Top 10 third-party apps for Apple’s iPhone, iPod touch

“I have now been trying out 3rd party applications on my upgraded original iPhone for just over 3 days and even though there are something over 550 applications in the iPhone App Store, there are a few select applications that stand out above the rest and I have several that now occupy a place on my main display. In today’s Mobile software Monday, I am presenting thoughts on my top 10 and a few others that are close to cracking my top 10 with a bit more refinement,” Matthew Miller writes for ZDNet.

MacDailyNews Note: Keep in mind that the lack of GPS is the first-gen iPhone that Miller has can possibly affect the list.

Miller’s list:

1. eReader – FREE
2. Super Monkey Ball – US$9.95
3. Evernote – FREE
4. SplashMoney – $9.99
5. Pandora – FREE
6. Facebook – FREE
7. Google Mobile App – FREE
8. Express – FREE
9. Twitterific – FREE and commercial version
10. PhoneSaber – FREE

“There are many other good applications and I have several more on my device. Others include eBay, Truphone (I need to deactivate my account setup on my S60 phone first), ShoZu, MySpace, Loopt, AOL Radio, Remote, Jott, and PayPal,” Miller writes. “I expect many more applications to be added as the App Store matures.”

Full article with descriptions of all of the apps above here.


  1. eReader sucks. Zac Bedell’s (sp?) iPhone Bookshelf is the far superior application. I even saw an employee recommending it until eReader could get up to snuff (said something about an update in 2-3 weeks).

    It may he free but without the ability to download my own files at will, what’s the use? iPhone Bookshelf has this neat server that allows me to put my own files directly on the iPhone. And it has auto-scrolling, I can change the color scheme of the file I’m reading, and unlike eReader I can actually use the whole screen in landscape mode without that stupid title bar.

    Now Bookshelf has it’s limitations but the guy has updates for PDF and Rich Text support among other things and it’s a little buggy but I have faith he’ll swiftly work at it. He’ll have to if he wants to compete. But iPhone Bookshelf and the iTunes Remote have been the killer apps for me.

  2. I could use a terminal app. It was one of the most useful ones on the jailbroken phones – for me. I’m actually amazed it hasn’t been put out there as of yet, even for a price. I imagine it will be in due time though.

  3. I don’t see the Google mobile app in the Canadian App Store. Is this on the US store only? Didn’t think there were seperate stores for each country since the Canadian one shows asian apps and apps that seem to be useless outside the US.

  4. >2. Super Monkey Ball – US$9.95

    Great graphics! Terrible control!

    You should definitely try a friend’s copy out first. Otherwise, there’s a good chance you’ll be disappointed – as many are. It’s a good-looking game, but the control is terrible. It’s overly-sensitive and unresponsive at the same time. You tilt a little off-center and the monkey flies, tilt back to correct it and pretty much nothing happens. Tilting forward (forward movement) means you tilt the screen away from you. Great idea except it also means you can’t see the game you’re playing.

    Some things I wished Sega did:
    – allow user to control where the neutral point is (maybe 30 degrees tilt).
    – allow the user to control sensitivity.
    – allow corrective tilts the ability to actually work.

    Heavily promoted, but botched in its first incarnation.

    My advice: Try a friend’s copy first. It definitely won’t hurt.

    Another problem is with ITMS ratings itself. Poor reviews – there are many – get buried. You can sort by “Highest Rating” but not by lowest. Every other “sort by” page favors “Highest Rating” as well. So you’ll have to scour through many ratings-hogs to get to the realistic ones.

    Absolute Favorites so far:
    – MPG (Free; lets you track usage, cost, and computes miles-per-gallon)
    – Bejeweled ($10; the classic but not portable)
    – BoxOffice (Free; sure beats using Fandango’s iPhone incompatible iPhone site)

  5. I’m going to add the free “Aurora Feint The Beginning” (game) to the mix, great and addicting game.
    — “Jirbo Jive” (a free Bejeweled like game) is also well done.
    — “Band” (haven’t tried the competitors)
    — “AOL Radio” (also haven’t tried the competition yet) Tip – To avoid the crackling sound, turn down AOL’s sound and turn up the iPhone’s sound.
    *Apple needs to let these radio programs to run in the background like Apple’s iPod program does.
    — “Midomi” I’m impressed because I haven’t seen programs like this work before.
    There’s also AIM, Epocrates RX, Monkey Ball, & Apple’s Remote.
    And of course the best one of them all, SimStapler! (Just kidding)

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