How Apple’s iPhone platform is going to change the world

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Here’s how the iPhone is going to change the world:

1) Long tail economics. The iPhone is the perfect platform for showing how simple, useful software with mass appeal that’s priced at 99 cents or a few dollars can rake it more money over a longer period of time than over-priced bloatware that costs $100 a pop.

2) Next-generation advertising. Google already has a lucrative web-based advertising business. Imagine what would happen if it sold premium map placement or identification for a fee?

3) Mobile gaming / casual gaming. It’s no surprise that big players like EA have jumped on the iPhone. But the amazing thing is with the iPhone SDK, it may be possible for smaller players to make major inroads as well.

4) Instantaneous news-flow. With the iPhone, average people can become mobile newsrooms.

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  1. When Super Monkey Ball reaches 1 million downloads, the new gaming platform will explode.

    The lady waiting behind me in line had 4 kids with her, and she’s getting each one of them an iPhone. I asked here if she would adopt me.

    I think the game console execs that looked at Super Monkey Ball on the iPhone this weekend must have peed their pants.

  2. For years, people complained that the Mac was crappy for gaming because so few titles existed. Well, Apple didn’t make an effort to make the Mac a game machine because it would just be copying what already existed. That is a fine strategy for MS, but not Apple. Jobs only embraced gaming when he could do it in a different, more innovative, and better way. Hence, gaming is taking off on the iPhone.

    Apply this same logic to enterprise computing. Why fight Dell to put computers on the desk of office drones. Instead, come up with a different, more innovate, and better way. Hence, the iPhone as your mobile computer.

    In fact, Apple didn’t see any reason to build just another cell phone. Instead it created a mobile computer to take over the cell phone market.

    Apple uses the same approach over and over. Always playing to where the puck will be rather than where it is. A brilliant strategy, and yet other companies still are unable to do it.

  3. This guy is missing the point on maps…I don’t know about the other ideas…but when Google starts tweaking its maps to give me data on what people paid them rather than data on what’s actually nearest me..that’s when I start looking for alternatives to Google Maps. But I’m sure Google understands that. Their Web searches give me unbiased info with ads unobtrusively along the side. THey won’t mess with that. Microsoft on the other hand…
    ‘Nuff said.

  4. What will really change the iPhone platform world?

    porn, lots of porn. free porn.

    iPhone in the left hand and *you know what* in the right. (reverse for lefties)

    All that’s needed is a built in lube dispenser. : )

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