The 25 best free apps for Apple iPhone, iPod touch

“Apple has launched its app store and there’s a bunch of great stuff to download for your iPhone [and iPod touch]. But not everybody wants to spend their hard earned cash on applications so I’ve put together a list of twenty five of my favorite free iPhone applications,” Jim Lynch writes for ExtremeTech.

Lynch’s favorite 25 free iPhone apps—plus a special bonus application:
#25 Save Benjis
#24 Baseball
#23 VoiceNotes
#22 Truveo Video Search
#21 Weight Tracker
#20 Remote
#19 Epocrates Rx
#18 Mobile Banking
#17 TypePad
#16 The New York Times
#15 SmugShot
#14 Where
#13 Mobile News Network
#12 Shazam
#11 eBay Mobile
#10 Eventful
#9 Salesforce Mobile
#8 Evernote
7# WeatherBug
#6 AIM
#5 Google Mobile App
#4 Facebook
#3 Twitterrific
#2 eReader
#1 PhoneSaber
Bonus Application: Light

Full article with descriptions of the apps here.


  1. This is awesome, #19 is really good news for me. In fact, I have been waiting for this to buy an iPod Touch. I am a pharmacist and use epocrates very a lot. I will also recommend iPhone/iPod Touch to my friends.

  2. That is, an OS X desktop widget so we can immediate updates on the latest App releases.

    I notice that eReader is now available for the iPod Touch – This is the single most exciting news I’ve heard since the initial release of the iPod Touch. Y E S! ! !

  3. Neither of my favorite free apps made it:

    – MPG (Track your mileage)
    – BoxOffice (Beats Fandango’s iPhone-incompatible iPhone website)

    Jott (voice-recording/memo) — Awesome app!

    However, I removed it due to privacy concerns. Many seem to think Jott tracks way more than it needs to (phone usage, etc). You get a text-translation of your memos after a while. I imagine someone sits at a desk and transcribes the voice recordings.

  4. To add a few more

    Stanza is an “eReader” with an available library of tons of copyright free works, many classics. worth checking out.

    Cube Runner is a little game that is fun to play. Need to kill a few moments in between meetings or whatever.

  5. I just love how small and light those app sizes are. You can put a ton of those apps on your iPhone. The limit will be the number of pages the iPhone allows. What is it, 7 pages of 16 apps?

  6. Cube Runner FTW, the control in that game is just fluid and easy, very simple graphics and gameplay but very addictive. Now that I’ve found out how to build my own levels I’m going to start really having fun! ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

    Aurora Feint is a great game, but has a number of bugs and gameplay components that aren’t there yet, get it anyway, you’ll have fun playing it, I promise!

  7. The Fandango web apps works fine on my iPhone. I downloaded the BoxOffice app as well though, but I have yet to try it.

    The PhoneSaber app is cool. It’ll be a big hit at ComicCon. I already “sold” two others on the iPhone with that app. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

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