Apple sues over ‘App Store’ trademark infringement

“Apple Inc. sued Inc., saying the online retailer is improperly using Apple’s ‘App Store’ trademark for a mobile software developer program,” Edvard Pettersson reports for Bloomberg.

“Apple, in a complaint filed March 18, accused of trademark infringement and unfair competition and asks for a court order to prevent the company from using the ‘App Store’ name as well as for unspecified damages,” Pettersson reports.

“ since January has started to solicit developers for a future mobile software download service, Apple said,” Pettersson reports. “ has used ‘Amazon Appstore Developer Portal’ and ‘Amazon Appstore’ in connection with this service, according to the complaint.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Ellis D.” for the heads up.]

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    1. I actually think the analogy is quite valid. If you opened a dept. store and named it Penny’s, guaranteed you would get sued by J.C. Penny’s even though you eliminated two letters.

      Apple may have even gone after them if they used “App” in any way, but there are other words for store that may have prevented this. App Depot, App outlet, App boutique, App emporium; App supermarket, even App superstore or App megastore may have been proven enough different to prevent the “consumer confusion” that is likely cited in the legal complaint.

  1. I sure hope they make those “unspecified damages” hurt. I’m sure Amazon knew full well that Apple would sue over this. They decided the free exposure to their developer program was worth the risk. Did anyone know/care about the Amazon developer program before this?

  2. Wasn’t it Amazon who patented the one-click shopping experience? I seem to recall them going after anyone who was wanting to have a similar process in their own store, including Apple. If my memory is correct, it seems fitting that Apple would now deal them some of their own medicine

  3. Let’s settle this dispute once and for all. Here are the facts as I know them, not being a lawyer, but a computer user:

    1. “.app” has been the file extension for Applications on a Mac since OSX, maybe before.
    2. Apple has always named software programs as “Applications” since the Macintosh was introduced.
    3. Microsoft has always named them “Programs” or “executables” and the file extension has always been .exe

    Is it a coincidence that “app” is part of Apple? Applications, and apps, and .app has always been Mac naming conventions.
    Programs, executables, .exe has always been Microsoft naming conventions.

    Apple is just being consistent with their naming, unlike Microsoft, and of course Google and others are just hopping on the bandwagon with naming them Apps now. Didn’t the USPTO award Apple the phrase, “There’s an App for that” sometime last year?

    Apple should be rightfully allowed to trademark “App” and “App Store”. Let Microsoft call their store “Program Store” or “exe Store”.

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