Red iPhone coming this Christmas?

iPhone Savior is reporting – via an unconfirmed source – that a possible (PRODUCT) RED Special Edition iPhone 3G may be slated for a holiday release.

“it’s time to look forward to the emergence of iPhone Red, Apple’s holiday release to boost iPhone sales. Rumors have begun to bubble under that Apple is quietly planning to go red,” iPhone Savior reports. “With the iPhone’s transition to plastic casing, it’s fairly simple for Apple to add color at will while keeping true to form with a (PRODUCT) RED offering.”

MacDailyNews Note: (PRODUCT) RED benefits the Global Fund, to fight AIDS in Africa.

Full article, with image of a red iphone, here.

MacDailyNews Take: Sounds like an excuse to do a Photoshop mockup of the iPhone 3G in red (looks pretty good), but with Apple already on board with (PRODUCT) RED, it is possible, so for what it’s worth…


  1. iPhone (PRODUCT) RED I’ll take 2!

    RE: “I’d rather buy a pink one for breast cancer awareness. “

    Breast cancer is already over publicized. AIDS has been killing millions for nearly a quarter century. Thanks to Ronald Reagan for pretending it did not exist for nearly 8 years!… and not even speaking with his Surgeon General first when he finally did mention it publicly… Ass Hat!… oh and lets not forget Bush Sr. for continuing Reagan’s policy of doing nothing!

    MW = “why” as in WHY did Ronald Reagan sit back and do NOTHING when he had an opertunity to REALLY make a difference in the world? FYI: In an attempt to deflame the ensuing flames re: RR… FACT: RR did nothing to end the Cold War other that be in office at the time.

  2. I’ll tell you what he should have done, Red.
    He should have quarantined the ones that had it.
    But since they were gay, he would have been accused of using Hitler’s Gestapo Fascist tactics.
    So there, so much for being a loud mouth.
    Look what good it did y’all.

    “FACT: RR did nothing to end the Cold War other that be in office at the time.”
    Boy, you are an idiot.

  3. Since the iPhone backs are all plastic now, it would seem trivial to make them in any colour you like so I am sure they will be eventually.

    Even that is a bit lame though when you consider the sheer volume of iPhones likely to be in use in the next ten years or so. In keeping with the rumour of “coloured” iPods before Christmas, I wonder if Apple has finally solved the problem of product dress and personalisation by making it possible to custom order?

    I am envisioning a service where when you order an iPhone on Apple’s site (currently impossible I know), you get a template that you can scribble all over and send off with the order. The ultimate personalisation! ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

    This would be hell to organise given the iPhone distribution model, but perhaps we will see it with the iPods first, and then expand the service to iPhones when they (finally!) are able to be purchased online by the average Joe or Jane without having to go to AT&T;etc.

  4. Re: TowerTone

    You Sir, have proven yourself to be, without a shadow of a doubt, utterly clueless. Now go pull your head out, do some research… oh and it may be time to turn off FOX News.

  5. This is HUGE!!!! By coloring the iPhone red Steve once again jumps way above he competition. I hope they raise the price $3 or $4 hundred more to keep the riff raft out.

    I’m glad Apple is going to bring us a truly beautiful and sexy phone. These are the kind of features Apple ought to be adding instead of wasting their time on boring stuff like cut & paste and a functional MobileMe. And who really cares how much the 2.0 software crashes – it does it so elegantly!!!

    Gooo Steve, bring on more great innovation like this!!!!

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