Red iPhone coming this Christmas?

iPhone Savior is reporting – via an unconfirmed source – that a possible (PRODUCT) RED Special Edition iPhone 3G may be slated for a holiday release.

“it’s time to look forward to the emergence of iPhone Red, Apple’s holiday release to boost iPhone sales. Rumors have begun to bubble under that Apple is quietly planning to go red,” iPhone Savior reports. “With the iPhone’s transition to plastic casing, it’s fairly simple for Apple to add color at will while keeping true to form with a (PRODUCT) RED offering.”

MacDailyNews Note: (PRODUCT) RED benefits the Global Fund, to fight AIDS in Africa.

Full article, with image of a red iphone, here.

MacDailyNews Take: Sounds like an excuse to do a Photoshop mockup of the iPhone 3G in red (looks pretty good), but with Apple already on board with (PRODUCT) RED, it is possible, so for what it’s worth…


  1. That’s a fairly horrid shade of red in the ad though, makes it look a bit of a joke.

    This is hardly news since as MDN states Apple is already on board with product RED stuff and it’s fairly a no-brainer that they would bring it out before Christmas.

    Product RED products are usually a specific (tasteful) shade of red however, closer to the red that was rumoured before the 3G launch when no one believed they were going with the plastic back. More like a lipstick red than the watery, sick, candy red in the link.

  2. im surprised they wont make a green one.. since the focus of the year is “going green” even if going plastic is actually not going green. I’d like it if they make a darker red like the crappy red curve I have from at&t;

  3. I dunno, the main reason I didn’t get the white one was because it still had the black in the front and the silver as well … seemed like a bit too much going on. Same thing with the red IMHO, or any other color. If the front were the same color as the back that would be alright, but I can see why they wouldn’t do that because it would alter one’s perception of the screen. Seems like they’re skirting around design problems just barely. I’m happy with my black.

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