Apple’s tablet as imagined by textbook publishers (with video)

This video created by Coursesmart, a joint venture of five textbook publishers, shows how students might use tablet-based textbooks. It is based on their own renderings, not specific applications being developed with Apple.

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  1. Good. Apple will receive exposure at CES for a product that runs on a device Apple hasn’t eveb released yet. That will at least give Apple exposure to millions of people attending CES and validate many of the rumors.

    I trust Apple will introduce their tablet with the same practical approach and the ways serious scholars, engineers, medical, et. al., could take advantage of a device like this, leaving the incidental and more obvious fun details to the imagination.

    Apple’s tablet will have stiff competition coming out of CES, in particular Notion Ink’s yet unnamed Android “smartpad”.

    Notion Ink’s smartpad has some impressive specs, including the new Pixel Qi display delivering multi-touch and HDTV and low power consumption. The display, if I read it right will cost Notion Ink 100 bucks per unit, which will certainly keep costs down.

    According to SlashGear, the general consensus is Notion’s tablet will come in at a $300 price point. But I find it hard to believe they can deliver all this tech for less than $600.

    This should get real interesting. After CES though, I expect many of the pundits to be disappointed by anything Apple introduces because it won’t have half the horsepower of the proof-of-concept, lower-cost tablets making their debut next week. In light of this, many of the tablet makers will probably disappear with a year or two of their introduction, simply because they’re a legal bag of hurt.

    Apple customers though, will be thoroughly pleased I’m sure with Apple’s version simply because there is nothing like it in the Apple culture.

  2. Apple won’t go the inch, they’ll go the extra mile to make the tablet-like product an innovative and revolutionary product that will be years ahead of the competitors. Prepared to be wow’ed by Apple again this year!

  3. Some schools, Full Sail for example, have already moved to electronic textbooks (even though I think the technology is not quite there yet but may get there with the Apple tablet, if it comes to be).

  4. @ G4Dualie :

    Notion used to make apps for the Newton OS didn’t they? I think I had one from them called ‘List Manager’, ‘List Maker’ or something like that.

  5. YES YES YES, I’m a PreMed student and this would be the perfect tool instead of the 25 pounds of books I carry on a daily basis. But Apple, please, make this tablet a price that students can afford in addition to their notebook not instead of.

  6. What if the tablet was COLOR digital ink and $2000?

    So basically, a color Kindle, with Wi-Fi and iPhone apps?

    And PDF reader. Color PDF reader that can check email, etc.

    Would you pay two grand for that? I would have to think long and hard about it but not saying no.

  7. Looks very nice, but you are going to NEED a normal keyboard to type out your thesis in any sort of efficient manner.

    And here’s the catch 22 that will have everyone up in arms – DRM – of course the ability to copy content from books or any other media will be heavily restricted.

  8. “And consider what “hard” college text books cost. It’s very common to spend more than $500 per semester.”

    which begs the question, why would the publishers participate in the elimination of those hefty margins..?

  9. CourseSmart typically prices these “leased” books at about 75% of the print edition. And they expire after 180 days! Why would any student pay that much for something that vanishes?

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