Apple’s revolutionary iPad claims key spot next to doctors’ stethoscope

“Dr. Henry Feldman comes up close to the bed, taps on his iPad a few times, and tilts the panel toward his patient, Courtney Williams,” Marion Davis reports for The Boston Globe. “On the screen are small pictures of something raw-looking and pink: the inside of Williams’s stomach, up close and magnified… He taps on the screen again, and a picture from Frank Netter’s ‘Atlas of Human Anatomy’ comes up, showing the stomach and the blood vessels that feed it. He points out exactly where Williams’s ulcer is — ‘a bunch’ of ulcers, actually. Another few taps and Williams’s medical record pops up, so they can discuss discharge instructions.”

“Last month, at the launch of the iPad 2, Apple showed a video in which Dr. John Halamka, chief information officer at Beth Israel Deaconess, said the iPad ‘will change the way doctors practice medicine,'” Davis reports. “It was a bold statement, and not the first lofty claim made about technology. But this much is clear: Hospitals across the United States and as far as Israel and Australia are embracing iPads.

Davis reports, “The reason is simple, Halamka said in a phone interview — iPads are a great fit for doctors.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “SB” for the heads up.]


  1. Doctors are going to LOVE the iPad…they loved the Newton which was pretty slick for the day. The iPhone is the new Newton and the iPad is “just” (ha ha) a big iTouch….as if that is a bad thing….the iPad impact on education hasn’t even started yet…

  2. Now all we have to do in convince congress, we need to be using iPads and not 10 y/o Windows technology on crappy tablets in hospitals. I wrote and told Obama this a year ago, but he didn’t meet with Jobs until this year…come on people. If we are going to spend all this money on Electronic Medical Records, let’s use something that makes sense, iPads!

  3. The iPad1 video compilation Steve showed during his keynote at the iPad2 launch, included clips from the same Beth Israel in Boston and Children’s Hospital right across the street. The autism bit was from Children’s. My mom had brain surgery at Beth Israel and Children’s, and I gave an iPad to the microsurgeon at Children’s for Xmas.

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