybe if they leave the lights on and offer coffee for the thieves.

      1. lol, that is a pretty interesting point you raise. It’s likely Microsoft dreams of the day people break into their store or stores, it would be great publicity for them on 2 fronts. 1. Getting the word out that they actually have a store and 2. that they actually have products that someone would want to steal. Personally I would love to break into a Microsoft store…so that I can leave my old windows based pc.

  1. “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed, but if you want an iPad, you shall pay such amount of money as asked by the merchant.”

  2. The key words to be repeated by the new should be “armed guard hired by Apple” if Apple is going to put an end to this. The local Tice’s Apple Store was robed more than once I believe. How bold! Not in the middle of the night but 7:00 am when you have to know people are around. Smash and run has to end. Apple should explain that they can boot up and track the stolen equipment during the felony. THERE IS AN app FOR THAT TOO.

    1. It was twice at the Tice’s store that I know of. Does anyone know how many of the Apple stores have be robbed and is this the new strategy? They need to keep their employees safe because the first time one gets hurt in a robbery, it will be to late. Can’t undo the fear or life lost to this crap in society. All they can do is protect and find those that get away with it. Track them down the first time the stolen products get near a Wi-Fi. There is an app for that!

      1. And in your commie world, shoot-first-ask-questions-later is the answer to burglary gone sideways?

        All it takes is for a story of this nature to hit the news cycle, for all the nut jobs to come out of the woodwork.

        This is good though. It’s nice to know where you stand. It’s always those who take extreme positions over petty trespasses that we have to be leery of when a firefight breaks out.

        You MacBill, are what we call dangerous.

        1. … taking your meds? Or is “commie” the only curse word your Mommie lets you use?
          A “commie” is typically some sort of “left winger” while someone who advocates “shoot-first” is typically some sort of “right-winger”. Also, the guard challenged them verbally before THEY pulled a pistol … after which, HE pulled his own pistol. And, BTW:, if someone pulls a gun on you, you are pretty much obligated to either run or open fire – he is threatening your LIFE! Did you happen to read ANY of this before you spouted off?
          Chris, if a thief brings a gun to a robbery, it is an “armed robbery”. Even if there’s no one in the store.

          1. I’m old enough to know what commie means and how it is implied. I fought commies and against communism to keep it out of America.

            Unlike you, who thinks a “commie” is an American left-winger, you’re undermining all of those Americans, my brothers in arms, who died fighting communist aggression, by giving commies a free pass into the country by labeling Americans with that shit name.

            Thanks for nothing you rat bastard.

          2. A “commie” is typically some sort of “left winger”…

            You know that kind of thinking is not only ignorant but it speaks volumes of just how out of touch you are with history, the world in general, and American patriotism.

            It’s too bad we don’t have an app that would uncover your anonymity, because I’d kick your ass just on general principle.

        2. Your depiction of this as being a petty trespass is juvenile at best. These people were confronted for their crime devoid of drawn weapon. The security guard only drew his weapon AFTER he was drawn upon. If the guard hadn’t been armed the story would have likely ended with a dead guard followed by another robbery a week or so later perhaps with more dead people. The Security Guard was right and just, and you sir are a fool.

          1. All you know is what everyone else has read and yet you’re talking as though you have first hand knowledge of what went down.

            Tell us Noline, was the driver the one who pulled the gun and that’s why he’s dead? Or did the officer shoot and kill the driver in order to stop the car?

            Who fired the first shot? Or does it matter?

            As for your conjecture about a dead guard, I honestly don’t think he would have run up to the store, unarmed, and said, Hey you’re all under arrest.

            As for the security guards righteousness and moral justification, I think I’ll wait for the investigation to be concluded before I make up my mind, k cupcake?

          2. you sir are a fool

            Who’s the bigger fool? The one attacking me for my thoughts and opinions, or the one defending a man who just killed another human being before having heard all the facts?

            You know what, Noline? I think you should STFU and crawl back under your anonymous rock.

    1. I am sorry. What do you call a crime with a gun? They pulled the gun on the guard and shot at him more than once. Do you call that a hostel debate?

      1. Burglarly – The criminal offense of breaking and entering a building illegally for the purpose of committing a crime.

        Robbery – The taking of money or goods in the possession of another, from his or her person or immediate presence, by force or intimidation.

        So assuming the store was unoccupied when they smashed the window, they were committing burglary.

        1. Your assumption is wrong anyway. That was Apple’s paid guard.

          Still splitting hairs here. You take a run to the crime you are armed. You fire it and you may end up dead too.

          Let use see what the law of the land in that area calls it.

          1. Your assumption is wrong anyway. That was Apple’s paid guard.

            Why is he wrong? The guard was sitting in his car outside in the parking lot. He wasn’t in the store as you would have us believe, so we can assume that had the guard not been there at all, it would have been a successful smash and grab burglary and no one would be dead.

          2. I stand corrected. The Apple Store wasn’t empty. Apparently the store’s manager was on the premises.

            The Apple store hours at the Chula Vista location are from 10am to 9pm and it’s conceivable the perps thought the store would be empty at 7am.

            For the record, I believe anyone who carries a concealed weapon is armed and dangerous.

    2. I looked it up for you.

      “Among the types of robbery are piracy, armed robbery involving use of a weapon, and aggravated robbery involving use of a deadly weapon or something that appears to be a deadly weapon.”

      Sorry. It is what it is. Sad, stupid and very armed. What else do you think it is?

      1. To beat a dead horse…Jersey is right, California law of course takes precedence. Interestingly, in Wasington state, where I live — and am connected to the court system — a shoplifter who punches a store employee has committed a robbery.

        1. Really? In California you have to actually leave the store’s premises before you can be charged with shoplifting. So in your case, the perp was only charged with assault, not robbery.

  3. Finally! For once, justice is served!! I am sick of these criminals getting away with all of their fscking crimes. A criminal stole a car and tried to run me over in my car, and he only got slapped with a tiny amount of jail time. These criminals need to be shot and killed!

  4. People continue to die for Apple products.

    Dollars to donuts these crooks were drug addicts, which I’m sure their toothless and pitted mugshots will reveal.

    I’ll also wager the driver was about 27-years old, related to the man riding shotgun, and the skank in the back seat was his girlfriend.

    I’m just sayin….

    1. Prejudice much?

      Stay at home and lock your doors. That way you won’t ever have to deal with a toothless pitted complexion human being… all of which are definitely drug addicts.

  5. As if pointing a gun to an armed guard was a good idea. In the “shoot first, ask later”-USA of all.
    But maybe smash-and-run copycats will take notice.
    I hope we won’t see an arms’ race where the criminals carry automatics or assault-rifles to rob Apple-stores. That would be really over-the-top silly.

    1. Even here in the US, possession of a full-auto weapon (machine gun) is a Federal crime, with mandatory prison time up to 10 years. That’s just for possessing one. Use it in a crime and you’re *really* screwed. The criminal types are aware of that, and they can’t afford them anyway. So we’re probably not looking at an “Apple Store Arms Race” 🙂

      1. @ Mac Daddy-
        That’s not quite accurate. Ownership of a select-fire or fully automatic weapon manufactured after 1986 by a non-class 3 dealer is a Federal felony and all. Otherwise, it’s up to each State to decide. Most States allow private ownership of class III weapons (select fire, full auto, suppressors, short-barrel rifles, etc.).

    1. Actually, I was thinking about the installation of giant phallic symbols evenly spaced across the front of the store, made of hardened steel, as a deterrent. Who knows they might save a life next time.

    1. FYI, “Otay Mesa” is the name of a prominent geographical feature right on the Mexican border very close to this area. “Otay Ranch” was the name of a (very large) Mexican land-grant rancho nearby, which was in the last 50 years broken up for residential and commercial development, like many of them in Southern California. The “Otay Ranch” shopping mall is an open-air mall located on part of the old ranch land.

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