Google CEO Schmidt: Apple’s iPhone good for Android

“The success of the new iPhone has Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt excited about his company’s own mobile efforts. ‘It shows you the power of a device that is a step forward,’ said Schmidt in an interview Wednesday at Brainstorm Tech with Fortune senior writer David Kirkpatrick. ‘The iPhone has a fully functional browser. We can show desktop ads, not mobile ads. That’s a huge change from our perspective,'” Yi-Wyn Yen blogs for Fortune.

“Google started to aggressively move into the mobile market in the past year. It is building a mobile platform called Android, and handset makers will deliver the first phones using the new Google software by the end of the year,” Yen reports.

“Schmidt said the innovation and power of the iPhone means better applications and web browsing for consumers and ultimately good news for Google. “The iPhone’s competitors all have devices or devices coming out. It’s really simple. A phone is a GPS, a camera, a computer, and a browser,” he said. The combination of those four means more market opportunities for Google, he added ,” Yen reports. “Schmidt is a director on Apple’s board.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Judge Bork” for the heads up.]

In an interview early this year, Apple CEO Steve Jobs was said to be “skeptical about Google’s decision to develop smartphone software… ‘Having created a phone its a lot harder than it looks,’ he said. ‘We’ll see how good their software is and we’ll see how consumers like it and how quickly it is adopted.’ In seeking not to get locked out of the mobile phone world, ‘I actually think Google has achieved their goal without Android, and I now think Android hurts them more than it helps them. It’s just going to divide them and people who want to be their partners.'” – The New York Times, January 15, 2008


  1. I’d say the iPhone is good for Google more than Android. When Android fails, they can just fall back on supporting the iPhone/iPod touch and similar devices with full web browsers.

  2. Um

    -The iPhone already has an OS.
    -Android IS an OS
    -Android will never be an alternative to iPhone OS as far as Apple is concerned.

    So what’s eric saying again???? Does he really think SJ will allow Android on the iPhone? Did I misinterpret?

  3. Wonderful! Competition with the iPhone means we’ll get more features faster!

    Steve Jobs said, “Having created a phone, it’s a lot harder than it looks.” That’s what Palm said. They are both right. The difference being, of course, that Apple will always be the leader in this category.

  4. Let Android be Android – it really doesn’t take away from iPhone from what I can tell, it only demonstrates the strength in ease of programming for iPhone. And it certainly is better than WinCE by FAR. Android and Apple can be the big boys that play together in the same sandbox and partner up as well. It’ll push BOTH to be even better than now. Having Schmidt on the board is still a boon for Apple because it’ll fast track new technology as a partnership that’ll leave MicroShaft wondering what OEM it can screw over to attempt to offer 1/2 the technology.

  5. Google isn’t exactly riding on a string of hits. Outside of their Search dominance, their online apps aren’t making a ton of money, and with the latest Nokia initiative there is no guarantee Android will see wide implementation, if commercial vendors see it simply a vehicle for Google Ads and a hackers’ toy and not consumer friendly phone. Both Google and MSFT’s dominance is very one-dimensional. In fact Apple, with its loyal consumer base, continual innovation, and a diversified portfolio with slow but steady growth, has a more solid foundation and profitability than either behemoth in the long run. Apple is like Jobs. Lean and mean. Eric S is a smart guy. He alone probably understands Apple’s soundness more than anyone. Would not be surprised if Jobs hires him away from Google at some point before Jobs retires.

  6. Yaaayyyyy, more ads.
    Since it will no doubt support flash-flashing, bouncing, nauseating ads.

    Just what a mobile user really wants-real web ads, just like the stupid crap all over the internet.

    Android is gonna rock hard my friends.

  7. @BiZarRo BaLlmEr

    Yes you did. He means that since Apple’s phone is doing well that people are up for using something other than Windows Mobile and Blackberry. Basically he’s saying that people will use Android.

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