CNBC’s Jim Goldman: Apple CEO Steve Jobs is (still) fine

“You want to know how skittish Apple investors are and how little conviction they have in the company, or trust in its message, look no further than today’s Gizmodo rumor fiasco,” Jim Goldman reports for CNBC.

“The blog reports a serious decline in Steve Jobs’ health… Apple shares had spent the day in the green before these headlines hit the tape, and then promptly turned red,” Goldman reports.

“I spoke to Apple after these headlines crossed and the company, which officially doesn’t comment on rumors, reiterated the reasons it offered two weeks ago: Apple was pulling out of Macworld because the company didn’t see the need to continue its investment in the expo, which included Steve Jobs’ keynote,” Goldman reports.

“I was told two weeks ago by sources inside Apple that the decision had nothing to do with Jobs’ health. I got the same message today,” Goldman reports. “Period.”

There’s more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Martin” for the heads up.]


  1. This has gotten out of hand. Jobs needs to make a statement regarding his health, good or bad. It is over shadowing the companies products. Apple needs to make a clear statement through Jobs himself. The stockholders deserve clarity. I hold stock in this company and want the truth. If I was underwriting a life insurance policy on Jobs, I would demand complete disclosure as to his health. I have to much money at stake here and am tired of the fluctuations involving rumors.

    Apple is beyond Jobs now. Their next ten years are set with the new iPhone/iPod Touch, App Store platform. Jobs has planted all the seeds at Apple. If Gates had died in 1996, Microsoft’s success with Windows 95 and XP would have been just as profound. He had already made his mark on the companies future.

  2. More free “hype” and coverage of Apple by the media.

    These health-of-Steve-Jobs articles are giving Apple additional media attention for Macworld while lowering expectations and reducing the usual unrealistic rumor-mongering about new products. The new product rumors are usually so crazy that whatever Apple DOES introduce is seen as “disappointing” by the media.

    This time around, all the crazy rumors are about the health of Steve Jobs. Therefore, I wouldn’t be surprised if Phil Schiller DID announce some surprising new products at the keynote address. Classic Apple media manipulation…

  3. This is as unbelievable as Israel and Gaza; they both involve life and death.

    Whoever is starting this stuff needs to quit. Period. If you can’t substantiate what you’re saying, then you need to sit down, have a Coke and a smile and STFU.

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  4. > Jobs needs to make a statement regarding his health, good or bad.

    Apple needs to make a statement, if it’s “bad.” Otherwise, Apple is doing a great job of sucking up all the tech media attention before MacWorld. Who would pay attention to a Phil Schiller keynote address if there was no mystery and suspense regarding Steve Jobs? Apple is getting the most bang for its buck in its last Macworld.

  5. I will repeat what I said in the other post about this…

    There was a dinner at CES that needed to be cancelled due to Steve’s ailing health. This is with an employee of our company. It is unfortunate but within 6 months he will be gone.

    To spend all of your life building up your company only to pass when it is finally coming into it’s time is a terrible way to go. It is also too bad that Bill Gates got to copy all of Steve’s creativeness and gets to retire while Steve has to go out this way when he should be relishing in his success.

    We will miss you.

    MDN, please ical my comment. Within six months!

  6. Stop spamming the forum asshat.

    If you’d bothered to check, you would know that Steve Jobs *has* made several statements about it.

    You just want to advertise your crappy software SPAM site. It’s usually ignorant, self-concerned types like you that start these kinds of rumours in the first place.

  7. @Dasgeek – I understand that you have $ involved in this situation but to me this is one of the huge problems we face as a nation / people (worrying about your $$ before lives/people). Can you please keep your pocketbook out of this? I own stock as well but damn people, show some compassion. If he is indeed sick and god forbid dying the last thing on our minds should be our cash flow.

  8. Dasgeek and others……….. are you all friggin’ DEAF??????? Jobs has stated MANY times there is notjing wrong with him! You just choose not to listen! The last event hosted by Steve he even put up his blood pressure!!! GOD, you guys are gullible or illiterate!!

  9. @Dasgeek,
    “This has gotten out of hand. Jobs needs to make a statement regarding his health, good or bad.”

    Is he sick yet? (variant of are we there yet)

    Is he sick yet?

    Is he sick yet?

    Is he sick yet?

    Is he sick yet?

    Is he sick yet?

    Someone slap that stupid person silly. LOL

    Just a thought,

  10. Wow, so much rubbish, so little time. Steve has stated to Jim Goldman of CNBC that if he were ill, he’d release the info to the public.

    2nd, the numbnut who thinks Steve will be gone in 6 months is crazy. If Steve had a recurrence, ie his pancreatic cancer had gone metastatic, he’d be lucky to have 3 months, let alone 6.

    I hope Gizmo gets investigated by the SEC, this time. The stock fell 3 dollars in a space of minutes, or roughly $3B.

  11. @ken1w

    Why would he go to CES? That is just stupid? As apple becomes one of the largest consumer electronics suppliers and they are bowing out of Macworld for possible future attendance to their largest audience it makes perfect sense. Perhaps you should step out of your box and realize that apple is less of a computer company and more of an emerging huge electronics manufacturer. This is really why Macworld has become so irrelevant. It only keeps the original Mac geeks happy. It has nothing to do with the true direction of the company moving forward.

  12. @Dasgeek…

    “Me me me, it’s all about me and my money.” That’s effectively what you’re saying. Who cares about daily fluctuations? You’re not an investor, you’re a short term profiteer. You may as well panic and sell your stock now so that you can realize your losses. And then your worries and stress will be over.

    His Steveness is fine. And even if he isn’t a compassionate person would focus on his well being, not daily fluctuations in the stock price.

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