AFL-CIO votes against Steve Jobs’ reelection to Disney board

“On the eve of the Walt Disney Co.’s annual meeting Wednesday in Salt Lake City, an influential shareholder advisory firm is raising questions about the decision to recommend the return of Steve Jobs to the entertainment giant’s board despite his frequent absences,” Dawn C. Chmielewski reports for The Los Angeles Times.

“While stopping short of recommending a vote against Jobs’ reelection to the Disney board, Institutional Shareholder Services said the media company’s largest individual shareholder had attended fewer than 75% of board and committee meetings in three of the last four years. The firm acknowledged Jobs’ ongoing medical problems but said that shareholders deserved more of an explanation for his nomination,” Chmielewski reports. “‘Jobs’ poor attendance in three of the past four years, and recent leave of absence from his primary employer, raises questions about his ability to fulfill his responsibilities as a director of the company,’ ISS wrote in a recommendation to shareholders.”

Chmielewski reports, “The AFL-CIO, which holds about 3.8 million Disney shares in union funds, voted against Jobs’ return to the Disney board… Jobs, who holds more than 7% of Disney’s stock, has served as a director of the company since its 2006 acquisition of Pixar Animation Studios, where he served as chairman and CEO. Neither Disney nor Apple said whether Jobs would attend Wednesday’s shareholder meeting.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: An absent Steve Jobs is worth more than most corporate BoD members, if not all.

[Attribution: Cult of Mac. Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lynn W.” for the heads up.]

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  1. I support the unions because I love money. I also love to wage war for oil. I also love my remaining supporters because such hypocrites can be persuaded to do anything, even by a duplicitous, unprepared, inexperienced, and therefore dangerous dunce who cares more about vacations, lavish dinners, and, most of all, golf. Hope and change, hope and change, hope and change, you fscking stupid, gullible fools.

    1. Are you talking about your hero George W. who started the Mid East wars for oil, who stated that he listened to God when asked how he came to the war resolution, who was busy reading children’s books after the attack on the Twin Towers, who took more vacations than any President in US history, and oh, by the way, played more golf than any President and who bankrupted our country by taking a surplus and running into the ground by starting two wars that have cost $3 trillion and not paying for them (actually cutting taxes for the wealthiest Americans)

      1. You Lie. Because you are a liar. Just like me.

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        GW was reading the book to students when the attack took place. Duh!
        Obama has already surpassed Bush in the golf category not to mention the 4x debt we have now.

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        Liberalism is surely a mental disorder.

        1. Afghanistan is where the troops should have been in the first place. Perhaps then we would have found Osama and ended the war in less than a decade and counting.

          The unnecessary Bush war was Iraq. He was determined to impose the regime change that his father failed to accomplish.

          You are the one who is brainwashed, if you fail to realize that many of the problems that face our country today have many of their roots in the Bush administration. I am not saying the Obama is blameless. He has made a number of mistakes. But your desire to pin everything on Obama is a sad attempt to rationalize that *you* didn’t commit major errors by voting for Bush. Of course not, it must be someone else’s fault despite the evidence. I’m sorry, but your delusions border on insanity in my book.

        2. Again,
          please read history. The economy imploded on Bush’s watch. Name me one other country in the history of the world who proceeded to cut government revenue ( ie Taxes) during a war, let alone, two wars.
          And Liberals are people like Steve jobs who change the world. If America was still run by Conservatives we would still be a country ruled by white, property-owning men and would still have slaves. The Founding Fathers were considered liberal and radicals of their time not conservatives.
          And the so called Christian Right’s hero , Jesus, was a liberal persecuted by conservatives.

          1. That’s right, you tell ’em!

            (Just lay off the history bit or some might find out that The United States Republican Party emerged in 1854 to combat the threat of slavery’s extension to the territories.)

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            1. You want to talk about history? Ok, discuss how Republican administrations have out-spent Democratic administrations 3-1 since WWII, and how the National Debt has grown exponentially faster with elitist, wealthy, conservative leaders in power.

              You come off as a stupid, spoiled child who’s pissed off that the government wants to take more of his trust fund. You’ve likely never done so much a break a sweat in your entire pampered, ivory-tower existence. Pathetic.

              The mere fact that you believe anyone could dig us out of the gaping hole the ‘Shrub and his minions put us in within a span of 3 years demonstrates that you are delusional beyond all means of measurement.

              I recommend you do what folks of your ilk do best. Bury your head in the sand, coming up only to suckle at Rush Limbaugh’s teet, and shoot your buddies in the face.

              You Betcha!

            2. strangermode,

              Ah, good, an ADD-addled sap who goes off on unrelated tangents and can’t deal with facts when confronted directly with them. My perfect supporter. Put up an Obama 2012 lawn sign now, ya hear, my little ADD retard.

              I’m busy now, got to go dancing in Rio while keeping up with the updates of my bombing of innocent civilians, women and children, too, 😉 in my very own war for oil. Luckily for me, the media hypocrites will never report it that way – that’s reserved only for Republicans, right, suckers?

              I love hypocrites even more than I love Gitmo, if that’s possible! Let’s dance!

            3. Exactly what ‘facts’ have you presented? The civil rights issue? Ok, though that really does nothing to support your platform.

              Looks like your reading comprehension skills, and ability to objectively rationalize are as damaged by years of cocaine abuse as your false-god, the ‘Shrub.

          2. dzoolander… ever heard of Abraham Lincoln?

            Ever read about the southern democrats that were against the civil rights act of 1964? That’s 1964!!!!! Just over 40 yrs ago. It was republicans in both instances that championed the rights of African Americans in this country.

            Dzoolander…. Public education has done you wrong my friend.

            1. Got your information about the 1964 Civil Rights Act a little wrong. And the subsequent of Southern (racist) Democrats to the Republican Party changed its nature forever.

      3. Oil is the lifeblood of the planet’s economy. Anything that critical is not going to war for? Lack of it can shut down entire countries so I’ve never understood the anti-war for oil thing, you prefer going to war for something less critical to world economics?

        Some people do a bit of soul searching after consultation before making critical decisions that affect thousands of lives as they should, some call it listening to God, or their inner voice, whatever. I’d rather have that than a knee jerk response.

        GWB was already in process of reading kids books when the attack happened, wasn’t like he started reading when he heard about it. No sense to in panic in a grade school. There was nothing else to do until facts were gathered to if it was accident or attack. Really who expected airliners in an attack? That was unheard of.

        Obama has taken his share of vacations as well. And struggled through his own national crisis (Gulf oil Spill)of imperfect decisions & responses, where hindsight always shows the perfect response.

        President’s do the best they can with the info they have at that time. And before you start calling me a Right Winger, I voted for both Obama and Clinton as well as Bush. I think all have their plus and minus columns in leadership. I try not to be blind to people’s good qualities and harbor blind hate just because I register one party or another. I vote for individuals, and then give them a chance for 4 years without ripping them constantly. Presidency is a tough job never done to perfection or 100% approval, ever.

  2. The average GM employee makes $57/hour. Yes, they make over $100,000/year to work the assembly line, and have some of the best benefits to go with it. That should tell you all you need to know about unions. It’s no coincidence that Toyota and Honda can manufacture cars in the US cheaper than the Big 3.

    Unions once served a purpose, but no longer. It is time for them to die.

    1. It’s $57 per hour of you include the $17 per hour for benefits. How do you arrive at the conclusion that auto plant assembly line workers don’t deserve $57 per hour with benefits? What does your plumber charge you? Your electrician? What does the McDonald’s franchise owner who spends most days sitting on his fat behind make on a per hour basis?

      There was a time when a father with a high school education could work on a union assembly line and support a family, buy a house, buy a car, etc. That was thanks to unions. Since unions have been pretty much eradicated our middle class has pretty much disappeared. Now it takes 2 parents working to make ends meet. The harm that has done to our society is immeasurable. The expense of providing social services has skyrocketed as a result. Good luck in your quest for more of the same.

      1. The problem, Zeke, is not that Unions help blue collar folks earn a living wage. Rather, the issue is the way the protect incompetence, laziness, and stupidity.

        Once tenured, Union workers cannot be fired, at least not easily… even when there is just cause, the Union surrounds and protects the idiot. Why do you think Union-run American industries are at the absolute bottom in terms of quality output when compared to like industries the world over?

        I think Unions do have a place, but as is, they are all checks with no balances, and this ultimately is not good for anyone.

        1. You hit the nail on the head. Sadly most red staters drool all over themselves ranting about how unions are bad and must go, even though many of them benefit directly or indirectly from labor laws and work structures that were a result of the presence of early union activity.

          Sadly they do protect incompetence, and that part does need to change. But watch, if unions disappear, then the next thing to go will be the minimum wage. I give it 5 years maybe 10.

        2. the other problem is that you’re paying someone $57/h to produce absolute shite. it’s unbelievable that they get paid at all—in fact they don’t DESERVE to be paid at all.

      2. “There was a time when a father with a high school education could work on a union assembly line and support a family, buy a house, buy a car, etc…”

        Actually, the need for two incomes has more to do with the massively increased tax burden on the working man since the 1950s Golden Age you speak of.

        1. Definitely a factor. In todays terms, the 1top 1950s tax bracket would be about 92% of all income over $3M. The cost of running the government has been transferred to the lower rungs of the economic ladder.

          Lack of math skills has also affected the working family. The average 1950s home was 1000 square feet. No formal dining room or family room separate from living room. The McMansion, requirement for multiple cars brought on by suburbanization and withdrawal of government funding for post-secondary education has helped transform most Americans into defacto wage slaves.

          Speaking of slaves, the Republican Party of Abe Lincoln died when Richard Nixon was elected. The Republican embrace of the southern racists who were outraged at the Democratic Party for passing Civil Rights made them Republicans in name only. They now survive through fear and hate from the uninformed providing them with slim victories from time to time. They are slowly being understood for who they are. Who wouldn’t hate Government run by Republicans?

          1. I think you’re a revisionist with with your racist republican angle. Look up Bull Conner… Democrat. Maybe also look up the votes on the civil rights bill.

      3. Most plumbers I know are self-employed and earn only while doing a job, plus they have to provide benefits and insurance for themselves. They have no paid vacations. Same with electricians. As for McDonalds franchise owners, it takes quite an investment to get a restaurant franchise, and if you sit on your behind you quickly lose franchise and investment. It’s called risk. You’re right, in part about the golden days of single income families, but most of what you are thinking of is post WWII prosperity bubble when the rest of the western industrial countries were in rubble. The two earner family is more of a result of global competitive growth over the past 50 years. It was comparatively easy for post war American companies to give healthy wages and benefit packages to Union members during the prosperity bubble; the world was buying everything from America and money was rolling in. With the rebirth of industry, using technology and equipment more modern than commonly still running in America, other countries were able to manufacture more efficiently and cheaper than here. They money quit rolling in, but the Unions had gotten used to regular increases each time contract time rolled around. So while Unions were necessary in the early 20th century to stop Management from squeezing the worker, by the late 20th century the shoe was on the other foot, and the unions were squeezing management. In the process, some unions forced big manufacturers into a position of non-completiveness in the global scheme of things. It is the perception of many that those running unions fail to grasp the reality of constantly shrinking globe, with billions of people that are grateful for $15 an hour for steady work. It’s not right or wrong, good or bad, it’s just the way it is. And it is always suicide to ignore the way it is.

        1. And yet, somehow, the average American CEO earned 15x his average workers salary in the 1950s, the CEOs in the rest or the industrialized world earn about that now, but todays average American CEO earns north of 500x his average workers salary. Some squeeze.

      4. Your clueless. Out of that hourly wage the plumber is paying for all his tools, parts, vans, building costs to keep his business in. He only charges you for the major things not all the little things he has to have to install or fix whatever you have. Most plumbers are self-employed with NO health insurance—can’t afford it. NO retirement plan. NO benefits. AND they pay high small business income taxes. They also have to apprentice 2 years then work 4 to 6 years as a journeyman to even apply to take a test and study and pass an exam before he could get a license to work on your house (same for Electricians). A factory union worker on average learns his job in ONE day a week at most. I worked in 4 separate factories in my lifetime before college. I know this stuff.

        My plumber also has one of the better more honest and reliable businesses in this town charging average fees, brings home about $600 a week before he takes saves some out for paying quarterly taxes. YOU figure the math! Most independent plumbers I know own apartments to try and make up the money. And relies on their wife’s Insurance benefits.
        The Union factory worker shows up in the morning, puts his assembly line car doors on all day and leaves his job behind at 5:00. My plumber is on call evenings and weekends. Try calling a UAW worker at 7:00 pm on his kid’s birthday because you need him/her to fix something. We’ll see if he shows up.
        Factory work takes no long term education, requires no apprenticeship or license and should START at minimum wage and work up from there based on performance.

    2. I personally don’t mind someone who is skilled making a good living. However, the problem I have with unions is that they do things like for the same job it doesn’t matter if you have 15 years’ experience or 1, you get paid the same. That’s ridiculous.

      1. Actually, it’s the exact opposite: most unions have escalating wages depending on seniority. A worker with 20 years experience will be paid a lot more for the same job classification than a new hire. Many unions have been forced to accept lower wage scales for their newest workers — meaning today’s workers will never make the middle-class wages of their predecessors. And that $40/hour GM employee? That’s the very top of the wage scale for hourly workers. New hires start at something like $23/hour.

        1. Aw, poor things. $23 an hour to put the same car door on all day long. Wow they must have had to study for years to perfect that.

          Maybe in NY City or Los Angeles $23 isn’t much but around here in the suburbs of most states, that’s above average decent wages. No sympathy here. Most start wages here for a decent, non-Walmart job range from around $13 to max of $19

    3. Everything is an extreme with you, isn’t it? It is the GOP way to take one shred of an example and extrapolate to the whole. It is always and never with your ilk, all those of this label and that label. Sure, some unions have taken things to extremes. But unions also serve to protect people from the excesses of corporations who only look to the bottom line. There is more than one side to most things. But you appear to only have one side…

    4. Bear in mind that a union is a business and as such it is trying to extract as much money for its clients as any other agent would, even those on wall street.

      Anything that one does is mirrored by the other, until an agreement is met and then the products or the services can be rendered.

      This is the nature of business … everybody gets a percentage that they feel they are entitled to.

      The way some people here speak, it seems like they wish to reintroduce slave labour.

  3. The problem with the US is NOT unions. They did not have anything to do with the destruction of the economy. Union workers make up only 7% of the employment force. The problem is with the poisonous political climate that prevents the two parties from communicating with each other.

    Interesting Aside: Hutus and Tootsie’s were an artificial division created by the white overlords of Colonial Africa. This was done to divide and conquer the aboriginal peoples. However, human beings are xenophobic and to this day, these divisions have led to the hacking to death of millions of men women and children. Think about it.

    1. Problem not with the Unions?! Tell that to WI Gov. Scott Walker! And of course that idiot Obama chimes in with his usual dumbass remark, “these people are our friends, our neighbors”… After witnessing the Union actions, makes me wonder where the hell Obama grew up?! If I had friends like that, I’d disassociate myself from them… If neighbors, I’d move! And where was that Bitch Nancy Pelosi, calling out these protestors as un-American astro turfers?!

    2. You’re right about Union’s role in our economic situation, though the terms Unions impose have certainly had an catalyzing effect on the rash of outsourcing to foreign countries.

      No, truly the fault of the economic downturn comes down to 1 thing. De-regulation of the banking industry. The Great Depression, the S&L failures and subsequent recession, and our current recession can all have their origins traced back directly to either a lack of or a repealing of regulation in the Banking / Financial industry.

      1. seriously, why can no one see this?

        I’m a banker at the highest levels but I’m really more like a sanctioned gangster. no I’m not—just kidding. I do have a plan though.. I’m gonna take all America’s money, see? person by person, family by family. I’m gonna give myself a little bonus…no, a BIG bonus… no, a hideously massive bonus for every time I take money from someone… oh, plus an unimaginably massive salary.

        I’m gonna buy a few Leer Jets and a couple helicopters… a few country homes and private islands, yachts and golf courses… a palatial penthouse in every metropolitan area in the known universe and a few blocks of NYC and Paris… maybe the entire country of Peru (they make excellent coke), a football team and some politicians and a whole stable of whores.

        I’ll still have most of your mone… er, my money left—how can one person spend that much money!? so I’ll just stuff that in a bank (not my bank though, no) while I wait for the market to collapse. at first I will worry when it does because I’ll think the fuzz is on its way or that they’ve already surrounded my complex!!! choppers, barking dogs, megaphones… the whole bit. I’ll obviously have to give back my fortune to the people I stole it from just before heading off to prison for the rest of my life.

        but then.. nothing happens! no sir, nothing of the sort!!!

        well, whadda I do now? I pull a real goodun is what! I’ll ask my nice ‘n’ handy freshly purchased politician friends if they can arrange for America to give my bank a sh¡t whack of tax money (that they don’t have) to save my bank along with “America”. the people of America will be enraged of course!?! there’s no way this will ever happen. they will never fall for it—it’s so transparent, never!!!

        but they do.

        free markets are so… umm? so awesome… that’s what America has right? that’s what the people of America fight for.. they fight for Fox News or CNN talking points. it is, of course, irresponsible to be uninformed and so America in informed.

  4. The good union workers of America need to realize that their beloved unions are not doing them any favors. The union leadership is hell-bent on a global socialist structure. They are not worried about the worker, only their own power.

    1. Why does it have to be a global *socialist* structure for union leaders to make good? Do you get your blurbs from old McCarthy films? Corruption and greed are not necessarily “socialist” or “communist” or “Nazi” or any one of another highly popular GOP labels.

      Sometimes corruption is just corruption…

  5. “MacDailyNews Take: An absent Steve Jobs is worth more than most corporate BoD members, if not all.”

    Please MDN, in your vast knowledge and experience in corporate governance, please provide evidence in support of your idiotic statement. Since I doubt you can put together enough money to buy 10 shares of a penny stock, where do you get off on making such a comment. You know absolutely nothing about running a public corporation.

  6. For frak sake, most of the comments in this thread have NOTHING to do with the article, just political bullshit trolling! MDN, invoke your remove-offtopic-anonymous-troll posts privilege and nuke such comments and their replies already. There’s free speech, and then there’s hijacking a discussion with stuff that’s not remotely related.

    1. Sounds like you don’t like hearing the truth almost as much I don’t like telling it, which makes you a perfect supporter of mine. I expect you to vote early and often for me next time. We’re going to need to uh, massage things a bit, might not have the media kissing my ass as much next time around. Don’t you let me down, sap, I have lots more golf and Rio-type trips planned, plus I have my eye on some more oil-producing countries.

        1. You sound like a good little self-deluding hypocrite or, in other words, the perfect two-time Obama voter.

          You can call me Mr. Nobel Peace Prize. In the past few days, I have launched hundreds of Cruise Missiles into Libya inflicting major damage and killing civilians. I have also kept two wars going while ramping up the battle in Afghanistan. Gitmo is open for business as you read this.

          Ignore all that, as I know you will, you hypocrite. Thank you in advance for your vote in 2012, sucker.

          1. Oh, yes.. cause the Republicans NEVER act hypocritical. Let’s not overlook the fact that the ‘Shrub stole the 2000 election, started a 10+ year war on the basis of intel he KNEW was false, ignored years of warning signs and the sage advice of experts who saw the financial collapse coming from 100 miles away, and spent 1020 days, more than 1/3rd of his presidency on vacation.

            Seriously, your idiocy knows no bounds.

            1. Characterizing 1020 days, most of which were spent working as President while in Austin or Camp David, as “vacation” is so typical.

              You Lib hypocrites are so predictable. And despicable. Enjoy watching me slaughter innocents in Libya, you gullible fools.

              Repeat after me: Hope and Change, Hope and Change, it’s all Bush’s fault, Hope and Change, War for Oil, I love Gitmo, Hope and Change!

            2. @ Dunce,

              Yes, characterizing days spent on vacation as vacation is typical in the same way that characterizing water as wet, and fire as hot are typical.

              Sure, one could make the argument that the President never really goes completely on vacation, but then that argument would blow an even bigger hole in your stance than the one currently in place, through which 18-wheelers currently breeze through.

          2. While I support virtually everything you said, Obama’s support of the European-Arab League led attacks on Libya are totally justified. I’m no fan of war, but helping citizens of a country overthrow a fascist, murderous, wacko dictator sounds pretty good to me. While there may be some civilian causalities from the Allied attack, how many civilians do you think Qaddafi was killing? Should we just sit here in our comfortable homes and let him do that to his own people?

            One of the greatest things about America is its support for democracy and respecting the “will of the people”. Well, the people are speaking (or trying to) all over the Middle East. I hope Syria is next. Every human is entitled to freedom of speech and religion (at the very least), and we all have an obligation to each other to attain that freedom.

            There, I feel better now. 🙂

            1. Actually, I think the Obama Dunce is showing the absurdity and prejudice the media and liberals have when it comes to judging the foreign affairs of presidents. They would be having an orgasmic scream-fest if these were a Republican’s actions.

              I’m with you macman’84, but I do hope that we become a smaller support force and the Europeans and Arab League take the brunt of cost and lives on this one. And Syria.

              Save our blood for Iran, which will happen eventually, internally or externally.

            2. Agree with you and the statement of if this was GWB shooting missiles, the rage would be deafening from Leftland over this.
              I think Obama made a good decision. Some say our problem with Germany in WWII is we stayed out of it too long, until countless innocents were murdered and tortured. Though I do agree with some that we’re in no position to spend more money we don’t have on another invasion. The benevolent idea is good, the financial aspect is not.

            3. MacMan, are you a freakin’ idiot? Sure overthrowing a fascist murderous wacko is a good thing…… UNTIL the people you helped do the overthrowing decide to turn on you.

              Remember what happened in the late 70s/ early 80s? The USA helped Osama Bin Laden with lots of firepower and training to help overthrow the big bad Russians…. 20 years later Osama decides we are the enemy and all of our well intentioned interference turns around and bites us inn the ass.

              Lets help our own country first, forget everyone else unless its a natural disaster like Japan, and only wage war on those who directly attack us.

              On topic (what a shock) Agree with MDN, SJ is worth most to all of the BoD. Their meetings are probably like most, 80% fluff and gossip, some talk, a little action. SJ doesn’t need to be there for the gossip and socializing. He can just cut through all the BS, and give some rtelative, meaningful insight and advise and be done. He’s never been one to put up with fluff and BS.

      1. MDR MODS (IF YOU EXIST) wtf do you not close up topics like this….you can’t, as humorous a site as i find this in general,mainly with your comments, not posts, this takes the cake for the most bile laden i have seen. it is laden with narrow, shrill mean-spirited rants, almost all of which have zero relation to the subject posted. when it gets prez being a “dunce who wages war for oil “(i assume in that case he was talking about iraq) but Andrea Mitchell very stupid, and calling Pelosi a “bitch”…call it a day on this truly don’t need hits that badly…and you give some posters something to do, i guess, as they simply won’t stop…enough…how about MAC DAILY NEWS….please.

  7. This isn’t about the unions folks. If you are on the board of a company and only attend 25% of the meetings, I’m not sure that you should remain on the board.

  8. Wow, this one thoroughly entertained me, like watching a ping pong game! I love Macs, Apple, and SJ. Partisan politics only makes me want to take a long shower.

  9. As a shareholder of both companies, I’d take Jobs over any other director — even if we only got him for 5 minutes a year.

    These guys are f-ing nuts.

  10. Jobs has raised Pixar well. It’s time for a good bye, I reckon. Disney is nice, but Apple is more important. I am sure it’s never about money for Jobs.

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