Rumors of Apple ‘iSlate’ continue to rise, buoyed by iSlate site, trademark

Apple Online Store“Like a soufflé puffing on hot air, rumors of an Apple tablet continued to rise over the long holiday weekend, buoyed by absolutely no official comment from the company itself over whether it intended to produce such a multi-touch device in 2010,” Nicholas Kolakowski reports for eWeek.

“Apple-centric blogs, notably MacRumors, have sniffed out that Apple may-have-possibly acquired the domain name While typing the URL into a browser yields only a ‘Page Load Error,’ MacRumors apparently dug into the domain name registrant history for the site and found that, in late 2007, Apple Inc. was indeed the Registrant of record for the site,” Kolakowski reports. “The name ‘iSlate’ itself, according to TechCrunch, was registered as a trademark three years ago; according to the blog, the company doing the registering, Slate Computing, could possibly be an Apple dummy corporation.”

Kolakowski reports, “Additionally fueling the rumors over the weekend was a report in the Financial Times blog, widely disseminated, which quoted unnamed inside sources as saying that Apple had rented the stage at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, for several days near the end of January. A ‘major product announcement’ would be made on that stage come Jan. 26, the sources suggested.”

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  1. eWeek is late with this so they’re just commenting on the news, putting a food spin on the lead. The holiday blues are hard to shake.

    The word slate is heavy-sounding and I believe Apple bought up the site and its name to keep it off the table, or tablet as it were.

  2. I don’t like any of the names proposed so far. They should call the tablet MacinTouch. Seems very close to Macintosh, but is still distinguishable from Macs and iPod Touches, it has the word Mac and Touch in it, and flows easily off the tongue. Seems stylish. What do you guys think?

  3. I dunno’, I prefer names of Apple products wherein iPod Touch becomes ubiquitous as Touch.

    One syllable names catch on quickly. Tablet has two. Slate is one, but again it makes me think Etch a Sketch or to quote Oxford: a flat slab of stone, clay, or wood, used esp. for an inscription.

    iPad is good, but Mac Pad is better especially if it runs OS X and is capable of emulating iPhone OS.

    If that were the case then I would begin a whole new series of Apple tablet products and peripherals using the lower-case “m” to precede any products developed in this vein, denoting either Macintosh or Mobile.

    mPad, mDock, mBuds, mCharge, mApp, mPod, mStream, mDrive


  4. iSlate, or any name, will fit like a glove just as soon as the product succeeds.

    I always remember something I heard about naming a rock band:
    Q: What’s a great name for a successful rock band?
    A: The name of a successful rock band.
    Meaning that once associated with greatness, the name sounds great.

  5. For me iBook sounds good and would be a great resurrection but if ‘book’ is deemed too specific (though Macbook is hardly a book) then iPad would be great… except that someone raised the terrible possibility that it would become associated with the idea of virtual women’s sanitary products. Too big a risk? Actually Slate and slate computing sounds pretty good but iSlate would take some time to sound right if ever I feel. Difficult one.

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