Report: Apple to buy AdMob competitor Quattro Wireless for $275 million

“Apple is set to announce that it has acquired Quattro Wireless for $275 million, several sources confirmed,” Kara Swisher reports for AllThingsD.

“Google recently forked over an astonishing $750 million for AdMob, a Quattro competitor, which Apple had also made a bid to acquire,” Swisher reports. “Both start-ups are aimed squarely at the fast-growing market to advertise on smartphones.”

Swisher reports, “Waltham, Mass.-based Quattro has raised close to $30 million from two main venture investors–Highland Capital Partners and Globespan Capital Partners. Founded several years ago, its clients include Ford, Disney and the National Football League.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “James W.” for the heads up.]


  1. This is some of what Apple will now have to offer:

    Thousands of publishers around the world put their trust in Quattro Wireless to drive revenue for their mobile properties. Why should you join the Quattro Network?

     We are the exclusive mobile advertising partner for many category-leading global media companies, including Gawker, NFL, NHL, uLocate (WHERE), Hachette, Univision, Edmunds and Men’s Health.

     We are the monetization and technology platform partner for thousands of sites and application, including CBS Interactive, News Corp, Time Inc., Washington Post, IAC, New York Times, Sympatico, Cricket, iMeem, Slacker, AP News, Weatherbug, Viigo, and Sportacular.

     We bring hundreds of leading advertisers to our Network every month, including: BP, Superpages, Visa, Ford, Sony, Netflix, Proctor & Gamble, SAP,, Tiger Direct, Thumbplay and Meetmoi.

     We deliver advertising that will help you meet your financial goals, and provide best-in-class service with our experienced mobile team.

     We offer advertisers a full variety of ad units to drive high brand affinity and conversions, including: click-to-download banners, expanding ads with video and maps, dynamic ads and interstitials.

     Our international brand and direct ad sales team of experienced mobile reps have deep relationships with the leading agencies, brands and direct marketers.

     You can join easily via our online portal, and then track your earnings through our real-time measurement dashboard and reporting system.

  2. So Apple isn’t really a computer company anymore. That explains the anemic OS development and lack of any real attention to their computer hardware. Dropping Computer from the name was a big clue I guess. I was blinded.

  3. Anemic OS development?
    Dude, you need a dose of reality. Mac is still a driving force for Apple, but Apple is a business and it’s leaders are looking at multiple streams of income and delivering technology in many design forms.

  4. I just can’t wait for my first advert pushed in my face. Anticipation almost overwhelms me! How long must I await my first wait? I wonder how long the advertisements will be? Will I have one to watch before I can use my phone? Maybe two? Gosh! However shall I restrain myself!

  5. “That explains the anemic OS development and lack of any real attention to their computer hardware. Dropping Computer from the name was a big clue I guess. I was blinded”

    Its ok, with the tin foil hat on, at least you’re protected from laserbeams.

    Yes, its true, the … Ad business will soon replace Apple’s …uh…hardware division. Because its illegal for Apple to hire more computer programmers. Or for the total number of ….’nerds’ in one company to exceed 50,000. Don’t look at me, Obama’s hating on the white man.

    People like you are so funny. You want a hug?

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