Apple briefly cuts educational price of unibody MacBook to $728

Apple Store“Apple on Tuesday reduced the price of its least expensive notebook to $728 for students, teachers and educational staff,” Gregg Keizer reports for Computerworld.

“The company’s educational online store yesterday listed the MacBook for $728, a 19% reduction from the new $899 standard price for students and teachers — earlier, the educational price was $949 — and 27% less than the $999 price tag for other customers,” Keizer reports.

“Apple did [not] spell out how long the MacBook’s $728 educational price would last and by late Tuesday, the price was listed at $899,” Keizer reports.

“College students, as well as teachers, administrators and staff at both college and K-12 levels, are eligible to purchase Apple products at the company’s educational discounts,” Keizer reports.

Full article here.


  1. Not that I can afford that right now, since both my mom AND my wife have birthdays right after Christmas, but I would have been sorely tempted. My old G4 Powerbook is looking creakier by the week.

  2. “the Macbook is worthless without FireWire.”

    Really? Had one since June and never missed FireWire. Never used a cable of any sort, really. Everything comes through my Airport Extreme. I download from my camera with a card reader. I barely use the DVD drive. Why do I need FireWire?

  3. > the Macbook is worthless without FireWire.

    Nonsense. Most users switching from Windows would not recognize a FireWire port (either 400 or 800) if they saw one.

    The new white MacBook is a very nice looking affordable Mac laptop. I like the way it looks and feels better than the aluminum 13″ MacBook Pro. It would be an incredible steal for $728.

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