Businesspeople: Stop comparing yourself with Steve Jobs

Apple Online Store“Comparing yourself with Steve Jobs is not healthy. Never mind that it’s probably the pastime of every alpha male and female businessperson on the planet these days,” Dan Pallotta blogs for The Harvard Business Review.

“Drawing inspiration from Steve Jobs — or from anyone else you admire — studying them, and learning from them, now those are different matters,” Pallotta writes. “But all too often we conflate admiration and comparison. They’re two completely different things. One is smart, the other debilitating.”

Pallotta writes, “Such comparisons spiral you into depression. They demotivate you, demoralize you, and generally suck every last bit of enthusiasm and aliveness out of you, so that you go into your next meeting or activity unable to contribute an ounce of energy to the room. How could you? You just annihilated your spirit… The last way you will ever get to play in a game remotely like the one your icons play in is by comparing yourself with them.”

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  1. “But all too often we conflate admiration and comparison. “

    That doesn’t make any sense. This writing is pure shit.
    Admiration and Emulation? Imitation? Maybe? But Admiration and Comparison?

    The writing is so bad it’s jarring.

  2. yeah if you even try to have the attention to detail, simplicity and form follow function of a Steve Jobs, aka craftsmanship, you are destined to fail – WTF – we should all be more like Jobs.

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