Howard Stern dumps Android for iPhone; now 100% Apple and loving it

Howard Stern revealed on his Sirius XM radio program this morning that he made the last step in his quest to upgrade his tech life: He dumped his pretend iPhone for the real thing.

“I’m working hard to get used to the touch keyboard,” Stern said and added that he preferred typing in iPhone’s horizontal (landscape) mode best. “The iPhone is a thousand times better than my Droid and I actually thought that was a good phone,” Stern said.

During today’s program, Stern revealed that he now has two MacBook Airs, a 27-inch iMac, and two new iPad 2 units. He admitted that his “personal stylist,” Ralph Cirella, has been right for telling him to go Apple for the last 10 years or so! At last, sweet vindication, berry face!

Stern’s longtime news anchor and co-host, Robin Quivers said that she will now switch to all-Apple, too. Fred Norris, the longest-tenured staff member of The Howard Stern Show, has been an Apple man for some time now.

Stern fielded some phone calls from Android and Wintel users who tried to talk him out of his Apple fait accompli using some of the usual tired disinformation (“Apple’s are all the same underneath; they try to hide that they use Intel chips just like any other PC” and similar idiocy; BTW: It’s the OS, stupid), but Stern would have none of it: “I’m 100% Apple now and loving it… It’s just so much easier.”

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Brawndo Drinker” and “Joe Architect” for the heads up.]

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    1. You obvoisly dont listen to him. Sirius doesn’t pay him and his crew almost $500,000 for 5 years because his content needs to be improved.
      I only started listening to him a few years ago on Sirius cuz i never lived in one of the many markets he was In. I know A LOT of women don’t like him cuz of his content, including my mother and a few others. But he does have away with words which makes him A great interviewer. He brings out stuff no one else can. And he gets straight to the guts. What people wanna hear.
      Now he’s a apple backer. I listen to him everday but would aggravated

      1. Grrrrr. It is a bitch typing on iPhone sometimes. Hit DONE accidentally. Note to website…… Can’t think of word. Website keepers. We need a edit button please.
        Was just saying it would aggravate me when Howard would talk badly about the iPhone cuz it had no real keyboard. But then I hit the wrong button. Really iPhone keyboards beats all keyboards. Reads my mind MOST THE TIME.

  1. I don’t like Howard and prefer the much funnier Opie & Anthony, but there’s no denying his popularity. People will listen to Howard raving about Apple products and eventually try them out themselves. It’s great that he has finally seen the light and gone all in. If only other people would do the same…

  2. He said it all, “It’s just so much easier.” If you’re a fandroid and you have all the time in the world in your mom’s basement to play with the droid in your pants, then by all means stick with droid. For those of us who have better things to do with our time like date flesh and blood girls than deal with a second rate UI and Flash crashes, Apple is the only choice.

    1. Kids, it’s to the point these days where you can count on nearly ALL Apple related rumors to be false. If you read an Apple rumor: Consider it guilty of being BS unless proven innocent.

      Why all the Apple BS rumors these days? Write a Master’s thesis. Partial list: (1) Stock manipulation, (2) Hit whoring.

  3. He is doing what his publicist is telling him to do. Sure he could be self made a new convert, but when you get up to his level, you don’t have time to mess with all these devices and choose what’s best, you have staff do it for you. If he were truly steering that ship, he would have changed a long time ago. So there you have it, the Stern Camp has changed course.

    1. On the contrary, Stern has plenty of time to play with his new toys BECAUSE he has all the staff. They probably buy the products for him (can you imagine the commotion that would result if Howard Stern walked into an Apple Store to buy $8,000 of gear?). But he, just like Rush, actually use their Apple stuff.

    2. wrong he does this himself, he talked about how he was up early 2:00am learning all he can and won’t stop till he masters it.
      his staff is clueless about tech except for Jeff Schick
      who helps him from ibm

      listen to the show before commenting

  4. The truth is…he and Rush are both very smart, successful people. You don’t get that much money for being stupid.
    They are not locked into a corporate mindset that prevents progress…they can make their own choices…and Apple is simply a more intelligent choice. It works. End of story.

  5. “Stern fielded some phone calls from Android and Wintel users who tried to talk him out of his Apple fait accompli using some of the usual tired disinformation”

    Actually, the correct terminology is “Android and Wintel TROLLS“. I seriously doubt there are many ‘users’ these days who pull the disinformation routine. As a board member of my local Windows PC user group for two years now, I NEVER see WinTrolls of any description. We all just get along.

    Instead this anti-information propagandist garbage typically comes from the usual cesspool of sadomasochists and trolls-for-pay. Boohoo for them. Another celebrity escaped and upgraded.

  6. Who cares about what Howard does?!?!?!

    Good for him for using Mac… this is news?

    MDN… Find us proper news and update us on those findings…

    Ps My mom now uses iPhone, iMac and iPad.

    1. Your mom doesn’t have over a million people listening to her, nor following like lemmings.

      Any high profile person making the PC to Mac switch is worthy news here.

      1. Million? Try millions. I think they said he approximately brought 4 million with him over. Then there’s people like me that just got Sirius just for his channel. Only watched him on the E channel before that.

  7. I used to listen to Howard on my half hour commute but it got to be “same old, same old,” and then seemed to be trending toward overly gross and explicit for public radio. I never understood how his stuff could air on stations that could be dialed in during kids waking hours. The content of his show always seemed more appropriate to air at 10pm. Anyway I turned the dial and never went back.

    But I”m glad he’s crossed over from the Dark Side. Another high profile Apple fan is never a bad thing.

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